IMATS Haul + [Some] First Impressions

IMATS NYC 2013 was roughly a month ago - you can read about my experience as a first-timer here. This post is dedicated to the products I purchased at IMATS, with basic pictures of the products (no swatches) and some first impressions/comments on these products. I say 'some' because I haven't tried them all yet thanks to my skin being a full-fledged bitch.

Onto the haul! :D


LEFT: Lipstick in 106.
RIGHT: Bottom of the tube, with product number.

Comments: Inglot this, Inglot that: if you've been subscribed to any of the more popular/mainstream YouTube beauty people (or read a lot of beauty blogs, of course), then you've heard about Inglot, and how amazing they are, especially their shadows (oh I'll get to that in just a bit), et cetera. It's almost sickening, but that's why I wanted to try their products - especially their lip products.

I needed to see that they were worth the neverending hype.

First Impressions: Drying. This lipstick is DRYING! (And this is supposed to be the 'cream' formula...) That breaks my heart, not because it's Inglot and it's drying, but because I hate lipsticks that aren't emollient, and I want to use and enjoy what I buy. I bought 106 hoping it would maybe look like that beloved color the NYX Butter Gloss in "Maple Blondie" leaves on my lips, but it's opacity made it much too orange. Still a pretty color, but the formula... ;_; For now, anyway. That may change, and any changes will appear in my review of this product when I feel that I know the product enough to review it. At least it only cost $8.27, as opposed to the full price of $12.


The palette closed.

The palette open.
Colors from left to right: 418 (Pearl), 129R (Rainbow), and 05 (AMC Shine)

Comments: Same as comments above, only I'll reiterate that the products Inglot is known for are its shadows thanks to its Freedom System - a system where you can pick your own palette size and decide what it shelters. I chose the 3-pan palette because I wanted to bring home a fully-stocked palette and anything larger would have cost too much. I'll say that, besides this whole customization system, Inglot also has their range of eye shadow colors going for them. The vast amount of colors coupled with the fact that the line was enormous meant that I was at the booth, under the baking lights (those lights were so ~ hot), for a good hour before settling on these colors and making my purchase.

First Impressions: Why, why, why do these shadows have to have such a [seemingly?] complicated naming system? I mean, look at the title of this section of the haul. -_- Anyway, I haven't tried these shadows, but they swatch lovely and I will say the colors are quite unique, especially the light blue. I don't want to lie about the price, but I'm left totally confused after watching other peoples' IMATS hauls on YouTube. One girl said the shadows were $3 each for the solid colors...but my filled palette cost $21. The regular price for the solid colors is $6, for the rainbow colors is $8, and for the 3-pan palette is $8. So  if I paid regular price for my filled palette, it would have come out to...$28. No way the solid colors cost $3...or somehow $15 would be left to split between the cost of the rainbow shadow and the palette, which makes no sense (why would the solid shadows be 50% off and the other two pretty much full price...?). Whatever.


Comments: Back in the beginning of April, it was really hard to find the new collection by Jesse's Girl's Julie G line: the Frosted Gum Drops collection. Pretty much their take on the textured nail polish trend. As such, I planned specifically to purchase a color from this collection at IMATS, where it was sure to be. It would be my first impression of both the Julie G polishes and Jesse's Girl cosmetics as a whole.

First Impressions: I haven't tried this polish yet. It cost $4 at IMATS, which is full price but inexpensive regardless. I must be colorblind because I was so sure I was grabbing the blue polish in the collection - it looked blue compared to every other color on the display - but maybe the display wasn't fully stocked for some reason, because this is actually the collection's teal color, "Rock Candy."


Comments: When I was prepping for IMATS, I listed City Color as a brand I would stop by if I had time/didn't spend a lot at my main targets. It was actually right by the Inglot booth, so I decided eventually to check out their lipsticks anyway (my main goal at IMATS was to try lipsticks from unfamiliar brands and maybe find new favorites).

First Impressions: I haven't worn this lipstick yet, but when I swatched it on my hand it felt very creamy and the color was a pretty pink. I believe this product, like the Julie G polish, was being sold at full price ($2) but yeah. $2?! Even NYX lipsticks aren't that cheap at full price.


LEFT: Dual Performance Lip Color in "Pink Stiletto."
RIGHT: Bottom of the lipstick tube with the color name/number.

Dual Performance Lip Color in "Pink Stiletto."

Kisses of Pearl Age Defying Lip Gloss in "Baby Doll."

Comments: Okay, sorry if this 'story' is kind of long, but I have to tell it! I wasn't going to check out the Eve Pearl booth at all because even though the name was slightly familiar, it seemed to be a majority of face products, which I couldn't (and still can't) purchase/wear thanks to my skin being a full-fledged bitch (repeated word-for-word intentionally). But while waiting on the stupid OCC line for a good hour, I kept glancing at the booth, which was just across the way, and noticed that their backdrop-thing had a lipstick on it, so I thought what the heck, I'll check it out.

Indeed they did have lipsticks, but few, and they all looked frosted/brown-toned under the wonderful IMATS lighting [that makes teal look blue]. Regardless, I managed to pinpoint what seemed to be the only pink in the collection, "Pink Stiletto," and swatched it on my hand. It felt pretty creamy so I decided I'd buy it. The girl that was helping me said it would be $12, but that I could get two lip products for $20. I was hesitant at first because the rest of the lipsticks looked (again) brown and frosty, but, since I liked pink, she recommended a pink lip gloss, the Kisses of Pearl Age Defying Lip Gloss in "Baby Doll," and let me try it on. IT FELT DIVINE! So, fast forward to now, I have a lipstick and lip gloss from Eve Pearl. And...

First Impressions: Love, love, loveloveloveloveloveloveLOVE the lipstick! I thought the gloss felt great (creamy and not at all sticky), but the lipstick is so unbelievably creamy and the color is this gorgeous deep pink that I adore. Based on the IMATS price of $12/two for $20, and the packaging that feels ridiculously light and cheap, I thought these were perhaps mid-range in terms of their full price. Like MAC lipsticks, for example (whose packaging still feels so much more high-end). But when I checked the Eve Pearl website, both retailed for over $20 EACH! Such a bittersweet discovery, because it means that I really got an amazing deal at IMATS, but it also means that I've fallen in love with products that are way out of my normal-spending budget. Honestly of now, I think the lipstick is my absolute favorite lipstick. And I can see the gloss being amazing paired over it (I haven't yet tried the two together). So find in IMATS for me. :D

~End of Haul~

I hope you all enjoyed my haul and my comments/first impressions of the products. I definitely found some gems at IMATS, got pretty good deals, and was able to try products from brands I never purchased from before. For people like me, that's probably the best part about IMATS. :) Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and 'til next time. ('<>')>


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