MAC's Alluring Aquatic Sneak Peek

Hello! MAC released their summer 2014 collection - Alluring Aquatic - online this past Thursday, and I managed to get the three products I wanted with overnight shipping. So I got my order in the mail yesterday and wanted to post pictures of everything as soon as possible, since much of the collection sold out on the MAC website within an hour or so of going live (typical).

Unlike my previous 'sneak peak' post, which was done for Playland, this one won't discuss comparisons or first impressions. I won't be doing a master post for this collection, either, since I only got three products, of which two are very different lipsticks. There will only be this post with swatches, and then the detailed reviews for each product which will follow shortly after.

My final shopping list included the following: "Pet Me, Please" and "Goddess of the Sea" lipsticks, and "Aphrodite's Shell" Extra Dimension bronzing powder.

As I mentioned before, Alluring Aquatic is MAC's summer 2014 collection. It includes Extra Dimension products, including blushes, bronzers, and eye shadow minis, as well as lipsticks, nail polishes, regular bronzers, lip glasses, eye liners and pencils, brushes, and a small clutch. Who knows, I may have missed something - my point is, this collection has a bit of everything. The products are also a mix of permanent items, brand new limited edition items, and repromoted limited edition items. Of the three items I purchased, all are limited edition, and one is a repromote. 

The main catch with this collection is that the theme - water and swimming - is encompassed into the packaging. The products feature special limited edition packaging exclusive to the collection, which is a reflective aqua blue surface with textured water droplets scattered across. You get a glimpse of that in the picture at the start of this post - yes, even the external packaging you normally throw away is decorated.

If you think that looks pretty, then take a look at a closeup of the packaging itself:

Honestly, when I first saw how the packaging was going to look, I thought it was nice but didn't decide right then and there "I will buy something - ANYTHING - from this collection just to have that packaging!" Now that I have the packaging in person, I will admit that it is indeed beautiful. It's way prettier than in pictures, and obviously unique. It's a conversation piece for sure. The only drawbacks (yes, there are drawbacks) are that it collects fingerprints and it's hard to know what the lifespan of the droplets will be. Will they come off? Will they eventually wear down? Only time will tell. For now, they do give the illusion of a wet surface, which is pretty neat.

Now onto the products I purchased!

Like I said in the introduction of this post, I purchased two of the five lipsticks - "Pet Me, Please" (LE, repromote) and "Goddess of the Sea" (LE) - and one of the two Extra Dimension bronzing powders - "Aphrodite's Shell" (LE). 

LEFT: Goddess of the Sea (cremesheen)
RIGHT: Pet Me, Please (frost)

Aphrodite's Shell

Based off the swatches - which you'll see below - I am really happy with my choices! I've only used "Pet Me, Please" so far, but I can't wait to try the other products, too.

LEFT TO RIGHT: "Goddess of the Sea" lipstick, "Pet Me, Please" lipstick, "Aphrodite's Shell" Extra Dimension bronzing powder.

LEFT TO RIGHT: "Goddess of the Sea" lipstick, "Pet Me, Please" lipstick, "Aphrodite's Shell" Extra Dimension bronzing powder.

I will try to get posts on these products up as soon as possible - well, at least the lipsticks. I only own two bronzers besides "Aphrodite's Shell" because I never care about looking bronzed, so I'm not experienced with using bronzers properly and don't feel like I know enough about them to properly review them. With that being said, I did buy "Aphrodite's Shell" primarily as a product to couple with blushes and highlighters, so when I do get to using it I'll probably write a post regarding its performance in that way.

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat helpful, as brief as it is! Alluring Aquatic should be launching online with Nordstrom this coming Monday, the 19th, and it will be released in MAC stores this coming Thursday, the 22nd, so if any of these products interests you, be sure to keep a lookout for their many releases within the next week or so.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 'Til next time. ('<>')>


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