MAC's Bao Bao Wan Sneak Peek

It feels like forever since I last wrote about a MAC collection. Trust me - they've been coming out and I've still been purchasing things here and there from them - I just haven't been on top of my reviews. To be honest, this Sneak Peek post really feels like a waste of time, because the products I purchased from MAC's Bao Bao Wan collection - the collection's lipsticks - are mostly sold out, both online and at MAC counters.

MAC has this obsession with making limited edition products extremely limited, and I have to say the company's collaboration with jewelry designer Bao Bao Wan was perhaps the most limited collection I've personally experienced to date. First the online release was pushed back, then it magically launched online for retailers that were supposedly not receiving the collection, then people were able to order products before they officially launched at one of said online retailers, then MAC released the collection one day earlier than officially announced on its own site...people were placing phone [pre]orders at counters, counters were sold out before the doors opened, shipments were never received...have I traumatized you yet?

It was insane. The true center of all this chaos was one particular lipstick, "Lavender Jade," which I somehow managed to purchase [over the phone from a store across the country]. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, then, that I don't have the lipstick yet to share with you. I wouldn't even be surprised if it never made it here, LOL.

Anyway, what I do have to share quickly with you today are the collection's other three limited edition lipsticks: "Forbidden Sunrise," "Burmese Kiss," and "Romantic Breakdown." Let's sit back and enjoy those, then, right?

MAC's Bao Bao Wan collection came with, as I mentioned before, four lipsticks total: three mattes - "Forbidden Sunrise," "Burmese Kiss," and "Lavender Jade" - and one lustre, "Romantic Breakdown." I initially planned on only purchasing two lipsticks from this collection, and then three, but because of the mass confusion/hoarding of "Lavender Jade" I ended up with all four.

This is one of MAC's collections with special edition packaging, so each of the lipsticks cost $17.50 and come packed in a box that mimicks the color and design of the lipstick tube itself, shown above.

I don't want to go into great depth with the packaging design - I rather do that when I review whichever lipstick I happen to review first - but I love the packaging. The color is semi-complex and it has a nice, textured feel and weight to it.

The lipstick I was most excited for was "Burmese Kiss" - can you guess why?! Even so, I did greatly anticipate the release of this collection as a whole. The Bao Bao Wan collection was one whose color selection simply appealed to me. While there isn't much of a variety when it comes to finishes, the variety in colors is definitely there, in my opinion.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Romantic Breakdown, Burmese Kiss, Forbidden Sunrise.

I will say most of the colors in this collection - three out of four, to be precise, with "Romantic Breakdown" being the exception - are vibrant, bold shades. For me personally, "Lavender Jade" may be the hardest to pull off, though I can only assume that as I don't have my tube yet.

I guess that's why that this collection stood out to me so much.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Romantic Breakdown, Burmese Kiss, Forbidden Sunrise.

I mean, two out of the three above lipsticks could have been part of Playland! [[Hint, hint.]] Don't you love how I manage to reference Playland when I talk about lipstick shades that I love? That collection will always be a favorite, if not my absolute favorite.

Swatches in bright, indirect sunlight.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Burmese Kiss, Romantic Breakdown, and Forbidden Sunrise.

See how "Burmese Kiss" and "Forbidden Sunrise" have an almost neon quality against my skin? They're absolutely gorgeous. "Romantic Breakdown" contrasts them nicely, too - both in color and finish.

Swatches in dull, indirect sunlight.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Burmese Kiss, Romantic Breakdown, and Forbidden Sunrise.

So, those are the swatches of three of the four lipsticks in MAC's recent Bao Bao Wan collection. Reviews will be coming, as I've already taken the pictures of each of the three lipsticks. "Lavender Jade" is expected to be delivered Thursday, so I'll try to get a quick, short post up for that one, but the full review will be delayed as I'm having all four of my wisdom teeth removed this Saturday, yay.

Also, stay tuned for full reviews of the few products I picked up from MAC's Cinderella collection, which launched within the same time-frame as Bao Bao Wan (and added to the chaos). Pictures are ready for that as well so it's simply a matter of me putting the review together.

Lastly, I will sporadically publish posts reviewing collections that have released since The Matte Lip up until now, although they are highly irrelevant at this point. You never know when those reviews will come in handy as reference points, especially when you consider the fact that MAC tends to recycle colors in its many limited edition releases.

With so much to do, I hope I can stay on top of everything! Here's to a speedy recovery after my wisdom teeth are removed, so that my health doesn't interfere with my work output, lol. Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope this was helpful! 'Til next time. ('<>')>


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