The IceBlock [10]: FINALLY!

Yes, finally, finally, finally, finally! I am typing this post with my new, improved, baby-buttified lips! Okay that sounds strange, but whatever, I finally found a solution to my severely chapped lips!!!

Simply put, it's a little routine that involves petrolatum, steam, sugar, Shea butter, and more petrolatum - with a total of two beauty/skincare products that I'll be posting reviews on soon enough (the ones that fill the categories of 'petrolatum' and 'Shea butter'). I'll write a post on the routine, too, this weekend, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested.


Stephen King: Rose Madder

This review is long past due, as I finished reading this book months ago. I picked up a copy of Stephen King's Rose Madder for my trip home from San Diego. I find that, from experience, reading a good book during emotionally painful flights helps trick the mind from thinking about the pain.


Maybelline Spring 2013 Color Goes Electric

Hey everyone :) I walked to my local Walgreens today (yay for 3 mile walk!) for the sole purpose of finding the new Maybelline 2013 collection, Color Goes Electric, and it was a success! I only had my phone on me, like an idiot, and couldn't take a picture of the display, but I'll give a brief description of what products it featured before I go into a quick look at the two products I picked up.


Lips: More Maybelline Color Whispers in "Lust for Blush" and "Pin Up Peach"

Hi all. :) I recently decided to pick up two more colors from the Maybelline Color Whisper line of lipsticks and I wanted to share pictures/swatches of them with you. The colors are "Lust for Blush" and "Pin Up Peach."

This post will only focus on the colors. To read a full review, including details on weight, price, packaging, scent, texture, and wear-time, check out my previous post on "Mad for Magenta."


Late Night Alumni: The Beat Becomes a Sound

On January 29, 2013, Late Night Alumni released their newest album, The Beat Becomes A Sound, on iTunes. It's the album featuring the track from their latest single, "Shine," which is why I ultimately held off from purchasing the single. I was anticipating my purchase of the album instead. [[ Look for the red text if you want to skip my small rant/problem with this album and get straight to the review itself. ]]