Hey all - I just wanted to quickly post that I'll be going to IMATS here in NY tomorrow, April 6, 2013.  It's like...the only thing that I've looked forward to happening in NYC. *Ha.* I probably seem so boring to those of you that think NYC is an amazing place to be.

Anyway, I will be buying stuff, but not a ton because I have important things to save for. With that being said, I'm REALLY excited about going (though seriously dreading the crowds...ugh) and will be bringing my camera for pictures. I hope I get to meet some of the beauty gurus I watch daily, especially Emily (emilynoel83)! In fact, I bought my ticket months ago just because I heard she was going. =P

I also have to write my post on the new Sakamoto Maaya CD..ahh! I have the pictures done and ready but I've been so...I don't know...busy, I guess. I want to write a post about my skin problems too (the chapped lips are gone, as I said in another post, but now I have dermatitis spreading across my face from who-knows-what) since I've finally gone to a dermatologist. There are just so many things I want to write about! =/

So stay tuned, and I hope that any of you that are going tomorrow have a great time. And for those of you that aren't, look on the bright side - at least you won't be in a MOB of people (I hate being around a lot of people)! If I didn't care for the discounts that will be at IMATS so much, or about meeting some of my favorite YT gurus, I would have NEVER even thought about going, haha.

Cheers! ('<>')>


Are any of you going to IMATS NY 2013? Have any of you ever gone to IMATS?

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