Nails: Confetti's "Moonstruck"

This is the second of three colors that I own from the Confetti brand, with my one other nail post being on another color from this brand ("Dressed to the 9's"). Of the three colors I own, "Moonstruck" is the only cream finish. It is also my least favorite.

Like other Confetti polishes, "Moonstruck" (087) only cost $1.99, so even though I'm not a huge fan of the color on my nails, it still wasn't a huge loss. I purchased this color because in the bottle, it really appealed to me: a creamy taupe that, depending on the lighting, appears to have either more brown, gray, or purple undertones. Additionally, I loved the name - "Moonstruck" - because I love all things lunar.

This picture doesn't do the color justice, but it's an effort. Also, my apologies about that annoying price tag.

The top of the bottle with the color name and number.
The color reminded me a great deal of fall and I was excited to finally put it on for my trip to California. To be honest, all of the pictures in this post were taken the night before my trip. Unfortunately, though, the color came out kind of lifeless once I applied it to my toenails. A shimmery topcoat might help - especially one with purple or golden shimmers - but since this review is for "Moonstruck" specifically, I'm giving my opinion on the polish as it is on its own.

1 base/topcoat of Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine
2 coats of Confetti's "Moonstruck"
It just appeared to be more of an ashen grayish-brown, with only a hint of purple.

In terms of application, "Moonstruck," unlike "Dressed to the 9's" (but like "Tahitian Turquoise," which I have yet to review on here), applied very streaky and somewhat transparent. As such it was necessary to apply two coats for an even, opaque appearance. I don't mind this too much since Confetti polishes are so affordable, but it is a point I want to put out there.

Overall, I'm still loving Confetti polishes but wasn't a huge fan of this color as it paired with my skin tone. I do look forward to trying other cream finish nail polishes from them in the future, hopefully with better luck in terms of my choice of color!

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