Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Dodgy Girl" (LE) [Sharon and Kelly Osbourne 2014]

Hi! Tonight is turning out to be exceptionally creepy, and this week is the week that MAC's Sharon and Kelly Osbourne 2014 collection will be launching on more online sites, as well as in stores, so what better time than now to review one of the collection's limited edition lipsticks, "Dodgy Girl"!

I don't actually care about Sharon or Kelly Osbourne, or anything Osbourne-related for that matter. And as for the standard MAC lipstick, I'm indifferent towards the matte formula. Then there's the fact that many of the collection's lip products were either sheer and boring, or light and borderline paste-y. The Patentpolishes were more than I was willing to spend, and I wanted to pick up a lipstick, but I didn't know which one.

Okay, okay - let's step back a moment. MAC's Sharon and Kelly Osbourne 2014 collection is split into two halves: Sharon's collaborated products, and Kelly's collaborated products. Both had pretty face and eye products of which I skipped everything. As for lip products, Sharon had four limited edition colors in the newer Patentpolish formula while Kelly had four limited edition colors in the standard lipstick formula - three mattes and one satin. The satin, and the most wearable color of the bunch, was "Kelly Yum Yum," which I had no interest in because I not only own "Candy Yum Yum" but I own its much more comfortable, glossy counterpart, "Happy-Go-Lucky."

So what I did was settle on the most unique color of the bunch - a matte named "Dodgy Girl" - knowing very well it could possibly clash with my skin tone and/or take added effort to apply. Thank goodness neither happened! =D

Name: Dodgy Girl
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $17.50*
Finish: Matte

*The price is up by $1.50 because of the special limited edition packaging, as per usual.

First, I wanted to give you a closeup of the packaging, since we're spending $1.50 more for it. The packaging for Sharon's products is predominantly red, while that of Kelly's side of the collection is predominantly a pearly lavender, as you can see in the above and below pictures. The items are also branded with their respective Osbourne's signature (I'm assuming it's their signatures). Above you can see Kelly's in the red script.

I personally love the color scheme of Kelly's half of the collection. The lavender accented with red looks really, really pretty. I also love how the bullet of "Dodgy Girl" looks against the packaging, considering that it, too, is a lavender. Speaking of which -

MAC describes "Dodgy Girl" as a "light lavender." At first glance, I would agree with this. But as you'll see later in this post - when I do a quick comparison to another lipstick in my collection - this isn't really a true lavender. That fact is also evident once the product is swatched, which you'll see in just a moment.

Before I go into the color in greater detail, let's talk about the finish: matte. I own maybe three mattes from MAC, excluding this one. It almost ties as my least favorite finish from MAC - with frost potentially being the other contender - but don't misunderstand me: I still don't mind using these formulas. I simply prefer them the least of the finishes I've tried from MAC. Thankfully, "Dodgy Girl" is a fairly well-behaved matte: though it settles into a somewhat dry, matte finish, it applies creamily with very little tugging. It still pools into my lip lines, but it isn't the least bit patchy.

Getting back to the color: swatched on my hand, "Dodgy Girl" is fairly true to what you see in the tube. With that being said, swatching it reveals that it isn't a true lavender. There is a significant pink tone to it - as though it were a pink with a lavender overspray. This may explain the color it leaves behind as a stain:

I've read that "Dodgy Girl" leaves behind a pretty bad hot pink stain, but I didn't notice this on myself. The lip balm on my lips may be one reason for that, but the swatch on my hand before was done over bare skin and what you see in the above picture is the faint stain it left behind several minutes after it was applied. Anyway, bottom line is that there is a lot of pink in the base of this color and, in my opinion, "Dodgy Girl" is more unique because of this.

The color remains unchanged once applied to my lips: it is still a lovely, pink-toned lavender. It takes a few swipes to build the color up to full opacity, but that may perhaps be because of the lip balm I wear under all of my lipsticks - especially mattes. Regardless, I'm not bothered by that.

Obviously this lip swatch isn't as smooth and appealing as the one before it. That's because this picture was taken 15 or so minutes after the color finally settled. Mattes have the potential to not be flattering, and the same is somewhat true for "Dodgy Girl," especially since the only preparation I go through is a simple layer of lip balm. With that being said, this is a very closeup look at my lips in fairly poor lighting. From a normal distance, "Dodgy Girl" appears as a dry matte would, but not particularly off-putting.

As you can see above, "Dodgy Girl"'s drier matte finish does not ruin the overall appearance of my lips. It still looks lovely on and wears well, though I did notice some color fading off the center of my lips while there was the greatest stain left near the outline of my lips.

I wanted to include the above picture without glasses because it was when I took my glasses off that I noticed something quite special about this color: it truly makes the brown of my eyes stand out. It almost clashes with my skin tone, but ultimately doesn't, and the bright pink/lavender tone looks great against my brown eyes. This is what I love most about "Dodgy Girl."

LEFT: MAC's "Dodgy Girl"
RIGHT: Inglot's 281

Before I bring this review to a close, I wanted to show you a comparison I did of "Dodgy Girl" to another lipstick in my collection, Inglot's lipstick in 281. Returning to the lavender debate, you can see above that 281 is a much truer lavender than "Dodgy Girl," though I will say that I much prefer "Dodgy Girl" over 281 as it is more wearable for my skin tone.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with "Dodgy Girl" from MAC's Sharon and Kelly Osbourne 2014 collection. The lipstick's lavender packaging is gorgeous and, more importantly, the lipstick itself is a lovely, unique pink-toned lavender that makes my brown eyes pop. I'm not a huge fan of MAC's matte finish, which is drying and can apply patchily, but "Dodgy Girl" was significantly creamier to apply than other mattes, and not patchy at all. It still felt dry and looked drier than other lipstick finishes on my lips, but what can you expect? A matte is a matte.

"Dodgy Girl" is limited edition, and one of the more popular shades from Kelly's end of the collection.It sold out from MAC's website fairly quickly after it launched this past Monday. It will likely launch on Nordstrom online tomorrow, however, and is set to release in stores this coming Thursday, so keep on the lookout if you're interested in picking up your own tube, or anything else from the collection.

I hope you found this review helpful, and thanks for stopping by. Have a great week! 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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