The IceBlock [14]: New Job

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Hi all. This feels like a blast from the past, putting up this post, because I remember when I started my job at Duane Reade I went MIA on here for quite some time. Well I notice it's been, what, a week since I last posted? Or just over that much time, and I don't want to repeat what happened back then!

I started my new job on Tuesday, and  my schedule was all over the place my first week (which just ended yesterday). My pay is still minimum for training - I don't know what it will go up to, or when - but I was really happy to discover that I at least get some tip money. Nothing like the waiters or waitresses there, but it's still some money on the side that I'm putting away for my break from New Hell City this August. Anywho, I've been exhausted.

Tuesday was 10 hours, Wednesday was 10 hours, Thursday was 8 hours, Friday was 5 hours, and Saturday was 5 hours. Normally another girl works Friday and Saturday evenings but because of family circumstances, I had to cover for her, hence why I worked on a Saturday (and Friday evening as opposed to Friday morning).

I don't know how this week will be (aside from the fact that we're closed for the 4th of July, yay!), but I can say with certainty that it's going to take some time for me to get used to 10 hour shifts. And because of the change in schedule, I end up with just today to myself, with the thought of another pair of 10-hr days that start tomorrow looming over me.

On the bright side I am making money, which is great, even if it's not a livable income. But then I think about school and, as much as I can't wait to start and work towards my second degree, all that plagues me is the thought of money going away. Far, far away. It feels unnecessary to get another degree when I start thinking in numbers...

But Creative Writing has clearly gotten me nowhere, so what other choice is there?

Anyway, I hope to put up a review or something today, since my mom is at a bridal shower and I therefore have nothing to do. I just came back from my walk to Walgreens, lol, the highlight of my day thus far. That really does make me laugh in my head when I think about how obsessed I must seem about makeup stating that - since it's a 3.2 mile walk roundtrip and all. But I didn't find what I was looking for there and, even when that happens, I do it for the sake of the exercise that comes with it. I must say, I'm doing pretty well maintaining my new weight. But it's going to take some adjusting since my new job is not as physically taxing as my old one.

I'll just end this here. I need to shower anyway, and I'll have some strawberries after that. I bet that makes me sound like such a healthy person, but really this past week I've been substituting breakfast and my evening snack with homemade cookies. I'd be eating them right now if there were any left, lol. OK, hope to talk to you all again later.


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