The IceBlock [7]: "Nino's Asylum" = Done!

 I wanted to write a quick IceBlock post because I'm so glad - I finally finished my short story, "Nino's Asylum"! :)

It's definitely not the first short story I've ever written, but it's the first in the genre that I like - which, briefly put, is horror. I like psychological thrillers but I don't know if what I wrote would fit under that. May not be scary either, ha! I think it is, though.


Lancome's "La Vie Est Belle" & Festive Soiree Classic Gift

*Gasp* A third post since my almost-1-month absence! I'm trying to make the most of my two-in-a-row days off, granted my last post was just a happy holidays and this one is just a picture-heavy post on a gift I got from my abuelita for Christmas. Still, I'm super excited about this gift because (a) it's my second fragrance ever (since I usually couldn't care less about fragrances) and (b) the small gift that my abuelita qualified for, purchased, and also gave to me had a nice selection of Lancome cosmetics!


Happy Holidays!

Hi again. :) I  just want to wish you all a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. I ended up getting today and tomorrow off, so it turns out I will be able to spend Christmas with my family...but I know not everyone is so fortunate. Regardless, happy holidays to all of you, no matter what you are or aren't celebrating! And thank you always for your time.


Lips: CoverGirl Queen Collection Jumbo Gloss Balm in "Juicy Jam"

Hi all! A ton of new drugstore products have been coming out this season, and I managed to find quite a few this week - granted I'm on a lip product kick, so most of the products I looked for and purchased (and will be reviewing) were for the lips. The first that I'll be reviewing is the latest addition to the jumbo lip pencil trend, CoverGirl's Queen Collection Jumbo Gloss Balm in "Juicy Jam."

I think the whole jumbo lip pencil craze was started by Clinique's Chubby Stick (which will be in an upcoming review). I know that on the high end side of the spectrum, Tarte has its own version, which I don't own. On the low end, Revlon came out with their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - this past spring/summer, I believe. And now CoverGirl has joined the bandwagon with their Jumbo Gloss Balms.

The main claims of this product, according to the packaging itself, are sheer color and soft shine. 


The IceBlock [6]: Why I've Been Gone

Hi all! Many apologies for having disappeared - this post is being written to address that specifically.

When I returned from my trip to California (of which I owe you a plethora of pictures >_<), I started job hunting just like I told my family I would. I applied to all retail positions because I had no experience and felt like I couldn't really try for anything beyond that - and got two interviews within a week. The first one resulted with being put on a 'waiting' list, and the second resulted in employment [[yay!]].