Lips: MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick in "Moody Bloom" (LE) [Moody Blooms 2014]

Hi everyone! In my last MAC post about the Moody Blooms 2014 collection, which I posted right before this one (here's a link anyway), I made an error and stated that I picked up two products only from this collection. I was thinking about my visit to the store when my boyfriend was here, during which I picked up "Artistic License" and "Phosphorescent." I totally forgot that I ordered another lipstick, "Moody Bloom," online. So why not review that one next?

"Moody Bloom" is one of six limited edition Sheen Supreme lipsticks that released with Moody Blooms. Sheen Supreme lipsticks are a different line of lipsticks from MAC's regular "lipstick" category, and the second different line of lipsticks I've tried from MAC (the other being the Huggables, which I've yet to review). I'll go into what MAC's claims are for the Sheen Supreme line but, for now, I thought I'd mention that I originally planned on skipping all of these lipsticks because I heard many people describe the Sheen Supreme formula as being greasy/messy, which I don't find very appealing.

To be realistic, I only originally purchased "Phosphorescent" for that reason. Ordering "Moody Bloom" online, then, says what I thought after all about the Sheen Supreme formula.


According to MAC's website, the Sheen Supreme lipstick is a product that "[combines] the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass" (quoted from here as of the time of this post). I don't know what they were going for by saying "shine sheen," but other highlights of this product include that it's "lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply, and comfortable to wear" (also from here as of the time of this post).

A quick thought: by capitalizing "Lipstick," I assume they're referring to their regular "lipstick" line (especially since they mention "Lipglass," which is their version of lip gloss). The only problem I find here is the fact that their regular lipstick line has multiple finishes, of which some - cremesheen and lustre, for example - cross the line between lipstick and lip gloss already (and don't provide much "colour impact" at all). I don't really know what to make of this - I just want to point it out.


Name: Moody Bloom
Net Wt.: 0.12 oz./ 3.6 g.
Price: $17
Finish: Glossy (this particular color is shimmery as well)

MAC's Sheen Supreme lipstick is packaged in a sleek, reflective, cylindrical metal tube that is plain except for the MAC logo in silver text.

The bottom of the tube has the usual product information (as you can see in the small cutout below). Also visible below is the fact that MAC's Sheen Supreme lipsticks, unlike their regular lipsticks, have a flat, circular bullet. I much prefer the mainstream teardrop bullet, but the circular bullet here actually fits snug into the tube, which may prove practical in the long run considering the fact that the formula of this lipstick is fairly soft (more on that later). In other words, I don't think it would be as messy, or as detrimental to the functionality of the packaging, if this lipstick were to melt.

This product has the signature MAC vanilla scent.


MAC describes "Moody Bloom" as a "bronze plum." I find that, unlike "Phosphorescent," "Moody Bloom" is on the sheerer side, so the color you saw in the tube before is impacted by the natural pigmentation of one's lips. I definitely agree that there is a bronze look to the lipstick - both in the tube and on the skin - but I find that more of the reddish tones expected in a "plum" are clearly visible, while - in my opinion - there is no hint of purple. The bullet also has visible red and golden shimmer, which enhances both the reddish and the bronze tones.

As I said before, "Moody Bloom" does apply on the sheerer side. What you see swatched on my hand below is a much more natural, slightly more plummy color. I actually think the color in the tube, as well as the color that appears on my hand and lips, is more of a fig color than a plum. Yay for fruit!

In the following picture, the bronze tones of the color are better evident due to the different angle of lighting. The red and golden shimmer add a lot of depth to this color. As expected, they have their best effect in direct sunlight (I did not include a picture to show this - sorry).


This is the section where I really want to talk about the claims MAC makes regarding these lipsticks. I also want to note that, if you haven't noticed already, my evaluation of these claims was determined with knowledge of "Phosphorescent"'s performance. I honestly should have reviewed "Phosphorescent" first. Ah well...

If I only owned "Moody Bloom," I would think MAC was partially talking out of its ass. "Colour impact of a Lipstick"? "Shine sheen of a Lipglass"? The hell, "Moody Bloom" has the sheerness of a gloss and the shine of a moisturizing lipstick. But, as you'll see when I review "Phosphorescent," that particular shade of Sheen Supreme lipstick has substantial color payoff and shine that is reminiscent of lip gloss. What can I really conclude, then?

Buy at your own risk. 

With that being said -

The quality of this picture just brings tears to my eyes. This new camera is great!

The translucency of "Moody Bloom" means two things that, to me, are benefits: (a) it does not have a concentrated, metallic opacity and (b) it behaves like a fun, amped up easy-to-wear color. It's almost a rosey color on my lips, but the red and golden shimmer makes it more than just another neutral. As for the shine level, well, I guess I'm not bothered by the fact that it isn't as shiny as a lipglass. The muted shine almost gives it a soft, pearly look that I find rather pretty.

Now for the rest of MAC's claims. "Moody Bloom" does indeed glide right onto my lips, prepped with balm or not, as the bullet is fairly soft. The formula is creamy but not sticky. It has the non-sticky smoothness of the lustre lipsticks, but is thankfully not so slick that it feels like grease. Despite the light formula, I didn't notice this product bleeding out of my lip line. I will say, though, be careful not to over-apply, and do the finger test - or whatever you prefer - to make sure the color too far into your mouth is completely removed. These will transfer onto your teeth fairly easily if you don't (happened to me the first time I used "Phosphorescent").

As a whole, though, I think the Sheen Supremes are easy-to-apply, comfortable lipsticks to put on for a quick, polished look. "Moody Bloom" is especially easy to apply, being sheer. EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to mention - I get up to 3 hours of wear from this lipstick without eating or drinking, and my lips feel moisturized the entire time.

For the following full-face pictures, I took one with bare lips and one with "Moody Bloom," just so you can see the level of pigmentation I get from the lipstick, as well as how it blends in with my natural lip color:

Bare lips.

Wearing "Moody Bloom."

I think "Moody Bloom" is a great end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall color. I'm happy I picked it up!


I can't really conclude whether or not MAC is 100% accurate in its claims regarding the Sheen Supreme lipsticks. "Moody Bloom" in particular is a sheer color with a softer kind of shine, but it applies effortlessly and feels creamy without being heavy or sticky. Additionally, I love its transformative, pearly color, even though it's more of a bronze fig than a bronze plum.

I do prefer MAC's regular line of lipsticks, but I feel like the Sheen Supremes serve their own purpose and quite like their formula, too. I don't think it's unlikely that I would try other colors if they were released in future collections - or even those from the permanent line - but I will say that I'll only purchase them after viewing swatches online or testing them out in store. I find their performance as per MAC's claims to be hit and miss.

As for "Moody Bloom," it's a really soft, pretty color perfect for the fast-approaching fall (if you follow that color rotation), a nice transition color for those who are interested in darker, "vampy" lipsticks, and a refreshing everyday color for those looking for a different kind of neutral look.  It is limited edition, but believe it or not it's still available on MAC's website! That's a shocker, right? At that rate, even counters should have some stock left, so consider checking it out in person if you're interested.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and 'til next time. ('<>')>



  1. Wow love this colour on you! Not too dramatic, but adds a bit of colour to your whole face. :)

    1. Thanks Melanie! :D It is a lovely color. ^^

      ~nikki ('<>')>