QUICK GUIDE: The following labels will appear at the start of each post, depending on which label pertains to the content of the post. More than one label can appear in a given post.

PURCHASED: I purchased the product with my own money.
AFFILIATE: I am an affiliate of the company/companies mentioned in the given post. The post may contain affiliate links.
PRESS SAMPLE: I received a free press sample/product from a company under the agreement that an unbiased, honest review, and only that, may be expected from me.

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: I made this blog with the purpose of providing honest reviews on beauty products, books, and music CDs. I love to inform people with my experiences, thoughts, and opinions, and I encourage both agreement and disagreement from my readers.

I understand that with reviewing products comes the heated topics of affiliation, sponsorship, and receiving products from companies for free. There comes a concern with dishonesty.

I will only provide honest reviews. I will only affiliate myself with brands that I wholeheartedly support and believe in.

The following are brands I am affiliated with:
CDJapan - a provider of Japanese music, shows, books, and other goods.

I am open to receiving press samples/products for review from brands, but will only agree to review them if:
(1) they are products I am comfortable with using (ex.: my skin is too sensitive to try a plethora of skincare products).
(2) the company does not expect a biased review because they provided the product at no cost.
Do not bother contacting me about reviewing a free sample if you fall under point number 2. You are wasting your own time, and mine.

This page is both a clarification and promise to you, my readers, that the experiences, thoughts, and opinions on this blog are entirely my own.

~nikki ('<>')>