Nails: Confetti's "Dressed to the 9's"

First off, sorry for the absence! :( Between healing and planning a trip to California and seeing my ex's parents, I've been a sack of emotions for a while. I've also found myself feeling bad when I want to write a blog, because I tell myself I ought to be working on my short story or one of my novels. I'll see how things go from here. I might start a 'my life' section just to keep myself writing, as I've been tight on money and won't be able to purchase much to review aside from the ton that I have sitting around already. (It is enough to last a while, though.)

In any case, I just removed the last month's nail polish from my toenails - the only nails I do paint - and repainted them with a more fall-appropriate color, Confetti's "Dressed to the 9's." I've just started trying nail polish after my huge, 8-year beauty break. And it sucks, because with the fall and winter being next in line seasonally, I'll be back to my closed shoes! I'll still be stuck at home for a while, so my toenails can be admired within the house, but what's the fun in that?

"Dressed to the 9's" is a beautiful dark, vampy red with golden shimmer. Looking at the bottle, it appears to be swirls of vamp-red and gold nail polish, but once applied, the gold settles into a mere shimmer.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base/Top Coat (LEFT)
Confetti "Dressed to the 9's" (RIGHT)

I love how dark the color wears on my particular skin tone. Compared to my other Confetti nail polish which I have yet to review (it was the color I had on before this, and it had already lost its intensity/evenness so I could not take pictures for a review), "Tahitian Turquoise," this color was much more opaque. The change between one and two coats was not as dramatic as "Tahitian Turquoise." The formula, however, was relatively the same: easy to paint on as long as a sufficient amount of polish is on the brush. Otherwise, it streaks badly. I found myself often putting too much polish on my smaller toenails to avoid the streaking, which in turn created a mess. Easy to get used to but, with such an opaque color, I actually had to go back with a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to wipe off the excess.

1 base/top coat each SH Diamond Shine
2 coats "Dressed to the 9's"
Closeup - You can see on my pinky toe how
some of the polish is still on my skin.

I still adore the color and will see how long it wears compared to "Tahitian Turquoise," which lasted about a month before fading on the edges and chipping in places. For $1.99 at my local CVS, I am really enjoying the Confetti line. I am not a big nail polish person, even now, so I probably won't be spending more than that on a single nail polish, but I don't feel that I have to because of how impressive these polishes are. And there is quite a range of colors available.

Until next time! :)


Have you tried any Confetti nail polishes?

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