Eyes: Lancome's Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara in "Excessive Black"

Hi everyone! I'm actually pretty exhausted of writing...haha. If you read one of my previous IceBlock posts, then you know I had planned on participating in NaNoWriMo 2013. Honestly, I didn't think I'd really pull through with it considering I have this blog and my full time job. But I'm happily surprised to report that I'm right on track, and 11 chapters into my book!

But that means I've been writing a lot everyday, too, lol. x_x

Anywho, today I decided to review a product I received in a Lancome holiday bonus giftset last year - you can view my post here to see what else came in the assortment of beauty minis. I think my opinions on this product are pretty fleshed out by now - even though the product I'm reviewing is a deluxe sample, I got about 4 months of use out of it and finished using it this past August. Clearly this review is overdue. :D

The product is Lancome's Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara in the color "Excessive Black" - a mascara I've heard quite a few good reviews on. I was excited to try it as it was my first high-end mascara, and one that I got as a gift.

Let's get right to it, then.

Lancome markets this mascara as providing instant, buildable volume and intense color. It features a "unique...S-shaped brush" that "provides full contact with lashes for ultimate volume" (from Lancome's website).

Buildable volume? Check. Intense color? Check. S-shaped brush? Check. This product lives up to all of its claims. If you're here to find that out, then consider this my opinionated answer to your question.

Do I like this mascara? No!


The following basic information is based on the full-sized product and not my deluxe-sized sample.

Color: Excessive Black
Net wt.: 0.22 oz. (according to Amazon because Lancome's official site makes no note of it)
Price: $27

I won't go into too much detail with regards to packaging - as I said before, I have a deluxe-sized sample so the packaging details aren't the same as the full-sized product. What they do have in common is that the tube itself is black and the lettering is gold. It's a very sleek looking bottle of mascara.

Perhaps my favorite part of this mascara is the brush, which Lancome describes as an S-shaped brush designed to closely coat every lash. I did find it easier to apply the product thanks to the curved brush.

The following pictures are closeups of the brush from different sides that give some insight into its shape:

Before we move into how this mascara applies and wears, I want to get another basic out of the way. One that's laughable after visiting the product's page on Lancome's official site, in fact. Lancome straight up writes that this product is Fragrance-Free.

You tell me: is this a recent change? Does your full-sized tube have a scent to it? Because my deluxe-sized sample smells so strongly of flowers that I can smell it from my eyelashes nearly 10 minutes after application. You know that signature floral scent.

Do with that what you will.


As I said before, Lancome's Hypnose Drama Volume mascara (for short) does apply well to my lashes, mostly due to the brush. I also found it to be a drier formula, which helped with building up volume. Additionally, I noticed that it did a good job of defining my lashes as well. The finished effect was quite nice, actually.

The pictures you'll see shortly won't do it justice because they're pictures I took (enthusiastically) the last day I planned to use my sample, when it was way too dry to continue using. That's why it looks very clumpy in said pictures. But I can say that when I just started using it, and throughout most of its lifetime, it did define and volumize my lashes.

Besides the scent, my second biggest problem with this mascara was how stiff it made my lashes. They felt brittle afterwards, and I hate that finish because I'm always paranoid of my lashes falling off. So, the cement-feel after drying and the incredibly strong floral scent are the two factors that made me dislike this mascara so much. Clearly it isn't a bad mascara - it's a matter of what bothers you personally and what doesn't.

This mascara did not smudge or flake throughout the day. I never thought much about that because I never used a mascara that did flake and smudge on my rather dry eyelids. But I'm currently using one that does so I thought I'd mention those details here. Anyway, picture time!

My eyes before applying mascara (and curling).
My eyes after curling and applying mascara.

As you can see in the above pictures, this mascara does quite the job in terms of opening my eyes and thickening my lashes. Even here at its driest it doesn't look too clumpy (with the exception of some of the bottom lashes).

LEFT: Before curling and applying mascara.
RIGHT: After curling and applying mascara.
LEFT: Before curling and applying mascara.
RIGHT: After curling and applying mascara.

I really apologize for not having pictures taken when the mascara was still fluid enough to coat my lashes properly - but you get an idea here of what it can do. Here's one last 'after' picture from the front:

Some last notable details about this mascara's performance are that it lasted throughout the day without problems and came off fairly easily with soap and water. It's a nice mascara - just not for me.


Lancome's Hypnose Drama Full Body Volume Mascara in "Excessive Black" does indeed provide volume and an intense black color to the lashes. Its brush makes application more efficient and its formula provides for long wear-times and stay-put color. It delivers on its claims 100%.

But for me, personally, the scent is much too overpowering and the finish it dries into is way too stiff for my liking. On top of that, I can't justify spending $27 on a mascara, because I feel like there are so many cheaper options that I'm bound to find one that I love enough to consider my hunt for the perfect mascara over.

Even though this mascara isn't my cup of tea, I'd recommend it to those who are looking for volume and definition in a formula that stays where you put it. I would definitely not recommend this mascara if you're sensitive to scents or prefer that your eyelashes remain flexible after application. I also wouldn't recommend this to anyone on a budget.

I'm still happy I got to try it. I always find it fun when I don't agree with the majority. So, if you agree with me or don't, feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, and 'til next time. ('<>')>


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