Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Hug Me" (Lustre)

Hello! Second post of the day, wee! I have pictures for a lot of posts, actually, since I've been gone for a while. Anyway, here is a post on another MAC lipstick. Hurray (I guess?) for falling into the majority for once and enjoying MAC lipsticks the most. They've grown on me as I've tried colors across their board of available finishes. Today I'm reviewing "Hug Me," one of their lustre finishes.

Up to this point, the cremesheen finish has been my favorite of MAC lipstick finishes - you can see my very first MAC review here. "Hug Me" isn't the first lustre I've bought (it's the second, if you want to be precise), but it is the lustre that made me give lustre finishes a second look. And now, after trying more lustres from a recent color collection, I think it's a finish that ties for favorite. I'm extremely excited to review the lipsticks from the new collection, but I wanted to write a review for the lustre finish in general first, using a color from the permanent line.

While "Hug Me" isn't the most interesting color - nor is it my favorite by any means - it is my go-to, most used lip color, as you will see in just a bit.

For more details on packaging, please see my initial MAC review here

Name: Hug Me (A73)
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $16*
Finish: Lustre (glossy, creamy, lightweight)

*My boyfriend purchased this for me when MAC lipsticks were $15. This past February, however, the price went up to $16. 

Top Right: Closeup of the bottom of the tube.

MAC's website describes "Hug Me" as a "flesh pink." I remember wanting to shift gears to nudes/neutrals, and being attracted to "Blankety," a  nude with an amplified finish. After trying "Blankety" in the store, I realized it was a bit too cool toned for me - almost making my skin have a borderline gray cast. That's when I read that "Hug Me" was comparable, but a bit deeper - as well as a sheerer, more workable finish. It was one of the lipsticks my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary.

To me, "Hug Me" is a pink-brown in the tube. I wouldn't call it a nude, but I guess that depends on what you define "nude" as. I've read of nudes being colors that matched closely to one's lip color, but then I'm more accustomed to calling those kinds of colors MLBB - "my lips but better." Whatever you call it, "Hug Me" is just that: a color that pairs perfectly with my lips.

Swatched"Hug Me" stays true to how it looks in the tube: a pink-brown, though not totally opaque. It's a lustre after all. It does, however, have way more color payoff than my first ever lustre, "Pretty Please." It's totally creamy, also unlike "Pretty Please," which has a lot of shimmer/glitter particles. Best of all, it's buildable - a characteristic of all lustres I've tried thus far.

You can see the reflective quality of lustres in this picture.

And now for how it swatches on my lips. First, here's a closeup of my lips with nothing but lip balm on:

Bare lips.

On my lips, "Hug Me" swatches pinker, as its sheerer formula allows my natural lip color to alter the finished product. It does appear a bit lighter in the following photos than in person, but overall the color is the same: it's an MLBB that evens out and polishes my lip color.

I've mentioned quite a bit by now that lustres are known for their sheerer, oftentimes buildable color. But now I want to go into the feel of lustres. Lustres are, by far, the most emollient, moisturizing finish I've tried from MAC. They are glossier and thinner than cremesheens, but they are also sheerer than cremesheens. I would say that they provide sheer coverage that can be built up to medium coverage, for the most part. Despite their thinner, less sticky texture, lustres still feel extremely comfortable and creamy on the lips. Colors that aren't very pale, such as "Hug Me," are forgiving during application, even if lips aren't at their best. Lustres are the one finish where I don't need to apply lip balm beforehand.

For all these reasons, and the easy-to-wear, everyday color, "Hug Me" is a lipstick I keep in my purse at all times. It goes with all sorts of looks, it's work appropriate, it can be applied in a pinch without lip balm, it can almost be used in place of lip balm, and it leaves my lips looking glossy and polished. If you couldn't tell already, my "Hug Me"'s bullet is totally worn down. Take a look at how it compares to a new MAC lipstick and - keep in mind - my boyfriend just purchased "Hug Me" for me this past November:

Sneak peak: the lipstick on the right is on my list of to-do reviews.

That's after having it in my possession for 3 months!

Of course, every product still has its negative. Not surprisingly, "Hug Me," like all lustres, doesn't last very long, wearing off after about two to three hours. "Hug Me" specifically wears off beautifully, though. It doesn't leave a stain, but it doesn't disappear in patches, either.

Before I end this review, here is a full-face picture of me wearing "Hug Me":

EYES: Naked 2 + CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara
FACE: Lumene BB Cream in "01 Light" + Milani Baked Blush in "Luminoso"
LIPS: MAC's "Hug Me"

Overall, I totally recommend "Hug Me" as a moisturizing, everyday lipstick, when picking the right color to wear is too frustrating or not even an option, time-wise. I recommend lustres, generally speaking, if you like lighter feeling lipsticks that are moisturizing, glossy, creamy, and buildable. Just be wary of lighter shades, which have the potential of having less color payoff. I would not recommend lustres if you prefer opaque coverage with little effort, matte finishes, or thicker consistencies.

As for me, "Hug Me" is the only lustre I've reviewed as of now, but I've tried others and will definitely say that this finish is competing with cremesheens as my favorite. Perhaps they will remain a tie, though - sometimes I simply prefer one over the other.

With that being said, thanks for stopping by, and I hope this review was helpful. 'Til next time! ('<>')>



  1. hug me mac lipstick suits u very well. will get one later n thank u for the review

    1. Hi Lydia :) Thank you for the kind words! I still have the teeniest bit of my "Hug Me" left. xD Let me know how you like it if you do get around to buying one!


  2. I can see why you were wearing it so much, it suits you right diwn to the ground. I have yet to find a MLBB that looks quite that polished, as my favorite MLBB is a lip gloss instead of sheer lipstick. Your boyfriend did good!