3 Beauty Trends I Don't Get

Oh, another controversial topic, maybe? This isn't meant to be offensive - it's just my opinion. Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. I guess for future reference's sake, in case my thoughts change, because that's always possible. Realistic.

Hi everyone! This post is going to be pretty short. I'm just going to talk about three beauty trends I don't really understand the...appeal of. This is totally personal, so feel free to agree or agree to disagree. :)

Trend #1: Acrylic nails/natural nails grown out long and groomed into certain shapes

Maybe 'trend' isn't the best word to use, but bear with me. I don't find acrylic nails or nails grown out and shaped like daggers to be attractive. I don't get it because, to me, it's like the beginning stage of those nails on Guinness Book of Records. They're borderline claws. I know that they give the person who has them a greater surface area for more intricate nail designs, but I've seen family members get those salon designs on their regular sized nails too, so it doesn't justify it enough for me.

Trend #2: False Eyelashes

My favorite beauty guru on YouTube, emilynoel83, swears by these. And I love her, so obviously my opinion does not lead me to judge others that feel differently. I guess it's not all false lashes that bother me, but mostly those crazy long/full ones. They look (TO ME) gross from any angle besides the front. Like one has very hairy eyelids that look as though they're being weighed down from being so hairy (which is odd, because us women are usually trying to rid of hair that isn't on our heads). I know there are plenty of people that wear false eyelashes because their natural lashes are very short/sparse, and I also do agree that false lashes can add to and balance dramatic eye makeup. But I don't think they need to be bigger than one's eye to achieve either purpose.

Trend #3: Hair Extensions

Strangely enough, I've been noticing more and more beauty gurus on YouTube lately adding hair extensions, be it temporary or 'permanent,' to their beauty routine. I know voluminous hair has been popular for a while (maybe longer, maybe not, I'm not too sure), but having extremely voluminous hair is like having a lion's mane, to me. For the people that use them because their hair is thin, I guess I can't understand because mine isn't (it's average in thickness, I believe). But for the people trying to have longer hair sooner, why is it so hard to wait for your hair to grow? That may be a less common reason, but still. I know how annoying it can be when you cut your hair short and then it takes months to grow even a couple of inches (thank you surgeries and general anesthesia), and then you're stuck at that length that flips at the ends and looks stupid all the time. But time will fix all of that.

When it comes down to it, regarding these trends, to each their own. I respect other peoples' decisions and likes/dislikes because we are all entitled to our own opinions and our lives are our lives; no one else's. I know there must be plenty more reasons all of these beauty trends exist, so feel free to share your own below. And if you don't understand these trends as well, feel free to chime in your reasons below too.

'Til next time~ ('<>')>


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