Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Goddess of the Sea" (LE) [Alluring Aquatic 2014] + Comparisons

Review #2! The second lipstick I picked up from MAC's summer 2014 collection, Alluring Aquatic, is "Goddess of the Sea," a limited edition cremesheen. I was most excited for this lipstick, because I know and love the cremesheen formula and don't own many purple lipsticks.

I have to say, taking pictures for this review was a pain today, because the damn sun kept dipping in and out of the clouds. For a while I thought all the pictures I took would be of awful quality due to the darkness in my room. Hopefully you won't find them too disappointing, haha.

Moving along.

Name: Goddess of the Sea
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $17.50*
Finish: Cremesheen

*Because the Alluring Aquatic products feature limited edition packaging, they cost $1.50 more than typical. In this case, a lipstick costs $17.50 rather than the usual $16.00.

In case you missed my previous review for "Pet Me, Please," let's take yet another moment to appreciate the special limited edition packaging that costs $1.50 extra:

Yes, the water droplets are part of it. Pretty.

On their website, MAC describes "Goddess of the Sea" as a "dark vibrant violet." I literally just Googled what "violet" typically is and it says a "bluish purple." This color is a reddish purple. I do agree, though, that it is both dark and vibrant at the same time, which is what makes this color so gorgeous to me. 

"Goddess of the Sea" has a cremesheen finish and, as such, it's moisturizing, creamy (with a thicker formula), has buildable opacity, and is glossy. Since we have a darker color here, it can go on sheerly but is pigmented for the most part regardless.

"Goddess of the Sea" swatches on my hand as it appears in the tube. That may not be evident in the above swatch, but that's purely because of the change in lighting (I warned you). In some lighting, "Goddess of the Sea" does appear less red, though not blueish by any means. The color overall is not one you'd expect to see in a summer collection, as it is very fall/winter-ish if you go by makeup guidelines, but I think it suits the sea theme of this collection quite well. I can imagine a mermaid wearing this color. Hah.

The lip swatch above is closer to the reddish purple evident in the tube. Above, it almost borderlines on being a berry color. It's just so, so pretty. I feel like this picture best captures how the color is both dark yet vibrant. The glossy cremesheen finish aids in that. Speaking of which, this color in particular of the cremesheens I own is especially creamy and comfortable to wear, due to its lack of shimmer particles (I notice many of my cremesheens have shimmer, oddly enough).

I think this color will look great on a variety of people, and especially love how it looks against my skin. In the full-face pictures above and below, I only have "Goddess of the Sea," foundation, and mascara on. It really holds its own, and is another color I feel like I can get away with wearing casually because of that.

Before I organize my final thoughts, I have a comparison to share with you, as I did for "Pet Me, Please." This comparison, however, will not prove to be very helpful for most of you, as the lipstick that "Goddess of the Sea" reminds me of - another MAC lipstick - is also limited edition from a collection that launched months ago: MAC's Huggable Lipcolour lipstick in "Commotion." Oh, and they aren't dupes, may as well throw that out there.

LEFT: Goddess of the Sea
RIGHT: Commotion

"Commotion" is absolutely gorgeous, and I will have to review it despite the fact that its availability is nearly nonexistent at this point because it is so gorgeous. Above, "Commotion" appears darker and more berry-toned in the tube than does "Goddess of the Sea." This is misinforming, however, as the Huggable lipsticks have a radically different formula from the typical MAC lipsticks - cremesheen or not - so the swatches below may come as a bit of a surprise:

LEFT: Goddess of the Sea
RIGHT: Commotion

"Commotion" is much brighter and redder/borderline fuchsia compared to "Goddess of the Sea." They are, as far as I'm concerned, completely different colors. I won't even go into how vastly different the formulas are. I'll save that for when I write reviews for the Huggable Lipcolour lipsticks. Still, I wanted to share this comparison because "Goddess of the Sea" does share similar hints of color with "Commotion," and those that enjoy "Commotion" as I do may very well want to pick up "Goddess of the Sea" as well.

Overall, "Goddess of the Sea" is a beautiful reddish purple that is both dark and vibrant, has an exceptional cremesheen formula that leaves lips soft and glossy, and - although it may not be the expected summer color - is flattering enough to be worn day or night, regardless of the season. It is my favorite of the two lipsticks I picked up from MAC's Alluring Aquatic collection.

"Goddess of the Sea" is a limited edition color that is already sold out on MAC's website, but if it seems like the kind of color you'd enjoy to have (in such pretty packaging, too), then keep an eye out this week as it'll be releasing online for Nordstrom (tomorrow the 19th, in fact) and Macy's, and will be available in MAC stores this Thursday, the 22nd.

Thanks so much for stopping by, as always. 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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