Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Pet Me, Please" (Frost) (LE/Repromote) [Alluring Aquatic 2014] + Comparisons

Hi again! Yesterday, I posted a sneak peak of the products I purchased from MAC's summer 2014 collection, Alluring Aquatic, and I mentioned that I would get the reviews up for the lipsticks as soon as possible. Well, today is the day! I'll be starting with the lipstick that I tried out first, "Pet Me, Please."

"Pet Me, Please" was released once before with MAC's 2010 Fabulous Felines collection. I was not even using makeup at the time, so I can't comment on that collection or the performance of the original "Pet Me, Please." I simply want to point out that this color is not brand new, though it is limited edition once again.

"Pet Me, Please" is the second lipstick I purchased from MAC in the frost finish, and I was reluctant to purchase it originally because of that. I haven't reviewed my first frost-finish lipstick but, in a nutshell, it can feel quite drying on my lips, which sucks since I'm not a fan of layering lipsticks. I was afraid "Pet Me, Please" would follow suit.

Thankfully I was in for a pleasant surprise!

Name: Pet Me, Please
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: 17.50*
Finish: Frost (thin, frosty, borderline metallic)

*Because the Alluring Aquatic products feature limited edition packaging, they cost $1.50 more than typical. In this case, a lipstick costs $17.50 rather than $16.00.

Let's just take a moment to admire the packaging, since it cost us $1.50 extra.

It's pretty though, don't get me wrong. I like it!


MAC describes "Pet Me, Please" as a "light, shimmering mauve." When I think mauve, I think gray-ish purple, so while I don't find MAC's description far off, I do feel that, in my eyes, "Pet Me, Please" also has hints of brown. That's what makes the color a fairly neutral one to wear.

As I took these pictures, other colors in my collection came to mind, but I'm happy to say "Pet Me, Please" is different from all of them, so I don't own anything too much like it. I do have one comparison I want to share with you, but I'll get into that near this review's end.

First, let's talk about this lipstick's finish, as I haven't reviewed this finish from MAC yet: the frost finish. I like the closeup above because it really captures the frost in the bullet itself, which can be intimidating to some. From the two frosts I own, the frost formula can be either drying or comfortable (never quite moisturizing). It is the thinnest formula of those that I tried (with lustres running second), and a formula whose base color is skewed the most due to the light captured by and reflected off of the actual frost. Frost lipsticks are somewhat sheer yet buildable but, obviously, building up the base color means building up the frost, too.

The way the frost can play tricks with light will become evident throughout the pictures in this post. For now, you can see based on the picture above that "Pet Me, Please" swatches fairly closely to the color in the bullet: a brownish mauve. It's a neutral color in the sense that it can, in my opinion, go with a vast amount of looks.

On my lips, "Pet Me, Please" appears a bit paler/lighter and seems to blend in with my lips at times. This is most likely due to two reasons: (1) the way the frost interacts with light ultimately lightens up the color, and (2) my lightly pigmented lips have a tendency to swing between pink and mauve, so my natural lip color does not fall far from the color tree of "Pet Me, Please."

"Pet Me, Please" is the comfortable frost that I own. It does not feel drying and, as you can see in the above full-face picture, it does not make my lips look dry. I think it would look great on tanner skin, and perhaps a bit too pale on those fairer than me (I think I'm NC15). For myself, I find it easy to apply and wear - a very low-maintenance color whose frost adds dimension without seeming inappropriate for, say, work. I get about three hours of wear out of "Pet Me, Please," but it's after some wear-time that it begins to feel drying. I personally don't mind reapplying lipstick every few hours if that means that it's comfortable, so that isn't a problem for me.

Also, for the heck of it, I thought I'd mention that I really loved how "Pet Me, Please" complimented my eye shadow choices yesterday, which were vastly from the Lorac Unzipped palette. For some my makeup may have been too light/pale, but for me the look was close to being "natural," since my lips normally tend to be paler than they are with "Pet Me, Please."

Now for comparisons! Or only one, rather, as I only have one lipstick that I really wanted to compare "Pet Me, Please" to for this review. That lipstick is another MAC lipstick, but from the brand's permanent line: "Pretty Please."

LEFT: Pet Me, Please
RIGHT: Pretty Please

Behold my first ever lustre lipstick from MAC, which I picked up from a CCO in Pennsylvania! Yes, "Pretty Please" was my first lustre-finish lipstick that left me unsure of how I felt about lustres. It's one of the sheerer, frostier lustres. Yes, frostier - hence why this color came to my mind before all the others when I was trying out "Pet Me, Please." Coincidence that they both have the word "please" in them. Pet me, please! Pretty please?

In both pictures:
LEFT: Pet Me, Please
RIGHT: Pretty Please

As you can tell from each lipstick's respective bullet and swatch, "Pet Me, Please" and "Pretty Please" are two completely different base colors: the former is a brownish mauve, and the latter is an icy pink. In fact, stopping there I would say that on some people these would look nothing alike. But for me, then there's this:

"Pretty Please" is very shimmery/frosty compared to other lustres, so in some angles of light it looks like the actual frost you would expect to find in "Pet Me, Please." When it comes to people like me, then, with lightly pigmented lips, I don't see a dramatic difference between the two when I wear them. The following is the same lip swatch of "Pet Me, Please" from earlier, followed by a crappy lip swatch of "Pretty Please" from a picture I took months ago:

Pet Me, Please

Pretty Please

Clearly the two aren't the same, but they both fall into the same overall finish when I wear them: they are both frosty/shimmery, they are both pale, and they both blend well with my natural lip color. One is obviously more moisturizing and glossier than the other - "Pretty Please," as it is a lustre - but both are easy to wear colors for me if I want that "nude" look that translates into "a color that matches my natural lip color well." Both colors do exactly that for me.

Overall, I am really happy that I picked up "Pet Me, Please." It has a frosty finish that isn't overly metallic, it's comfortable on the lips, and it matches my lips in a way that makes it a fuss-free color for any look. It's not my favorite color of all time, but not being a favorite doesn't mean it won't get used a lot thanks to its versatility.

If you're interested in picking up "Pet Me, Please," then you're in luck because even though it's still sold out on MAC's website, Alluring Aquatic should be launching on Nordstrom's tomorrow and will be released in MAC stores this Thursday, the 22nd. Definitely keep an eye out for it, as it is limited edition (and we know how that goes in the makeup world.).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I hope this review was helpful. 'Til next time (which will be soon, as I'm ready to hammer out the next review). ('<>')>


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