Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Lavender Jade" (LE) [MAC x Bao Bao Wan 2015] + A Comparison

Next, I've decided to review "Lavender Jade."

Purple used to be my favorite color. I guess I'm glad it isn't anymore, because there is just something about limited edition purples from MAC that make them highly coveted - these lavenders especially.

"Lavender Jade" is the reason I classify the Bao Bao Wan release as one of the most chaotic, frustrating releases I've ever experienced from MAC. This particular color was gone in an instant at nearly every retailer. By chance I happened to read that a Nordstrom in California was taking preorders over the phone and I thought I'd try my luck. Somehow it all worked out and I ended up with my tube of "Lavender Jade."

One of the big questions surrounding this color that I also felt compelled to ask was how closely it compared to the only other MAC lavender that I own, "Dodgy Girl" from the Osbourne collection last year. For some "Lavender Jade" seemed more of a true lavender, while for others it was simply "Dodgy Girl" in different packaging. In the end I decided I would purchase the color and figure out for myself what the outcome would be. In the worst case scenario, I would end up with a backup to "Dodgy Girl," which is the only of its color that I own from MAC.

Name: Lavender Jade
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $17.50
Finish: Matte

Let's get right to it! On MAC's website, "Lavender Jade" is described as a "dirty mauve with gold pearl."


I want to know where this gold pearl is. I can see so many people reading that description, thinking "Oh, so unique!" and then purchasing this lipstick only to find out that it's a LAVENDER/MAUVE CREAM. There is NO pearl in this lipstick, or gold, or anything besides lavender and pink. Thankfully I knew this and purchased "Lavender Jade" expecting what was actually being sold, rather than what MAC perhaps was trying to sell.

I like the color in the tube, and that is of course the color that swatches, but both above and in the swatch coming up below you can already see that this is a pink-based lavender rather than a gray-based lavender. I feel like lavenders with more of a gray undertone are 'truer' lavenders, and I know a lot of people were disappointed with "Dodgy Girl" because of how much pink was present in the color. Because I'm an idiot, I'll compare "Dodgy Girl" to "Lavender Jade" throughout this review since the only swatch I have of the latter is with the former. There's no point in doing a comparison at the post's end. As such, I present to you the answer to my earlier question:

Can you guess which is which? Take a look at the contenders below:

LEFT: "Lavender Jade"
RIGHT: "Dodgy Girl"

As you can see, "Lavender Jade" is more of a true lavender than "Dodgy Girl." And yes, that means "Lavender Jade" is the swatch on the left, while "Dodgy Girl" is the swatch on the right. Like "Burmese Kiss" - the Bao Bao Wan lipstick I reviewed here - and "Dodgy Girl," "Lavender Jade," too, is a matte lipstick. Unlike the two, however, it is creamier and more pleasant to apply. "Burmese Kiss" is drier and "Dodgy Girl" is thicker, as you may or may not be able to tell from swatches (the thickness is clearer in my actual review of "Dodgy Girl" here).

LEFT/BOTTOM: "Lavender Jade"
RIGHT/TOP: "Dodgy Girl"

In the above swatches, which are a bit clearer, you can see the pinker tones present in "Dodgy Girl" versus "Lavender Jade." Unfortunately, the differences don't show as much on the lips. I don't have comparison lip swatches, but if you visit my review on "Dodgy Girl" linked previously, you can see that the lip swatch doesn't differ too much from the lip swatch of "Lavender Jade" below:

I would say, again, that the greatest difference between the two is in the formula and application. "Lavender Jade" looks much more appealing on the lips. If you missed "Dodgy Girl" and have wanted it since, then...well, I hate to say it, but you probably still have a better chance of finding "Dodgy Girl" over "Lavender Jade," LOL.

Sorry - I had to. On the bright side, now you can laugh at me.

My hair was nice for a change in the above pictures but, to compensate, my face was swollen. I had my four wisdom teeth pulled the day before (yup, these were taken over a month ago on March 15th). Anyway, I still really like how lavender compliments my hair and eye color. I'm sure some may find it unflattering on me, but I'm fairly open to color and enjoy how a lot of different colors - natural or not - look on me. It's really a matter of comfort.

Overall, I'm happy I decided to make the call to Nordstrom and attempt to preorder "Lavender Jade." It's a lovely, albeit still pink-toned, lavender whose matte formula is creamy and flattering on the lips. It's a somewhat unusual color for MAC and I guess that's why it sold out so fast, but the fact that it compares so closely to "Dodgy Girl" from a MAC collection last year only tells me that this color will make its appearance again in the future. In the event that it doesn't, I know a lot of brands have some form of lavender in their lipstick lines. My point is: if you couldn't get your hands on "Lavender Jade," it's okay. Likewise, when it comes to whether or not I would repurchase this color, my answer is 'no.' This and "Dodgy Girl" together will last me a long time.

As for me personally, being that I own both "Lavender Jade" and "Dodgy Girl," I think I prefer "Lavender Jade" due to its improved formula. I look forward to doing a 'lavender/lilac' look with this lipstick for the summer at some point. If it doesn't turn out a complete fail, I'll most definitely share it on here, lol!

I guess, then...onto the next review? Let's go! ('<>')>


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