Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Flat Out Fabulous" (Retro Matte)

Hi! If you read my previous MAC lipstick review here, you'd be wondering why I even own the lipstick featured in this post. Retro matte, a new formula/finish by MAC, is described as the driest formula they have to offer, as well as the most matte. And I'm usually here reviewing glossy, creamy, and (more often than not) moisturizing lip products.

I honestly had no interest when the Retro Matte collection - an addition to MAC's permanent line of lipsticks - was released. But after seeing swatches of one of the collection's colors, "Flat Out Fabulous," I fell in love and decided to take the risk of knowingly buying a lipstick in a notably dry formula.

~I'm going to put my usual basic information below, but if you want more general details on MAC lipstick, please refer to my first MAC lipstick post here.~

Name: Flat Out Fabulous (A83)
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $15
Finish: Retro Matte (intensely matte, shine-less)

MAC's website describes "Flat Out Fabulous" as a "bright plum matte." To me, it's a shade with varying intensities of plum and fuchsia, depending on the lighting. After seeing other peoples' thoughts on this color, I was afraid it might be too pink and, coincidentally, just another fuchsia lipstick (of which I own many already). But I'm so happy to report that, on me, there is definitely plum visible.

Nevertheless, "Flat Out Fabulous" does swatch a bit pinker than it appears in the tube. I've included the lipstick bullet in some pictures to show the difference. Also, fair warning, it photographs pinker too. Since it's so bright, I had some trouble capturing the true color in pictures.

In natural filtered lighting.
In darker lighting.

Because I read that MAC's retro matte lipsticks can be ridiculously drying, I applied lip balm 15 minutes prior to applying this lipstick, dabbing the excess off directly before lipstick application. I noticed that the bullet did tug at my lips somewhat, but not so awfully so as to produce patchy color. The color actually went quite smoothly on my lips.

Truth be told, these lip swatches were after an hour or two of wear. But, as expected, the lipstick looked the same as it did after initial application. Matte finishes have their benefits, after all.

I've never worn any matte finishes from MAC, so I can't say how much the retro matte formula differs from it. But I can say that I love the velvety, plush look "Flat Out Fabulous" gives to my lips. My lip lines are still visible, but not emphasized any more so than they are with the majority of my lipsticks.

Above all, I'm excited to say that after wearing this lipstick for nearly 5 hours, my lips do not feel dry at all! The innermost section of my lips felt a bit tight fairly quickly after initial application, but the tightness has not gotten worse. The lipstick hasn't cracked along any of my lip lines, either. When I rub my lips together, they feel as if there is no product on them whatsoever, and yay for not having to worry about the wind during my walk earlier today!

"Flat Out Fabulous" in darker lighting - see how it appears more plum?

I still love my glossy, moisturizing lip products, and I can't comment on how retro mattes function without a layer of lip balm beforehand, but I have to say that I'm incredibly surprised and impressed with this lipstick. While it isn't the least bit moisturizing, it isn't excessively drying, stays put, and has a lovely soft finish to it. I also find that it's wearing off evenly and will undoubtedly stain my lips, which will come in handy when I work long shifts at my job.

By the way, you can't imagine how relieved I am that I got this to wear comfortably with plain old lip balm. I seriously thought I might have to invest in MAC's Prep + Prime for lips, which is immensely overpriced for the amount of product in the tube, in my opinion.

Updated Picture: Barefaced with "Flat Out Fabulous" on my lips.

Like I mentioned before, "Flat Out Fabulous" is a gorgeous color. This purchase was an overall win for me, between the surprisingly manageable formula and the less-pink-than-expected color.I love how it brightens up my face. :)

It almost matches my shirt!

Sooo, that's a wrap! I totally recommend "Flat Out Fabulous" if you love pinks but want to branch out into other shades of lip color. I also recommend it if you're looking for a long-wearing, matte formula that gives your lips the look of velvet. What I will say is that I really believe your outcome with the retro matte formula may vary in terms of dryness. I'm entirely shocked by how well it wears on my lips because whenever my skin rebels, it does so by becoming drier and flakier. Somehow, though, this product didn't induce that reaction.

Regardless, I'll still be cautious about purchasing more lipsticks in the retro matte - or any matte - formula, just because its comfort on the lips can vary color-to-color - product-to-product as well, sometimes.

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