The IceBlock [2]: Weight Loss ((Rant))

Hi everyone. I have two different reviews planned (one that's finally a book) so stay tuned for that. But today I've just been feeling down again.

Last year when I studied abroad in the Netherlands I went from being 130 lbs to 145 lbs within the months of May and June, because that's when my jeans stopped fitting me. I am 5'3'' if that gives any perspective, and I went from being very slim (though not at all 'fit') to being on the chunky side. This was the first time in my life that I gained weight and I'm still not sure why the sudden change occurred. My metabolism used to work at an incredible pace - so quickly to the extent that I could eat junk food every day and not gain a pound. But now, with a much more controlled (though not perfect) diet, I find myself gaining weight in a heartbeat.


Late Night Alumni: Haunted

Haunted is the album last published by Late Night Alumni over a year and a half ago, February 2011. This is my first album from Late Night Alumni and I decided to purchase it after hearing the 11th track, "Spin," on a YouTube video back in June, hence why I'm so late reviewing the album in relation to its release date. I actually purchased the album after  hearing only "Spin" because I loved the song so much. At first, after listening to some of the other tracks on YouTube while waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail, I wasn't too thrilled about the other tracks. But now, nearly four months later, I am in love with this album and look forward to future releases by the band. 


The IceBlock [1]: Digestion & California!

Hi everyone ~ I decided to come up with a new section, The IceBlock, where I pretty much talk about what's going on in my life, much like a diary of sorts. I thought I'd number them for the hell of it too, just to see how many I can rack up. :o

I didn't post yesterday because I was quite busy with food shopping and cooking with my mom, all while dealing with digestion problems! I plan on talking about this in more detail later but, in a nutshell, I've been dealing with hormonal imbalance since I struck puberty. One of the first ways I tried to combat it was homeopathy, because I was terrified of all the side effects that come with birth control (which I ended up on anyway as of Decemberish 2010).

In the end, homeopathy seemed to do nothing for my hormonal balance, BUT it did manage to make my stomach very sensitive to all kinds of things thanks to the many diets it entailed. Now I'm almost always visiting the bathroom after eating small amounts of packaged chocolate snacks, chips, 'outdoor' food, and candy. Yes, most of it is junk food so that can't be a terrible thing, but like every other person in this world I have cravings and I cannot satisfy them without getting sick afterwards! -_-


Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Certainly Red" [First Impression]

Hello everyone :) I did indeed end up going to Target yesterday though, to my surprise, I was unable to find neither NYC's "Retro Red" nor Wet 'N Wild's "Cherry Frost" lipsticks (as mentioned in my last post here). I ended up scouring through every lipstick display available and was torn between Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in 93, "Classic Red," and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 740, "Certainly Red." Both appeared to be the red I wanted but I ended up picking the latter due to the cheaper price tag (~$6 vs. $10). I was actually considering buying either Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in "Cherry Tart" or "Candy Apple" because I love the lip butter formula, but unfortunately both were sold out :(


Red Lips for Fall: Which to Choose?!

Hi guys, I'm finally keeping up with posting daily [[for now, gah]]. This post is pretty much inspired by, as the title says, red lips for fall. But first, *ahem* *THIS IS NOT A POST THAT DISCUSSES AND RECOMMENDS DIFFERENT RED LIPSTICKS; THIS IS A POST ABOUT ME DEBATING WHICH RED LIPSTICK TO PICK UP FOR MYSELF* ... :D

In the past I was totally obsessed with lip gloss - and not just lip gloss, but clear lip gloss. Now, almost a decade later as I'm getting back into my hobby of makeup, I'm interested in moisturizing lipsticks/balms. And among the usual "my lips but better" pinks and browns that I pick for myself, I've been curious to finally pick up the infamous red.

What really set my curiosity off was a picture in a thin beauty-only magazine from Macy's that came in the mail last week. One of the trends they were advertising was called "Retro Glam," which focused on bold, red lips. As such, they included a page-size advertisement for just one department brand lipstick, Chanel, in six shades of red.

Chanel's Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour, if you're curious. $34.

The first from each row on the left caught my interest, but the $34 price tag scared me off. Until I have a steady job and live on my own, I don't think I could ever justify spending $34 on a single lipstick. o_o;


Body: Prince Matchabelli's Cotton Candy Fragrance Body Spray

Hi everyone :) This is going to be a quick review on a product I've been using since some time in August. I remember when I first came across it while shopping in a local CVS with my mom. She was browsing the perfumes and body sprays while I was scanning the makeup for good deals and called me over to show me a few scents. One of them was the Cotton Candy Fragrance Body Spray by Prince Matchabelli. 

The Cotton Candy body spray standing atop my self-decorated makeup organizer (I will post about it soon!)  and in front of my ceramic penguin tissue box holder :)

I didn't think much of this body spray's scent at first, though I could not deny that it was pretty accurate, and so we both left CVS without the little pink spray can.


Sakamoto Maaya: More Than Words (LE) + First Press Bonus

I intended to review this newest single from Sakamoto Maaya back when it was just released and arrived at my house from CDJapan (07/25/12), but never got to it. So here, finally, is my full-of-praise review. What a surprise right?

Because I love all things Maaya and have very few songs that I don't care for from her. I thought the secondary track on this single was one of those songs but, like many others that did not stand out to me right away, it grew on me with time.


Nails: Confetti's "Dressed to the 9's"

First off, sorry for the absence! :( Between healing and planning a trip to California and seeing my ex's parents, I've been a sack of emotions for a while. I've also found myself feeling bad when I want to write a blog, because I tell myself I ought to be working on my short story or one of my novels. I'll see how things go from here. I might start a 'my life' section just to keep myself writing, as I've been tight on money and won't be able to purchase much to review aside from the ton that I have sitting around already. (It is enough to last a while, though.)

In any case, I just removed the last month's nail polish from my toenails - the only nails I do paint - and repainted them with a more fall-appropriate color, Confetti's "Dressed to the 9's." I've just started trying nail polish after my huge, 8-year beauty break. And it sucks, because with the fall and winter being next in line seasonally, I'll be back to my closed shoes! I'll still be stuck at home for a while, so my toenails can be admired within the house, but what's the fun in that?