MAC's The Matte Lip Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be a quick look at the products I purchased from MAC's newest collection, The Matte Lip. The collection just launched online this past Thursday and my order was delivered Friday evening. Between the fact that the weather has been moody and the fact that the lipsticks I picked up are, well, matte, I was only able to take pictures for reviews for two of the three that I purchased. If I was able to get all three done, I wouldn't even bother with this but, clearly, that wasn't the case.

The Matte Lip features eight lipsticks - seven limited edition shades and one from the permanent line - as well as permanent additions to MAC's line of Pro Longwear lip pencils and blushes. Not surprisingly, the three products I picked up were three lipsticks, and all three are limited edition shades.

So, for the sake of providing hopefully helpful images while they still are helpful (you know, before stuff sells out), I have for you quick swatches of the three colors I picked up: "Pander Me," "Fashion Revival," and "Styled in Sepia." 

Fun side story: I originally purchased four lipsticks from this collection. My mom's birthday was this weekend and she loved the look of "Good Kisser" (which I later surprised her with), so I wanted to pick something up for her from this collection. I already knew which three colors I wanted: "La Vie En Rouge," "Styled in Sepia," and "Fashion Revival." When I let her pick from the eight, my mom chose "Pander Me."

L-R: "Pander Me," "Fashion Revival," "Styled in Sepia."

Fast-forward to Friday evening: I let my mom pick which color she liked the most from the four that arrived, and she ended up thinking "Pander Me" was ugly. Instead, she picked "La Vie En Rouge." Ironically, earlier this week I purchased a Nars Audacious lipstick in "Grace," which Temptalia compares to "La Vie En Rouge." Needless to say, on me the two look identical, and so "La Vie En Rouge" was taken away from me painlessly. Of course I picked the coral. And of course I managed to pick up the exact same shade from another brand the same week. 

So I have a fourth limited edition lipstick from this collection somewhere in the house. I personally chose not to take pictures of it, since I own a permanent lipstick by another brand that may as well be the same color (oh there are differences when I swatch them - subtle ones - but they are identical on my lips). Another fun fact: I didn't really care for "Pander Me" when I saw the tube of it, but I'll get into that more when I review it.

L-R: "Pander Me," "Fashion Revival," "Styled in Sepia."

Anyway, I almost want to say this is my second favorite collection from MAC - the first being Playland, hands down - mainly because it has a nice, well-rounded selection of colors. And my original three choices felt like a well-rounded choice of colors - a coral, a berry, and a brown - but with the way everything worked out, I now have the three above, haha.

L-R: "Pander Me," Fashion Revival," "Styled in Sepia."

I don't want to say much about these just yet - especially since I have two lipsticks picture-ready for review - but I will say, keeping true to the theme of 'sneak peek,' that in the above pictures, the lipsticks are ordered from my least favorite to my favorite. That is to say, "Styled in Sepia" ended up being my favorite from the collection, while "Pander Me" is my least favorite.

In a way this collection isn't special, because so many of the colors are colors that are not only easy to dupe, but easy to dupe with other MAC lipsticks. But, if you see colors that you like, and want to try out MAC's more comfortable, creamy matte formula, this collection is a kind of treat. I know I was really happy with the mattes in A Novel Romance (here and here), so I was glad to see a nice assortment of colors in the same formula with The Matte Lip. And for me, personally, "Styled in Sepia" and "Pander Me" are shades I find fairly unique, at least compared to what I already own.

I hope these quick swatches are helpful! This collection hasn't sold out yet on MAC - and it has been a few days now - so I don't think there's much of a rush to buy things as soon as possible. Regardless, I'm going to try to get reviews on two of the three lipsticks up this week, and hopefully this weekend will be a sunny one so I can take pictures of the third.

Here's to a wonderful week! 'Til next time. ('<>')>


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