Nails: Confetti's "Moonstruck"

This is the second of three colors that I own from the Confetti brand, with my one other nail post being on another color from this brand ("Dressed to the 9's"). Of the three colors I own, "Moonstruck" is the only cream finish. It is also my least favorite.


Sakamoto Maaya: Single Collection + Mitsubachi

I imagine Sakamoto fans are all smiles today, the release date of Sakamoto Maaya's third single collection, Mitsubachi. It may seem odd to purchase a single collection if you already own the actual singles that the compiled tracks were taken from. Or it may not, because why would someone who adores Sakamoto not want to have a copy of yet another of the singer's milestones? And then there's the other reason: that this particular collection includes a previously-spoken-about track, "April Fool," and a brand new track composed by (yes!) Kanno Yoko, "Nekoze." I happen to have purchased this single collection for both of those reasons.


Shirley Jackson: The Haunting of Hill House [[Spoilers]]

Hi everyone! I've been back in New York City since Monday night, and 'enjoying' the WONDERFUL weather we've been having (yep, I may have missed that terrible hurricane but I made it just in time for yesterday's snowstorm). Anyway, I'll write more about that in my next IceBlock post, but for now I want to finally give you guys a book review!