Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips (Permanent & Limited Edition)

Hi everyone! Tinted, moisturizing lip products have become my absolute favorite lip products to use, and drugstore brands including CoverGirl, Maybelline, Revlon, and L'Oreal all have their own versions. I have to say, though, that my favorite has to be Baby Lips by Maybelline. I've been using them nonstop since I stumbled upon them back in July, and was excited to get a hold of one of the new limited edition dual packs. So today I am happy to be reviewing those from the permanent line that I picked up as well as the one limited edition pack that I managed to find this past weekend in Walgreens.


Net Wt.: 0.15 oz/4.4 g
Price: ~$4-$5
Finish: Dewy/Glossy

From the permanent line, I own the colors/scents Cherry Me (15), Peppermint (10), Grape Vine (20), Peach Kiss (30), and Pink Punch (25). Of the limited edition colors/scents, I own Twinkle (50) and Coral Crush (70).

Baby Lips are advertised to have an SPF 20 and 8-hour moisture that will improve the appearance of lips within 4 weeks. I love that these have SPF, but I must say that they last at most an hour or two before needing reapplication. With that being said, my lips do feel softer after using these regularly.

***NOTE ABOUT LE PACKS: I noticed while shopping for the limited edition packs that the original SPF 20 of the permanent line is up for question. As far as I could tell, there were three dual limited edition packs available, of which three of the six featured colors/scents were new/limited edition shades. They were paired as follows: Quenched and Pink Punch, Coral Crush (LE shade) and Twinkle (LE shade), and Pink Wink (LE shade) and Peach Kiss (this pack was sold out). I only bought the pack with Coral Crush and Twinkle, however I did notice that the pack containing Quenched and Pink Punch - colors/scents from the permanent line - advertise the SPF 20 on the packaging while the pack containing Coral Crush and Twinkle - limited edition shades - did not. In fact, nowhere on the packaging is there any advertisement of SPF:

LEFT: Front of the LE pack containing Coral Crush and Twinkle.
RIGHT: Back of the LE pack where claims, directions, and ingredients are listed.
Still, I am no expert in ingredients and perhaps there may be an ingredient that does serve as an SPF. Additionally, I want to mention that of the seven colors/scents that I have, only Peppermint includes the actual SPF 20 detail on its tube while Cherry Me has a warning that lists the active ingredients of Octinoxate and Octisalate - SPF ingredients - followed by the directions "Apply before sun exposure" on its tube. My other Baby Lips simply say "Apply as needed."***

I would classify Baby Lips as tinted lip balms, not only because they are packaged in small tubes like lip balm but because they have a slippery, soft feel on the lips that deposits a much sheerer, transparent color than what appears in the tube. In fact, depending on the pigmentation of one's lips, some of the colors may appear completely clear.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Coral Crush (LE), Twinkle (LE), Grape Vine, and Peppermint.

Of the colors that I have, with the exception of Peppermint, all of the Baby Lips seem to have intended color in the tube, so it can be disappointing when none of that color appears on the lips.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Peppermint, Grape Vine, Twinkle (LE), Coral Crush (LE), Cherry Me, Pink Punch, and Peach Kiss.

The packaging design of these lip balms may come across as childish for some, but I like the bright colors. Each tube has its own color paired with a long, clear cap/cover that has text, including the product name "BABY LIPS" and any additional small print, in a different color. Peppermint is the only exception: its clear cap/cover has an opaque sticker that can be peeled back to reveal drug facts. Removing this sticker will leave behind a completely clear cap/cover. 

CLOCKWISE STARTING FROM THE TOP LEFT: Grape Vine, Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Peppermint, Peach Kiss, Twinkle (LE), Coral Crush (LE).
TOP ROW: Grape Vine, Cherry Me, Pink Punch, and Peppermint.
BOTTOM ROW: Coral Crush (LE), Twinkle (LE), and Peach Kiss.


LEFT: Same arrangement from the picture before from a left angle.
RIGHT: Same arrangement from the picture before from a right angle.
***You can see how Cherry Me and Peppermint are the ones I use most frequently as of now.***
LEFT: Flash.
RIGHT: No flash.
COLORS IN BOTH CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, STARTING AT THE MIDDLE: Peppermint, Twinkle (LE), Peach Kiss, Coral Crush (LE), Cherry Me, Pink Punch, and Grape Vine.


10 Peppermint and 50 Twinkle (LE)
I paired these together because swatched, they both appear clear. Peppermint is clear in the tube and smells like sweet peppermint. I wear this one to bed since the smell relaxes me and I don't have to worry about any color rubbing off on my pillow. Twinkle (LE) is a very light, transparent pink in the tube and smells like gummy bears. On the lips, Twinkle (LE) does seem to add a touch of light pink, but it's barely noticeable.

20 Grape Vine
This is perhaps the most deceiving in the tube of all the colors. Despite its deep plum appearance, Grape Vine is an extremely light, transparent berry color when swatched. It smells like grape candy. On the lips, it darkens my natural lip color slightly.

15 Cherry Me
Now the pigmentation begins. Although the color between tube and swatch is not entirely expected, Cherry Me is one of the more pigmented of the Baby Lips. In the tube it is red and smells like cherry candy - the scent that almost every cherry lip balm sports. Swatched, it is a flushed pink color. On the lips, it appears a pinkish-red. This is my favorite of all the colors because of how wearable it is.

30 Peach Kiss
In the tube, Peach Kiss is a light brown/nude color and it smells like peaches. It is the only Baby Lips I own that also has shimmer. Swatched, it is a shimmery nude. On the lips, it is a somewhat frosty, shimmery nude. This particular nude is not intense and easy to wear. However, I found that with this color I had to apply with a mirror because failing to cover the cupid's bow, for example, can be obvious. Also, when I rub my lips together while this color is on, I notice that a slight line begins to form beneath the two curves of my cupid's bow. This happens because the curves of my cupid's bow do not always reach the bottom lip as my lips press together, thus causing the color to get somewhat pushed beneath those curves. It's hard to explain but bottom line is I try to avoid pressing my lips together when wearing this color.

25 Pink Punch
This is the most opaque of all the colors, as well as the truest from the tube. In the tube and swatched, Pink Punch is a bright pink that smells like fruit punch. On the lips, it keeps its bright pink color, although, since it is still transparent, the pigmentation of one's lips will tone it down a bit. Like Peach Kiss, this color is best applied with a mirror due to its higher opacity.

70 Coral Crush (LE)
Last on the list is Coral Crush (LE), which is a true orange in the tube and smells like orange juice. Swatched, it is a more tangerine color. On the lips, due to its transparency, it is a pinkish-orange, or coral, color. Although corals seem most suitable for spring, I feel that this one can work year-round due to how sheer it is and how well it blends in with one's own lip color. I can see myself wearing this one as often as Cherry Me in the future.


I really love these lip balms. Though I prefer some colors over others, I know that I will use the seven that I own because of how moisturizing they are for my lips and because I find all of the scents to be quite pleasant. They are also very affordable considering how much product you get.

 I would not recommend this product if you are expecting a thicker, waxier texture and more opaque, true-to-tube colors. I would also not recommend this product if you are sensitive to scents or hate reapplying every couple of hours.

I would recommend this product if you like softer, dewier textures, enjoy scented lip products, and don't mind reapplying often. I would also recommend this product if you are looking for a tint of color appropriate for casual wear.

Until next time! ;)


Are you a fan of Maybelline's Baby Lips? What colors/scents do you own?


  1. Hi! I have the 'Pink Punch' color, but I apply mine a bit darker. It becomes a really cute, kind of Barbie pink. I love Baby Lips. I would like to get the 'Coral Crush' color except it's limited edition. There is one thing I'm trying to figure out though.. In a magazine there was an ad for Baby Lips, it said "Now in Coral Crush!" with a picture. I just didn't see Coral Crush as one of the shades on The magazine was recent, so the ad being outdated couldn't have been the problem. If the color is still limited edition and isn't a permanent color, then maybe they don't show limited edition shades online.. I'm just so confused.. What could be the problem?

    1. Hello! :) Yay for being the first comment on my blog, haha. xD Anyway, I'm not sure if you follow the blog Nouveau Cheap, but G (the blogger) posted about exactly this - whether or not Coral Crush was being added to the permanent line. It was because of an ad in a magazine, too. There's been more discussion about this however and in a more recent post of hers she writes about a total of 5 Baby Lips LE shades, of which Coral Crush is one. I'm not sure if it will eventually become permanent, but I think for now it's only limited edition, in which case it will probably never make it to the Maybelline website. If it *does* turn out to be part of the permanent line, though, then it may be a while before it's added to the regular Baby Lips info page.

      In any case, here's the post in case you want to read more: . Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :)

      ~nikki ('<>')>

  2. hi umm.. i have pink punch and pepermint i luv those im just wondering do the eltro babylips r they good for u and y do they call them eltro is it bad to use it in da rain?

    1. I don't own any of the Electro Baby Lips so I don't know how their performance varies from the originals. However, I have viewed other bloggers'/YouTubers' thoughts on the Electro line and it seems pretty unanimous that the line carries more pigmentation, which would best explain the use of the term "Electro" (for "vibrant color").

      Thanks for stopping by~