The IceBlock [17]: A Series of Changes

Hi everyone! I've done a terrible job posting, but some of it I have no control over, not that that's an excuse or anything. I'm here sharing this post with you now to provide updates on some pretty big (at least for me) changes that have happened the past week.

Most of them are health-related, which is peaches and cream since there seems to always be something annoying going on with my health, lol! Never serious things - just annoying, seemingly-unnecessary ones.

The rest of the updates are related to other projects I'll be working on in the near future. One is pending and the other is certain, but either way I thought I'd give you a heads up!

With regards to my health: I've brought up some of the small health battles I've gone through in the past two or so years here and there on this blog. My skin issues, my pilonidal cyst experience, the fibroadenoma in my breast - I've had quite the list this past year especially. But there have been other topics I've wanted to share as well, that I haven't yet mentioned in detail.

This past week a lot has changed with that group of topics. I've just recently stopped taking birth control for my hormonal imbalance, I finished my first laser treatment, and I've taken steps towards taming my bitchy skin yet again. I personally find all of these things to be linked, and I wanted to share my experiences with all of them here in this blog. But, as is evident, this blog's intention is to review products, so going into depth about my experiences health-wise seem out of place if discussed in too much detail.

My plan, then, was to create a separate blog - a kind of diary where I write about my progress off the pill, with laser, and with my skin. I would also go into other health-related issues - those mentioned here in this blog - in more depth, because I know reading others' experiences is extremely helpful and informative when struggling with one's health. That blog was meant to be started this week but, alas, I haven't even settled on a blog name yet. =/

Honestly, this whole week I've been swamped with work. I worked Saturday and every weekday since, racking up a total of 47.5 hours. The whole thing is funny because just last week my schedule was changed in a manner that shaved three hours off my typical week - and yet this week I worked 10 more hours than that (7 more than my previous typical week). And, don't care if this is too much information lol, but I was on my period this week as well, which didn't help one bit.

Then there's my skin being annoying. I've gone to an allergist/dermatologist and I'm back to using topical steroids and dermatologist-loved moisturizers only. I haven't touched makeup in over a month which, considering makeup is my greatest hobby, has been agitating. There are so many things I want to try and review and I just can't do it because I have to go through this damn lengthy process-of-elimination bull AGAIN (I'm annoyed because I've gone through this before and makeup turned out negative).

Hence these past couple of weeks have been unproductive outside of my job. I apologize for that.

On a more exciting note, November is coming up and with that is NaNoWriMo, which I've participated in and completed back in 2011. That's how my first unfinished novel idea turned into something substantial. I'm hoping to accomplish the same with my second novel idea, which I've spent a lot of time editing already in terms of its purpose. I really want to dedicate enough time and effort to reach the 50,000 word minimum with a plot that means something to me.

So that's the 'pending' project. The project I am certain of is one dedicated to my favorite artist, Sakamoto Maaya (I have reviews of her releases here). I created this blog to inform others with my opinions on products, but I also welcomed the possibility of building friendships with readers, and my love for Sakamoto Maaya specifically has led to a friendship with a fellow fan who connected me with other fans on FaceBook. We decided (well, this was mostly his idea x] ) that we would do a podcast dedicated to all things Maaya called Idling Talk!.We're still organizing the first installment, and the first publication date isn't set as of now, but I'm really excited for it! It's meant to be an informal conversation about Sakamoto made by fans for other fans' enjoyment, so stay tuned for that if you fall into the said category. :)

That's everything. I'm eager to get back on track with this blog, and definitely need to get my other blog going as soon as possible. I'm hoping that this week will return things to normal, as my 37-hour schedule should be back in place and, soon enough, I should be able to use my makeup again. Halloween is also coming along, and I wanted to share my finished look with you on here. I'm going to be a pirate, by the way - finally! xD

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, as it's sadly Sunday night already. 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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