The IceBlock [24]: Snow & Song

It's been a while since I've stared at a blank screen. I've been out of it lately. Confused. Eager. Reaching out for more of something that might not be there. May have never been.

This week Sakamoto Maaya's newest single comes out, and my copy shipped out this morning. I'm in love with the second track on it - "Shikisai" - and plan on doing a cover very, very soon. I might have even had one today except for the fact that my computer is stupid (or maybe it's just me). I thought I did a great job only to find out that Audacity had the audacity to record with the computer microphone. You know, the one that captures the sound of my computer's engine taking flight, for fuck's sake. But I'll actually share the link to it on here once that magically comes together, because I really love the song.

I watch the pile of stuff to review get higher and higher, and I pull the blanket over my head and go back to sleep.

Today it snowed, which sucks. I hate snow. Winter too. On the bright side, my job closed early yesterday and was closed for the entirety of today. First official snow day in quite a while.

What is wrong with me? I have not the grandest clue. All I know is that I want more...and keep trying for more.

Something interesting that has been taking shape is my future. You know, the one that never seems in reach. Things are falling into place - not unexpectedly, but I guess I've been so disappointed with 'tomorrow' that I'm having trouble realizing that my goals are tangible. I have my necklace, I have myself.

I'm trying to say 'yes.' I'm trying to see what I'm capable of. I want things to be different for a change. I want the spring to come. I want to know what's going on.

I sit here anxiously and strain for more.


UPDATE [05/7/15]: As promised, here is the link to my cover of "Shikisai."

I thought about including this link in my next music post but...I don't know. I'm still not huge on publicizing my covers, because I'm shy and I think my singing is mediocre lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy it if even just a little. =)


  1. I'm look forward to your review of Maaya's single! Also would like your thoughts on Maaya's new tribute album, if you have any feelings. They recently announced the tracklist with artists chosen, one of them being AKB's Watanabe Mayu.

    Personally, I'm a little disappointed that May'n didn't participate, since they both were an integral part of Macross F. At the same time, I'm excited to hear the Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta cover (even though I'm not familiar with the artist).

    1. Hi! I've actually started my review on her new single, and have the pictures ready. I know I'm way behind, and I apologize for that! ^_^' Thank you for looking forward to it, though. That means a lot! :)

      As for her tribute album, my opinion on it has been developing as more information comes out. I never really thought to say much about it until the release date, but perhaps once the album is available for preorder I will put together a post about my thoughts as they stand before actually receiving the package and hearing the songs. To provide an immediate answer, I was disappointed to hear that her next album wasn't really 'hers,' if that makes sense. I wasn't even going to order it. But, as the artists have been coming together, I'm increasingly curious about what the outcome will be, and am sure that, yes, I will be processing my order as soon as I can.

      Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on here! =D