Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Evening Rendezvous" (LE) [MAC Magic of the Night 2015]

;_; I know! I'm sorry. A special sorry to Maxi and all my other Maaya-followers. My review for Follow Me Up is coming I swear!! Amongst others...

Life has been ridiculously chaotic for me since mid-July. So much has changed - SO much - but I don't think I'm ready to disclose those changes here. All I can say is that I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth for all of these months.

In character with the fact that a shit-ton of time has passed, we're already moving fast into the holiday season. As far as makeup is concerned, nothing much has changed for me, thankfully (or not). I still love MAC - hence this review - I still love trying new products, lipstick is still my happiness, and I'm still a bit of a collector. I see these kinds of reviews as the best way to pull myself back into my blog, so bear with me.

MAC's big holiday collection this year was released in different parts - Magic of the Night, Enchanted Eve, and Irresistibly Charming - with different individual products, sets, and teal/blue/purple reflective packaging. More color than last year's Heirloom Mix, but still in line with MAC's focus of sets versus new, limited edition colors.

...And I just tried to find 'my post' for the Heirloom Mix collection just to discover that I took pictures of the lipsticks I bought BUT NEVER WROTE THE REVIEWS. For fuck's sake.

Anyway...I didn't look much into this collection, as I'm not really big on sets, but in the end I did pick up one set - the red lip bag - and the only new, limited edition lipstick, which I'm reviewing in this post, "Evening Rendezvous." I've been wearing this color quite a bit lately so I thought I'd start here with my second attempt at blogging regularly.

Name: Evening Rendezvous
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $18
Finish: Matte

First, here's a closeup of the special packaging for which you'll be spending extra money. As far as the individual items in the collection, each group of products has its own color for the packaging. For example, the eye shadows have teal reflective packaging while, as seen above, the lipsticks have purple reflective packaging. I used to love purple but not much anymore, so I am indifferent to this particular packaging. As you can see below, the actual lipstick barrel is also different from the packaging - black instead of silver.

MAC describes "Evening Rendezvous" as a "deep reddish purple." I guess that's a good description, although I'd like to clarify that, to my eyes, this lipstick is more of a pink/lavender-toned purple than a true purple. That being said, I'm looking at the swatch online compared to the swatch on my hand (in my darkening room) and the online depiction of this lipstick isn't too off. Perhaps a bit redder than purple, but that can change depending on your skin tone.

I would say the above picture is the most color-accurate of any you'll see in this post. With the recent time change, I ended up taking pictures during the early afternoon sunset, where everything was automatically drowned in yellow light.

Anywho, "Evening Rendezvous" is a matte-finish lipstick. I'm going to say that MAC's matte formula has been consistently creamy and comfortable as of the past year or so, and the formula on this lipstick is no different. "Evening Rendezvous" applies smoothly without tugging much on my lips, it has great pigmentation, it doesn't feel drying until hours after wear, and it lasts about 6 to 8 hours on me. I've really come to love MAC's mattes this past year.

As I mentioned before, the lighting and one's skin tone can easily alter the way this product looks. In the left swatch, "Evening Rendezvous" looks closer to what you see in the tube, while in the right swatch it's more berry-toned. Generally speaking, on me, I find this color applies slightly darker than it is in the tube, though I'll be providing two different lip swatches below as well.

In the above picture, the color better resembles the left swatch from the picture just before, while in the below picture it better resembles the right swatch:

Either way, I love how this color looks on me (usually NC15 but I think I'm about NC20 or so since the summer). It's a beautiful fall color for sure, and quite work-appropriate, though I don't think it screams 'holiday' much. That is, of course, my personal opinion. :)


So, I didn't title this post as usual with "Comparisons" tacked on the end, because I don't have any near-dupes in my collection for this color. However, I was still reminded of another color I own when I first applied "Evening Rendezvous," and I have seen pictures where it had a likeness to another MAC lipstick I own, too. I thought I'd show side-by-side swatches of the three lipsticks for your reference.

Left bullet: Fashion Revival
Right bullet: Evening Rendezvous
Bottom: Thirsty

The lipstick I was reminded of that is totally off is Colour Pop's "Thirsty" from their summer collection, Sundays in Silverlake. As far as the MAC lipstick that it seemed to have a likeness online, that would be "Fashion Revival" (originally released in MAC's 2014 The Matte Lip, then re-released in 2015 with MACnificent Me).

Both pictures, left to right: Evening Rendezvous, Thirsty, Fashion Revival.

As you can see above, none of these lipsticks are alike. "Evening Rendezvous" is much more purple than "Fashion Revival," which is in turn redder and darker. "Thirsty" is nearly irrelevant, because it looks straight-up pink when placed next to the other two (it's also a satin while the other two are matte). The only common thread between these three colors is that they all have red in them, albeit in different quantities. My favorite is still "Fashion Revival," which I purchased during its first release last year and have worn many times since. It's another lipstick I took pictures of but never reviewed, and I should totally change that because it is still available for purchase since its second release.

Overall, for being the only new, limited edition lipstick in MAC's holiday collection, "Evening Rendezvous" is a beautiful light red-based purple that applies smoothly and wears comfortably for hours in a matte finish. I think it's great for the fall season, if you follow those trends, and have worn it plenty of times for work since I purchased it some weeks ago.

Although I have praised this lipstick throughout my review, I can't say I'd repurchase "Evening Rendezvous" simply because I prefer other color families to purple and, as you can tell, love trying new colors when they're released. I have to adore a lipstick to actually repurchase it, and, trust me, there are a couple I have said 'yes' about! I should do a post on that at some point...

For those of you that are left after all these months (lmao), thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this post! I wholeheartedly want to continue this blog with the frequency I had before, if not more than that, but I won't make promises until I personally see that happening. 'Til next time, which hopefully isn't too far off. ('<>')>


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