Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Nearly Nude" (Amplified) (LE) [Nudes & Metallics 2013]

Hello! I want to start off by apologizing that I've been reviewing mostly MAC lipsticks for the past few beauty reviews. It wasn't intentional; I've simply been using my MAC lipsticks frequently and wanted to get reviews up for them while they're at the top of my use list.

While this lipstick is one that was part of a collection last year (so, as it is limited edition, I have no idea what the availability of it is at this point), I wanted to review it (a) because I really like this color, (b) I often look at my reviews as a kind of archive of the products that I've owned and tried, and (c) I'm waiting with great anticipation for the upcoming April collection, Playland, whose lipsticks are a majority in the amplified finish, like this one.

I remember that I found this lipstick on MAC's website by chance. I was just getting interested in nude lipsticks and I wanted to try another lipstick in their amplified finish. When I saw a set of nude lipsticks released under a collection called Nudes & Metallics, settling on "Nearly Nude" was easy.

Cover: Sakamoto Maaya's "Saved"

Hello again! I just wanted to write up a quick post regarding a vocal cover I've been working on. One of my top hobbies since as long as I can remember has been singing, and although I didn't follow through with my original intentions of pursuing a music degree in college, I still take my singing seriously.

...That's not to say that it's any good, but I do try to improve on it and I hold myself to high standards, as is true for everything that I do.


EOTD: March 29, 2014

White background!!! :(

Hi. :) I'm going to try to write some reviews today that I took pictures for this past Wednesday, but for now I thought I'd make a quick post about an eye look I did today. A basic eye look, no doubt, because I am by no means good at applying eye makeup. I'm still trying to understand how to properly work with my eye shape.

The palette I used today was the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette that my brother got me for Christmas last year, and I also broke in a new mascara. So this post is by no means a review, though I'll mention some initial thoughts here and there as I describe what I did.


Lips: MAC's "Fleur D'Coral" (LE) [A Fantasy of Flowers 2014] + Comparison

Hello! I'm finally here with the last of the reviews for the lipsticks I bought from MAC's February collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. Then all I have left to review from this collection is a blush!

Today was one of those days that I can't stand, where even though I slept more than enough the previous night, I'm still exhausted. I ended up napping from 6 until after 8. That's why this review is going up so late in the day...what a waste though!

On the bright side, the lipstick I have for review today is "Fleur d'Coral," my unexpected favorite from the A Fantasy of Flowers collection. That's not to say it's the easiest color to use, but yeah - it's undoubtedly my favorite!


Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Snapdragon" (LE) [A Fantasy of Flowers 2014]

Hi everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend, and are ready for the week ahead. Today I have my third of four lipstick reviews for MAC's February 2014 collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. After this, I'll only have two more reviews left for this collection (since I also purchased one of the blushes), yay!

When I first heard the details for the collection, I originally settled on "Dreaming Dahlia" and "Fleur d'Coral." However, as the date got closer, I decided I wanted to try a color I normally wouldn't try instead. That's where "Snapdragon" came into the picture.


Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Rose Lily" (LE) [A Fantasy of Flowers 2014]

Post #2 of the day, and of the five reviews total related to MAC's February 2014 A Fantasy of Flowers collection. I have a post with side-by-side swatches of the products I picked up from this collection here, and a review of one of the other lipsticks, "Dreaming Dahlia," here.

"Rose Lily" is the last limited edition lipstick I purchased from this collection, and I purchased it weeks after the collection came out. I've always wanted to wear lighter pinks but most of them either look too chalky or just plain scary. After I thoroughly tested and enjoyed the other three lipsticks I purchased from this collection, though, I decided I might have the same luck with "Rose Lily."

Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Dreaming Dahlia" (LE) [A Fantasy of Flowers 2014]

Hi! Exactly a week ago, I published a quick "master post" of sorts regarding MAC's February 2014 collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. You can visit that post here.

Of the five products I purchased, the first I wanted to review was the limited edition lipstick in "Dreaming Dahlia," a lustre finish (like all of the lipsticks in this collection, actually).

"Dreaming Dahlia" was actually the first lipstick I wanted from this collection, because it was described as a coral. Well, apparently I've misunderstood the definition of "coral" all this time, though that's not to say that I'm disappointed by this lipstick's color.


The IceBlock [19]: Happy New Year?

I'm actually shocked that the last time I wrote an IceBlock post was in October of 2013. So it feels like a "happy new year!" is in order, but well...

It's already March of 2014!

In terms of actual events, this year hasn't been too exciting so far, with my trip to California at the end of January being the highlight, of course. Other than that, life in NYC has been the usual bull, only with way more snow than usual, which is just fantastic (certainly sarcasm).

Usually when I come back from California, I feel refreshed and more patient about changing my situation here in NYC. This time, though, I felt as disgusted as when I left, only I didn't have a trip less than a month away to act as the temporary silver lining. I already know that I stress myself out incredibly, so I've been trying to really take matters into my own hands and get the gears of my life turning in full swing. The plan of attack, for now, is to develop whatever skills I can until I get experience in a job/career that I can actually support myself with.

That means putting more into my self-run projects, including this blog. *Notice how I churned out so many posts in February, which is ironic because (a) I was gone the first week of it and (b) it's already the shortest month of the year!*

MAC's February 2014 Collection: A Fantasy of Flowers

LEFT TO RIGHT: MAC A Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks in
"Snapdragon," "Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

Hi! Lately I've been reviewing (and purchasing) a lot from MAC - mostly lipsticks, which have become my go-to lip products, but some face/eye products as well (okay, more like 4 total in all of those categories combined). You can browse through the reviews I have of MAC products here.

MAC is known for releasing multiple limited edition collections throughout the year, and if you know me from most of my reviews here, I love all things limited edition. As such, ever since I've been following the brand more closely, I've mostly been purchasing from these collections. The first collection I purchased multiple products from was Magnetic Nude, back in December 2013. The collection I've purchased the most products from, however, was their February 2014 collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. That's what this post is dedicated to today.

This is by no means a review of the products I've purchased, but rather a master post summarizing what I've purchased with quick swatches and full-face pictures of me wearing the products. Reviews on each of the mentioned products will be listed at this post's end once they are published.