Maybelline Spring 2013 Color Goes Electric

Hey everyone :) I walked to my local Walgreens today (yay for 3 mile walk!) for the sole purpose of finding the new Maybelline 2013 collection, Color Goes Electric, and it was a success! I only had my phone on me, like an idiot, and couldn't take a picture of the display, but I'll give a brief description of what products it featured before I go into a quick look at the two products I picked up.

The display was about 3-4 feet tall (the ones that fill up the aisle from top to bottom) and had different shelves for each 'limited edition' product. I say 'limited edition' because I don't think every product being featured was LE, but I didn't investigate it enough to know for sure. The first shelf had LE nail polishes, the second had LE Vivid lipsticks, the third had LE ColorSensational lip glosses, the fourth had LE EyeStudio eyeshadow quads, the fifth had LE blushes, the sixth had potentially LE eyeliners, and the very bottom had mascara that I really don't think was LE - it just seemed to be the regular Falsies mascara.

The products I had intended on picking up initially after hearing about the display over on Nouveau Cheap were the eyeshadow quad with the blue shadow and the Vivid lipstick in "Electric Fuchsia." I was originally torn about the lipstick, though, because it seemed similar to the permanent Vivid in "Fuchsia Flash" (which I already own).

When I got to the display, any concerns I had about "Electric Fuchsia" became irrelevant because it was already sold out. But then I saw that there were LE glosses and one came in a bright pink called "Fiercely Fuchsia," so I happily picked that one up instead. And, fortunately for me, there was one more of the blue eyeshadow quad, "Striking Blue," so, overall, yes, it was a successful shopping trip. :)

It's not my thing to do swatches of products outside of reviews, but I know this collection is LE and I also know that I won't be able to review either product for a while. As such, I'm going to leave details out (such as price, packaging, lip/eye swatches, etc).

For the time being, I now present to you pictures and basic swatches of "Fiercely Fuchsia" and "Striking Blue." =D

I chose these two of all the color selections for each respective product because they have my two favorite colors in makeup: bright, hot pink/fuchsia and blue, which I adore in all shades and intensities.

Say "hello" to "Fiercely Fuchsia"! :)

See how vibrant that is? It's gorgeous and, as you'll see in the swatches in just a bit, it's just as beautiful on the skin as it is in the tube.

Here are some pictures zooming in on the LE wrapping and shade name/number. Both are hard to read - I apologize - but you get the point.

"Fiercely Fuchsia" (210)

Now for pictures of "Striking Blue":

Again, a close up of the LE sticker and shade name/number:

I was just so excited that I tore it open before taking a picture haha - sorry!

And now, finally, SWATCHES!!

So uneven on the eyeshadow "Fiercely Fuchsia" is the very last swatch on the right.

Yes, I know the eyeshadow swatches are uneven. I did them with my left hand and a Q-tip, so they aren't the prettiest things ever but they get the job done. =P

In terms of "Striking Blue," the eyeshadow highlight is mostly shimmer, though I'm not disappointed about that because, well, it's a highlight. Just saying it isn't anything special. The other three, however, I really love. The bronze and sky blue aren't amazingly pigmented but these swatches aren't over primer, so that's something to keep in mind. The shade I was most interested in was the darkest, which appears to be a blackened navy blue with blue shimmers in the pan but shows up more blue-tinged black in the swatch above. I am one that doesn't weigh too heavily on eyeshadow swatches, though, hence why I refuse to review any without pictures of actual looks using the shadows on my eyes. So I will reiterate: this is NOT a review.

As for "Fiercely Fuchsia," it's my first ever ColorSensational lip gloss and, as of now, I'm loving the color payoff (and the color!). I can't wait to actually wear it when my lips are doing better (going to a doctor to have this annoying flake-BS checked in a week, by the way).

I think anyone in love with bright, bold colors will find something fun in this collection. I'm not sure if I'll be picking anymore products up because these are the two I cared most for, but I honestly love the vast color choice that Maybelline is providing for the spring.

Bottom line: definitely check it out of you have the chance! Thanks for stopping by, and 'til next time. ('<>')>


Have you spotted Maybelline's 2013 Color Goes Electric collection? Are there any products you're excited about picking up?

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