Lips: MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick in "Phosphorescent" (LE) [Moody Blooms 2014]

Hi hi. Today I'll be reviewing the last of the three products I picked up from MAC's Moody Blooms collection, another Sheen Supreme lipstick in the color "Phosphorescent."

"Phosphorescent" was my first Sheen Supreme lipstick, though I previously reviewed "Moody Bloom" - the other of these lipsticks that I picked up from Moody Blooms - here. Inevitably, I reference "Phosphorescent" multiple times throughout that review, so if you've read that review already then you kind of already have an idea of my thoughts regarding this particular shade. This post will, of course, go into greater detail with "Phosphorescent" specifically, with the usual rundown of pictures.

So yeah - let's take a look at the infamous "Phosphorescent"!

Name: Phosphorescent
Net Wt.: 0.12 oz./ 3.6 g.
Price: $17
Finish: Glossy (cream)

A limited edition color from yet another collection, MAC describes "Phosphorescent" as an "electric pink coral." That is why I settled on "Phosphorescent" so quickly when I decided to give the Sheen Supreme lipsticks a try. Me and my pink/orange corals. And how would this one turn out? More pink? More orange? Would it magically borderline both the way "Toying Around" managed to?

I agree with MAC's description to a certain extent. It's definitely a pink coral in the tube - you can see the tones of both orange and pink in the bullet. I guess it's the "electric" that I'm feeling indifferent towards. Maybe I feel this way because I feel comfortable in bright lip colors, but I think there would be of an "electric" aspect to this color if it was in a totally opaque formula, which it is not. 

I went through this in my review of "Moody Bloom," so I don't want to repeat it all here, but there is a translucency to the Sheen Supreme lipsticks - at least based off the two I now own. "Phosphorescent" is undoubtedly the more pigmented of the two, as you can see above, hence why I think "Phosphorescent" better supports MAC's claims of "colour impact of a Lipstick" (from MAC's site). You can also see the glossier finish "Phosphorescent" exhibits, compared to the more pearly finish of "Moody Bloom." Summed up, "Phosphorescent" does transfer its "pink coral" color from the bullet to the skin with sufficient pigmentation, but the overall look of the color is more muted than I'd call "electric" thanks to its see-through finish.

Anyway, enough of that. Lip swatches!

While I think "Phosphorescent" has the potential to pull coral on some people, it is definitely more of a warm pink on my lips. Maybe it looks more orange in afternoon sunlight but, honestly, what doesn't? Regardless, I love pinks and I especially enjoy warm pinks, and I still think "Phosphorescent" fits into that almost-coral category that I'm always trailing after. Thanks to the formula, it's an easier "coral" to put on during casual days, gliding on effortlessly and keeping my lips soft and glossy. In the following full-face pictures, I'm wearing it with nothing other than eyeliner.

It almost matches my bra strap! But that's more the color of "Toying Around" lol. o.O

I've worn this color during a few night shifts at work already, and I can confidently say that it lasts about three hours before the glossiness dulls down and more of a subtle stain is left behind.

Overall, "Phosphorescent" is a brightening pink coral that, on me, pulls more of a warm pink with little to no orange tones visible, depending on the lighting. It has good pigmentation but is also translucent, so it doesn't completely cover one's natural lip color, depending on how pigmented that natural color may be. It has a soft, moisturizing formula that glides right on, as well as a glossy finish. Its performance better supports MAC's claims regarding their Sheen Supreme lipstick line than "Moody Bloom" does.

I've decided at this point not to say who I recommend (or don't recommend) this product for. I noticed in previous reviews that including that section is almost...redundant. You'll know if you want it or not based off the review itself - even the summary I include at the end, haha. So all I'll be saying at this point of all my future reviews is whether or not I recommend the product in general, based off my own experience with it and my own preferences, as well as whether or not I will repurchase it.

In that case, yes, I do recommend this product. Would I repurchase it (if I could, as it is limited edition)? No.

Don't take that "no" as a negative reflection of this product. You'll see soon enough that I'll probably rarely, if ever, answer yes, because I like testing new colors and products and really need to love the product to hell and back in order to want to repurchase it, lol. x]

Thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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