Target's Last Beauty Bag

Hi everyone. This post wasn't really planned because I had no idea when, or if, I was going to receive the Target Beauty Bag I signed up for some weeks ago. But today with the rest of the regular mail, I found the little box from Target and was excited to share with you what came in this beauty bag.

Apparently Target has had this beauty bag program for a while, where one simply has to sign up to receive a makeup bag filled with samples, no payment necessary (not even for shipping). With this bag, however, they also announced that it would be the last, which is disappointing since I just discovered it. But I'm glad I got to try it out once.


The IceBlock [5]: "Nino's Asylum" and California

Hi everyone! I was trying to make a habit out of alternating between reviews and "life" posts, but I wanted to save this session of The IceBlock for today because today, my trip to California is officially a week away. :)

First though, I'm excited to say that I'm finally writing again! I'm working on my short story that I dreamt up after leaving the hospital in July, which I have temporarily called "Nino's Asylum." It's coming out differently than planned, and I can't even say how close or far I am from the end (which scares me a bit...), but isn't that how it usually works out with writing? I figure those kinds of things shouldn't matter anyway, as long as the story is getting put down on paper - literally. I think I'd be further along if I was using Scrivener, or ANY word processor for that matter, but instead I've stuck to writing this one out by hand. I wanted it to indeed be a short story, since I have a habit of writing way more complex (and therefore lengthier) plots, and was hoping that writing by hand would limit me since it's much more tiring and a mess to edit. Ha. =P


Eyes: Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara in "Blackest Black"

Hi everyone. This is the second of the two mascara reviews I spoke about before, and it's another Maybelline mascara: the Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara. I purchased the regular formula in the color "Blackest Black."

To be honest, I wasn't anticipating purchasing this mascara. There was a BOGO1/2 at my local Duane Reade and it turned out the LE colorful Great Lash mascaras were not included in the deal so, in my panic to find a replacement product quick, I plucked this off its nearby "new product" display. I care more about volume than length, as I might have stated in my previous review. But that doesn't mean I can't review this based on its claims as a lengthening mascara.

Its main claim is that it has a "fiber-fix" brush that, in combination with its formula, adds up to 4mm in length with fiber extensions. Hence the name Illegal Length.

I do know there was a previous Illegal Length mascara that got pretty decent ratings, but I want to clarify that this is a new release that has an emphasis on the 4mm claim. Now, onto my experience with this mascara.


Eyes: Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara in "Very Black"

Hi all :) I mentioned *alonglongtimeago* that I was planning on doing reviews on two Maybelline mascaras I have, and here is the first: Maybelline's Full 'N Soft Mascara

To start, this was my first mascara ever as of a few months ago when I actually started wearing mascara. I did some research and decided on this one because I was paranoid about mascara making my eyelashes so stiff that they would fall out during removal. I also didn't find the idea of 'spikes' for eyelashes very appealing, so when I read the claims on the Maybelline website, I was sold: "full, healthy-looking lashes" with a formula that (a) helps "soften and nourish lashes" with Vitamin E and (b) "prevents loss of lashes with Quick Dissolve System" (as quoted from here).

I purchased the regular formula (as in not waterproof).


The IceBlock [4]: Brooklyn Botanical Garden & Diploma

I know it's already the middle of the week, but better late than never. I disappeared this past weekend because it was my mom's birthday (happy birthday again, mom! ^-^) and she took Thursday and Friday off, so I was out and about with her those two days. And then that Saturday we had a BBQ to celebrate her birthday that went on for the whole day, and Sunday also ended up being pretty busy! But now a calm has returned and I need to catch up with all my posts that have pictures sitting around and collecting dust. =P

One of the most exciting events was on Friday, when my mom and I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I had wanted to go there all summer and actually planned to go the end of June, but my pilonidal surgery was moved up and I lost the weekend that I thought would be my last for going out. :( Well, I'm recovering amazingly now and Friday had beautiful weather (I honestly feel like it was the last day of summer) so we decided to go.


Lips: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in "Socialite"

Hi all :) While on the hunt for Wet n Wild LE eye shadow palettes this past Friday, I came across a lipstick display from Revlon that I had heard about on Nouveau Cheap: ColorStay Ultimate Suede. The display was already halfway empty so I decided to pick up what I felt would be the most flattering color on me of those left, "Socialite." I love my three other Revlon lip products so I was excited to try a new one.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks are advertised (as far as the display goes, since the website does not yet mention them as of today) to have 16-hour wear and to be both moisturizing and food-proof. This lipstick is basically the step up in the ColorStay series which has, up until now, been in a liquid formula. I never cared for long-wearing, liquid lipsticks, so the ColorStay line never appealed to me. I always viewed such products as being extremely dry. However, what really won me over in this product's claims was the moisturizing aspect. Revlon has yet to disappoint me in past claims about moisture; both my lip butters and my Kissable balm stains are some of my favorite pigmented, moisturizing lip products. Perhaps I shouldn't have expected so much though, because that is where this product lost me.


The IceBlock [3]: Driving, Smoothies, & THANK YOU!!!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has read even a little of any post I've made here on this blog. My last review on the Maybelline Baby Lips has contributed more than a third of all the views this blog has ever gotten, and that means so much to me. I may not have any followers or any comment responses, but the views alone let me know that people out there are even passing by this blog, and that maybe my reviews are helping someone decide on what to consider buying. So yes - thank you! :)

Besides that, I just want to give a quick update. I've been busy studying for my learner's permit. Yep - I've finally decided that I feel healthy enough in my surgical site to pursue my driver's license, which is 5-years past due. I will be submitting the paperwork tomorrow and possibly taking the written test so I hope it all goes well!


Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips (Permanent & Limited Edition)

Hi everyone! Tinted, moisturizing lip products have become my absolute favorite lip products to use, and drugstore brands including CoverGirl, Maybelline, Revlon, and L'Oreal all have their own versions. I have to say, though, that my favorite has to be Baby Lips by Maybelline. I've been using them nonstop since I stumbled upon them back in July, and was excited to get a hold of one of the new limited edition dual packs. So today I am happy to be reviewing those from the permanent line that I picked up as well as the one limited edition pack that I managed to find this past weekend in Walgreens.