Lips Coral Comparison, Part 1 of 4: Inglot's Lipstick (Cream) in 106

The product being reviewed in this post was purchased by me with my own money. The opinions stated further are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with the brand featured in this post. 

Hi everyone. I've had pictures of nail polishes for blog posts on my computer for weeks, collecting virtual dust, yet I waited for the daylight of this morning to take pictures of this product instead - Inglot's Lipstick (Cream) in 106 - because I suddenly felt compelled to share my thoughts on it with you. Also, if you were wondering about this post's title, it's not a new series on my blog. It's just that I've recently acquired two lipsticks that fall into the same color family as this one, and will eventually like to do a comparison of the three. It will be four posts long - one for each of the lipsticks (beginning with this one) and then a conclusive post that shows the three lipsticks side by side. Anyway -

If you've seen my IMATS Haul post, then you've already gotten a taste for my feelings towards this lipstick. As I mentioned there, I've heard countless good things about Inglot, and when I was able to purchase their products at a discount via IMATS, I of course purchased from their lipstick collection - one for myself, and one for my mom. I don't remember the color number of my mom's, nor do I want to bother her for it to swatch on my hand. But I will mention her thoughts in this post as well when I get to my own, because our feelings on this product were mutual. Let's just say our Inglot lipsticks get barely any use.

If you want to find out why, then do continue reading.


This lipstick is formulated with moisturizing "Vitamin E and apricot kernel oil," is "non-sticky, long-lasting," and applies evenly. I admire that Inglot doesn't try to amp up the description with ridiculous phrases like some other products I've reviewed.


Name: 106
Net Wt.: 0.16 oz./ 4.5 g.
Price: $12, but I got mine at IMATS for $8.27
Finish: Subtly shimmery, Glossy

Inglot's Lipstick comes in a sleek, black, 'metal' tube that has both a reflective surface and some weight to it - both aspects that make it appear and feel like a more expensive lipstick. The brand name "INGLOT" is the only text on the tube, and keeping to a classy theme, it is presented in white text. I like the packaging of this product quite a bit.

The top of the tube is bare, and the bottom has the usual sticker with product information, as apparent in the picture below:

LEFT: The lipstick tube closed.
RIGHT: The bottom of the lipstick tube.

The cap on this product is extremely secure, as it fits snugly onto the body of the lipstick tube, which I also like because it means no accidents anywhere.

This lipstick has a faint, sweet fruity "gummy" kind of scent to it. And a little secret between you and me: I had to sniff it for a good 15 seconds before settling on that description, lol.


Inglot's 106 is a vibrant coral in the tube. I settled on this color before even attending IMATS, because at the time I was trying to find a lipstick dupe for my NYX Butter Gloss in "Maple Blondie," and this was the closest I could determine from the Inglot website. As I've mentioned before in a previous post, however, 106 is a much more orange-coral while "Maple Blondie" is almost too pink to even be considered a coral. This doesn't bother me the least bit because I've managed to find a good enough lipstick dupe for "Maple Blondie" that I love to pieces, but I'll get to that when I actually review that lipstick.

I like the color of this lipstick a lot, and find that it brightens my face when I wear it. Swatched on my hand, it remains fairly true to the color in the tube. Well, if anything, it may be a bit pinker.

You can't tell by the swatch above (or from the majority of the pictures in this blog post, honestly), but this particular color contains very fine glitter/shimmer particles in it. Now, when I was researching what color to buy previous to my day at IMATS, one of the reasons I settled on this particular color is because, according to the Inglot website, it was one of their cream lipsticks. My favorite finish in lipsticks is cream because it usually (usually) feels creamy, contains no glitter/shimmer, and has some shine to it. I was disappointed to discover that this product did not fall into that category.


106 appears on my lips much like it does on my hand (and the tube, for that matter). It is a vibrant coral.

It's a lovely color that, again, looks great against my complexion. It does apply evenly and fairly opaque, so that claim is true. In terms of how drying it is, well, in my first impression of it I wrote that it was extremely drying. After using it a couple of times more (and therefore getting past the initial waxy coating of the bullet), it does feel creamier and not as drying. However, I don't find it particularly moisturizing either. As for being hair does catch on it sometimes, but that comes with the territory of a creamy formula, so, in my opinion, it is non-sticky.

With that being said, this lipstick doesn't feel comfortable on my lips, and I don't know why exactly. It doesn't make my lips feel smooth when I rub them together, even though it feels creamy. I don't know if that's because of the shimmer/glitter particles, but part of me thinks that can't be the case because they visually appear so fine.

My other problem with the formula is that it seriously sinks into every line my lips have to offer. I'm not going to lie; my lips are not smooth, supple canvases. They have a decent amount of lines to them. They aren't dry either, however, nor do they look 'wrinkled' from the lines. I do often see my lipsticks settling into the lines of my lips, but for some reason with this lipstick it looks so much worse. And that I will credit to the glitter/shimmer particles, which is another reason I prefer traditional cream finishes.

Before we get into my biggest problem with this lipstick, here is a happy picture, where you can see this lipstick looking great against the rest of my face. I have no other makeup on in this picture for two reasons: (a) I feel perfectly comfortable with no makeup and, since I was just prepping for a review, didn't find a point to putting any on, and (b) I thought that having no other makeup on would truly show how much the particular color of 106 brightens my entire face.

Okay, back to the negative. I have a common problem with lipsticks within/bordering the orange family: they like to stain the outline of my lips. That's why, even though orange(ish) lipsticks do wonders for my complexion, I just don't love them the way I love pink lipsticks. With that being said, I can usually deal with this problem because with the very, very few other orange(ish) lipsticks/products I have, it doesn't look awful right away.

But with this lipstick, Inglot's 106, it looks treacherously patchy and gross.

I think this is because of the shimmer/glitter particles again. Also, because it already settles into my lip lines so heavily, reapplication to fix the awful, uneven fading of this lipstick isn't an option. It looks cakey afterwards. And because it stains like most oranges, removing the lipstick entirely when I'm out and about also isn't an option, and I feel like that's the only way to 'touch it up.' Sadly.

Bottom line: this lipstick looks awful as it fades, and is a pain to maintain. Here is a picture of how it looks once it's fading:

There are many unattractive qualities exemplified in the above picture: scattered glitter, a heavy, almost neon ring around the lips, and emphasis of my lip lines that make my lips appear chapped and old. Maybe it doesn't look that bad to you, but I will add that this picture does not do the unattractive aftermath of this lipstick justice.

I would say this lipstick is longlasting, but with fading like that, what does it matter that the color is still there when it needs major touch-ups?


I don't like Inglot's Lipstick (Cream) one bit.  While it does live up to some of its claims by applying evenly and having a formula that is somewhat moisturizing and nonsticky - and I do find the color of 106 to be a lovely, vibrant coral - the cons of this product outweigh the pros by far. The discomfort on my lips, the way it unattractively sets into my lip lines, and the extremely unappealing fading totally ruin this product for me.

::UPDATE: I've since discovered that the negatives I encountered with 106 seem to be strictly because of the shimmer/glitter particles. Even when applying it over my HG lip balm, Lypsyl (which makes all my other not-as-hydrating lipsticks apply and wear comfortably), it goes on patchily and looks gross. I've since tested other colors from the Inglot lipstick line (with lip balm) and have noticed no such problems.:: 

I realize that the fading - which is perhaps the biggest con for me - may not be a case with other true creams in the line, or other colors in the line that are not in the orange family, since oranges seem to be tricky to work with (in my experience thus far, anyway). But while I can't truly comment on that, there is my mom, who owns the lipstick in a deep plum color. I don't think it settles into her lip lines the way mine does, but she personally finds the formula very uncomfortable on her lips as well, so do with that information what you will.

::UPDATE: My mom now uses this lipstick regularly and does not have any problems with the formula. I guess it just had to warm up?::

I like that Inglot offers a wide variety of colors/finishes in their lipstick line, and would recommend them based on that fact only. I cannot recommend their cream lipsticks, or the color 106, unless you know how to work with oranges or don't mind slightly drying/oddly un-smooth formulas.

If you love the color of 106, as it is a beautiful one, and are willing to take a chance with the formula (since a lot of people seem to love Inglot anyway), then go for it. But I won't be spending $12 on any of their lipsticks, and wish I could have saved my $8.27 as well, especially since I've purchased two other lipsticks that are very similar in color without the uncomfortable/difficult formula. As I mentioned at the start of this post, those will be the next two lipsticks featured in my Coral Comparison-themed posts, so stay tuned for that.

I hope this post was helpful and, of course, I feel that when I disagree with the majority, I need to emphasize the fact that this is my own opinion, and that yours can of course differ 100%! I'd additionally love to hear your opinions, especially those of you that disagree, so feel free to share them in the comments below. :) My ultimate goal with this blog is to help people better decide on their purchases, so the opposite side of the opinion-table is always encouraged.

'Til next time! ('<>')>


The product in this post was purchased by me with my own money. The opinions stated are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with the brands featured in this post. 

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