Happy Birthday Sakamoto Maaya! ^_^

It's just past midnight here in NYC, and already the 31st of March in Japan, and I want to wish a happy, wonderful birthday to my favorite singer, Sakamoto Maaya.

I wonder if she is overwhelmed today - touring for her brand new album, composed completely by her - another amazing and well-deserved accomplishment (which, yes, I will be writing about soon).

If I could ever talk to her I'd tell her thank you: thank you for being part of so many creations that have managed to encapsulate numerous personal memories - both big and small - in my life. Thank you for bringing me company during both moments of happiness and those of stress and sadness, and thank you for giving me days where I am unable to control my excitement over the arrival of another CD of yours.

I am so glad I discovered you over a decade ago, and your music has been a big part of my life ever since. So thank you, and may this birthday be followed by many, many more.

~nikki ('<>')>

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