The IceBlock [6]: Why I've Been Gone

Hi all! Many apologies for having disappeared - this post is being written to address that specifically.

When I returned from my trip to California (of which I owe you a plethora of pictures >_<), I started job hunting just like I told my family I would. I applied to all retail positions because I had no experience and felt like I couldn't really try for anything beyond that - and got two interviews within a week. The first one resulted with being put on a 'waiting' list, and the second resulted in employment [[yay!]].

The 24th of November was my first day in Duane Reade (yes, I applied there because I was visiting it weekly in search of new drugstore cosmetic products...haha). And this is all probably making sense now, considering my last post was on November 29th, my first day off.

I'm pretty much working full-time at minimum wage [expected], except it's been physically trying. I'm ALWAYS tired. I go to sleep at 12-12:30 A.M., wake up at 7:45 A.M. to get to work by 10 A.M., leave at 6 P.M., and get home just past 7 P.M. That's almost 12 hours dedicated to work, thanks to my fabulous commute and my need to eat breakfast. By the time I'm done eating dinner and showering, it's already 9 P.M. and I have as little as 3 hours to relax and talk to my boyfriend. Most of the time I don't even know what to say or do because I'm so tired...

As usual, that which I care most about - my writing - is what takes the hardest hit. 

I haven't been posting, I haven't worked on "Nino's Asylum," and my two novels-in-progress may as well be collecting dust in some twisted mental attic. It's awful.

On top of that, I found out I'll probably be working on Christmas day and/or New Year's day. I kind of expected that, but thought I could request the day off only to get a nasty, uncalled-for answer from one of my managers. As if I demanded the day off.

So I'm torn now. I'm physically exhausted and my taste for the job has been thoroughly ruined from that manager's response...but at the same time it's money and experience.

I'm thinking of letting it sit. My two days off aren't back-to-back (another problem) so I usually never get to feel 100% relaxed, but I'm giving myself tomorrow, my second day off this week, to see if my mindset changes. If not, I'll either have to request a store transfer to some place near my house, a part-time position, or just quit. I've been thinking of trying to tutor in writing, since I did it for a class before and found it rewarding. It would pay better and give me a more flexible schedule so that I can put more time and effort into my neglected blog and wholly neglected stories. It's a thought but, as usual, who says they'll want to interview me? And who says the interview will go well enough to land me a spot?

On the bright side, I have a TON of things I COULD post if I had the time. Tons of new cosmetic products and a book review. Hopefully I'll figure out what I have to do and either look for a different job or adjust my schedule accordingly so that I can manage this blog and my own work again with my current employment.

That's pretty much it, though. Why I've been gone.

'Til next time, which hopefully won't be so far away. ('<>')>


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