Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Forbidden Sunrise" (LE) [MAC x Bao Bao Wan 2015)

I figured, why not just finish with the matte lipsticks? "Forbidden Sunrise" is the third and last of the matte lipsticks from MAC's Bao Bao Wan collection, the lustre being left to review.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I don't like orange lipstick, as flattering as it is on me, but something about "Forbidden Sunrise" really caught my interest when information and swatches became available on the color. It seemed to be a brighter, lighter orange without being pastel, and I couldn't help but think how radiating it would be in the the summer...when everything is brighter and lighter and not so damn depressingly gray.

New Hell City problems.

Anyway, while "Burmese Kiss" fell into the 'favorite color of lipstick' category, and "Lavender Jade" fell into the 'unique color of lipstick' category, "Forbidden Sunrise" ended up being my favorite from this collection. Yes, an orange lipstick was my favorite.

First browns, now this! Just wait - I promise you by the end of July it will get even worse.

Name: Forbidden Sunrise
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $17.50
Finish: Matte

Isn't the lipstick's presence in the above picture alone brightening? I digress. Online, MAC describes "Forbidden Sunrise" as a "creamy orange." That's not at all specific but, consequently, it isn't incorrect either. Yes, "Forbidden Sunrise" is creamy and it is orange. But while it is definitely more of a primary orange than it is a red-orange, I feel like a description that has best described the brightness present in this color is yellow-toned.

Between the yellow-toned pinks and now this, I'm realizing that having 'yellow' in a lipstick manages to warm the color while brightening it at the same time. And I quite like the effect.

Besides that, I think "Forbidden Sunrise" is the creamiest, most comfortable of the mattes in this collection. It glides right on with full opacity and makes my lips look full and smooth. It's odd because I usually have trouble with colors that lean more orange (or are, plain and simple, orange). They usually grab the outer edge of my lips or pool into my lip lines. "Forbidden Sunrise" does neither.

It's just so damned PRETTY. I would say this and "Burmese Kiss" fall on the same plane of "neon/boldness." These colors glow, and I guess that, as much as I love deep, blackened colors, I'll always have a soft spot for brights.

Like I mentioned before, for some reason orange always suits me, whether I like it and feel comfortable in it or not. Thankfully with "Forbidden Sunrise," it's completely a love-love relationship. It's not a color I'd sport to work just yet, but I'll definitely be wearing it on warmer weekends when I can start using my summer dresses again. I'd love to put on a color like this one while wearing all black, too.

Overall, "Forbidden Sunrise" wins in both color and texture. It's a creamy, opaque, yellow-toned orange that makes lips look full and brightens one's complexion. I own few oranges, hence why I've done no comparisons, so I'm not sure how unique of a color this is, but I'm still happy to have it from the brand of lipsticks I love most.

"Forbidden Sunrise" definitely didn't sell as fast as "Lavender Jade" when the Bao Bao Wan collection released, but it was still a popular piece and I don't know what the availability of it looks like presently, as the collection has been out for quite a while. Of course if you find it, I can only recommend it if you're interested. Would I purchase it again? No, and I say that because as beautiful of a color as it is, orange is still not at the top of the lipstick hierarchy in my world.

I have one lipstick left to review from this collection. I'm going to try...and get it up by tonight. If not, 'til next time! ('<>')>


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