Jeweliq: My First Purchase

Hi all. I remember when I made my first blog banner about a year ago. There was jewelry in some of the pictures, but only for the purpose of decoration. Truth is, I don't own much jewelry. I bought some rings and bangles at Forever 21 last year, have a couple of owl necklaces because they're another one of my favorite types of birds, and, of course, have some jewelry boxes with sophisticated hand-me-downs and cheap, pretend-play jewelry from when I was a little girl. Lately, though, I've been wanting a statement necklace because I like how they enhance certain outfits.

So when I saw MakeupByAlli's video here and heard her talk about Jeweliq while talking about her own statement necklace in the video, I decided to check the company out.

Three things convinced me to give Jeweliq a try:

1) Their free shipping policy in the U.S. I'm deterred from making so many online purchases because I want 1 item and hate the idea of paying shipping for it. Also, most websites that do offer free shipping don't offer it until a certain amount of money is spent - and this minimum is usually based on the price point of the website's products (more expensive products have a higher free shipping minimum, for example).

2) Their affordable price point. A lot of jewelry pieces are easily one of two things: cheap but, consequently, cheap quality, or pretty good quality and more than I'm willing to spend. Every piece on Jeweliq is $25 or less which, for a larger, statement necklace, isn't that bad in my opinion.

3) Going with 3, other online reviews I read about the company itself have been positive, from positive customer service to satisfactory quality in the items purchased. The affordable price point and good quality had me curious.

Jeweliq is a company based in San Francisco, California. Their website, linked here, is pleasant to browse through and easy to navigate. They have three main jewelry categories - necklaces, bracelets, and earrings - so they don't carry rings unfortunately. I ended up purchasing one of their necklaces and a bracelet. The only reason I included earrings in my order was because I found a code online to receive these specific earrings for free. In total, my order confirmation contained 3 items.

First off, I received my package in an incredibly short period of time. I made my purchase at 1:30 A.M. this past Thursday, received my shipping confirmation later that Thursday, and found the above padded envelope in my house yesterday (Saturday). To receive a product in two days with free shipping from a city across the country is insane.

I was also happy to receive what other reviewers mentioned receiving: a personalized note. It's rare to find companies that are small enough to include hand-written notes in orders (another is Penguin Place, though I forget if they always include a small 'Thank you'), but it makes me feel nicer about supporting them with my purchase.

The front of the card.

The note at the back of the card.

The products I purchased came packaged in two soft cloth envelopes, both featuring the company name:

The first product I'm going to talk about is the statement necklace I purchased, which was the main reason I made a purchase to begin with. It's called the Blue Gem Links Necklace. I chose this necklace because the structure is one that curves softly when worn and the colors are simple but not totally neutral: a gold link chain with bright, opaque blue gems every other link. Both of these features, in my opinion, help the necklace to work with both casual and fancier outfits.

LEFT: Blue Gem Links Necklace.
RIGHT: Complimentary earrings.

If you're wondering if the earrings featured in the above picture are the ones that came free with the code, you're actually wrong - Jeweliq included these earrings at no cost to match the necklace. It was such a pleasant little surprise.

Anyway, the above is a closeup of the necklace. I love the size of this necklace in person, which is somewhat apparent at the start of this blog and will become more apparent in pictures a bit later. It's still a statement piece, but it isn't massive.

The necklace beside my hand for size comparison.

Me wearing the necklace, for size and style reference.

There is a slight drawback I would like to note: the links on this necklace are not full links. In other words, if you were to turn this necklace over, the back of the links would be flat/hollow (you can somewhat see this through the link resting against the left side of my index finger in the first of the above two pictures). This was slightly disappointing, but, again, it was an affordable necklace at $25, so corners have to be cut somewhere, I suppose.

The complimentary earrings - a single link each - are designed the same as the necklace, so they, too, are flat/hollow at the back. They aren't anything special but I'm glad to have them since they share the same theme as the necklace.

Now onto the bracelet.

When I saw the Stone Links Bracelet on Jeweliq's website, I expected a gold link bracelet with three small, pretty accent stones. What I got was slightly unexpected, but in the best possible way:

First off, aren't those stones so, so pretty? Their shapes, colors, and sizes in comparison to each other - I love how they all look together against the simple gold (FULL) link bracelet. This I did expect.

The stones are gorgeous.

What I didn't expect, which is slightly evident in the above picture, was the size of the stones themselves: they're way bigger than I thought they would be! But I love the effect they have when worn:

Again, like the necklace, they aren't too big. I think the size is enough to make them look especially stunning without also appearing too heavy/massive.

Though the bracelet looks quite loose in the previous picture (and it is - I didn't have to open the clasp to put it on - it just slid past my wrist), I am happy to tell you that it's actually adjustable, as apparent through the following picture:

You can pretty much hook the clasp to any of those smaller gold links and voila, no more worries about it sliding right off your arm while living life.

Speaking of clasps! I love that this bracelet, and quite a few others (if not all - I'm not sure) have clasps as opposed to stretchable bands. I'm sure both men and women can relate to me when I say this: 'stretchy' bracelets SUCK when you have a decent amount of arm hair, which I am not ashamed to say I do. They just catch on it and pull it and pinch all damn day long. That's why I usually buy bangles at Forever 21 - the rest of their bracelets have stretchable bands. Thank you, Jeweliq, for having clasps.

With that put aside, I have to say this bracelet ended up being my favorite purchase in the order. It exceeded my expectations and felt/looked like higher quality than its $20 price tag would suggest, while the necklace's hollow links were slightly disappointing.

Anyway, lastly there are the free earrings from the code I entered during checkout: Cutout Anchor Studs. They were free, and I love pirates because of a game I play, so why not?

I've said plenty of times that my skin's a bitch, and my ears are no different. If I wear any of the cute, fake jewelry from stores like Claire's, my ears itch and swell up within 15 minutes or so. High maintenance little effers. Consequently, I always have basic gold earrings on from my mom's jewelry box. I never switch them for other earrings. I never switch them for other outfits. They are always...always on. We have become one.

These studs, plus the complimentary ones that came with the necklace, may or may not work for me. I think that the complimentary ones will, because they have that clear rubber backing that makes earrings hypoallergenic, but these studs appear to have metal backings. I guess I'll have to find out at my own risk. :D

Before I end this post, I thought I'd share some more pictures of me wearing the main items of my order: the necklace and the bracelet. I was wearing a basic white T-shirt with black text yesterday, but that felt a bit too casual to pair with these pieces, so I changed into a solid black tank top (which also displayed them better).

Yes, I'm wearing gold eye shadow in the left picture. I was experimenting, and not all experiments are success stories. ;)

My first purchase from Jeweliq was an overall pleasant one. I will continue to browse their site for new arrivals, and I will go to them for jewelry purchases, probably before anyone else at this point. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a jewelry fanatic so I don't purchase enough jewelry to say with certainty which sites are and aren't worth it in terms of quality vs. price point. What I can say, though, is that I enjoy the styles featured on their site, was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of complimentary earrings with my necklace, and absolutely love their not only free shipping, but fast shipping.

So I would recommend them, and especially recommend the Stone Links Bracelet. :)

Thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time. ('<>')>



  1. I feel like they should step it up in some of their necklaces. I ordered one last month and on the first use the "gold" turned bronzey-green. I don't expect it to last me a lifetime, but I know there are better and more durable materials out there.

    1. Hi :) Your experience isn't entirely surprising to me. It's always tricky when getting items that are affordable - sometimes you get really lucky, and sometimes the initial impression can be deceiving and the 'affordable' aspect turns into 'cheap.' I'm sorry your purchase ended up being a waste - I would be totally turned off if that happened to me too. D:< Thanks for sharing your experience, though. ^^ I'll keep the possibility in mind before a future purchase.

      ~nikki ('<>')>