Kellogg's Family Rewards and Nicole By O.P.I. Nail Polishes

Hi all. This wasn't planned at all, but receiving a certain package in the mail definitely helped with the fact that I'm on a no-makeup period for the next week and a half or so. Which, I may add, really, really sucks, especially since Mother Nature is finally being kind towards the hell that is NYC (today was perfect) and bright pink would look that much prettier in the sunlight.

But my skin continues to be a bitch, and tests haven't helped thus far, so I have taken measures into my own hands. No makeup and fingers crossed for my dermatitis rash to resurface regardless...

So the picture above probably makes it clear that I'm going to be talking about nail polishes, but aren't you curious where I got them?! Maybe, maybe not - but if your answer is the former (or if you just want a closer look at them!), then keep reading. :)

I've never mentioned this before, but one of the methods I use to curb my cravings for sweets is Kellogg's Special K Cereal Bars. No, Kellogg's is *not sponsoring this post* lol. Who the hell would sponsor a post for someone with no followers anyway? xD I just happen to love their Chocolatey Pretzel cereal bars (and the Red Berries ones too).

Now, Kellogg's has this...I don't rewards program, or something, where you enter codes found on the packaging of their products onto their website for points towards rewards. I never bothered with these codes until I picked up a box of cereal bars with pictures of nail polishes on them, and read the details on the back.

Kellogg's was (is, still, as of now) giving away free (more on that later) Nicole by O.P.I. nail polishes - one for three of the aforementioned codes, and three for eight of said codes. I figured, what the hell, I'll post my codes since I go through so many boxes of cereal bars anyway. And that's what I did.

I want to first say that the nail polishes are a reward for specific codes - 'nail polish' codes (which are pretty much codes in any given box of Kellogg's product that advertises the nail polish reward on it). I found this out when I bought a box with no nail polish advertisement, submitted the code, and saw that it didn't apply towards the nail polish reward. Just putting that out there for those of you who are perhaps just buying enough Kellogg's products for the nail polishes. Which could very well be the case for anyone that collects nail polishes, since the three reward polishes are colors exclusive to Kellogg's.

I was pretty excited when I saw the little box arrive in the mail today!

The address the box was shipped from.

It was a plain white box, and big enough to fit the polishes (no excess packaging here):

The box from the back.

Opening the box revealed another box wrapped in this...weird cloth-thing. This is a first for me, in terms of secure packaging for fragile shipments, haha. It worked though!

One last boring picture of the packaging, I promise! The next picture is that of the box within the shipment box. It has the Nicole by O.P.I. label on it and windows to the three polishes inside.

Okay, now for the nail polishes.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: "Challenge Red-y," "Pros & Confidence," and "Be Ama-zing!"

Before getting into close-ups of each bottle, I want to mention one last thing about the codes and this specific reward. If you decide to stop at three codes for one polish, then just know that you will only have one choice from the three colors. I don't know if the designated color differs between people, but for me the color was the first of the three bottles in the above picture, "Challenge Red-y." 

Onto the close-ups of each color and its name as it appears on the sticker beneath each bottle -

"Challenge Red-y"

"Pros & Confidence"

"Be Ama-zing!"

First off, I think it's slightly cute how each of the names refers to challenges, either directly or indirectly (i.e. motivational phrases).

The colors, as you can probably tell by the above pictures, are fairly simple. They are all creams in colors that I'm sure most nail polish lines have their own versions of. "Challenge Red-y" is a true red (to my eyes, anyway), "Pros & Confidence" is a teal that leans more blue than green, and "Be Ama-zing" is a deep pink/toned-down fuchsia.

This isn't a full review of the product so I can't comment on whether they are worth it or not, especially since I've never tried any polishes from the Nicole by O.P.I. line. With that being said, for someone like me who (a) has been buying Kellogg's products since before the polish rewards were around and (b) doesn't have any of these colors due to a fairly simple nail polish collection, these polishes are worth it because, well, then they're free. Especially worth it if you love nail polishes and meet the criteria of (a) alone. Because if you don't purchase Kellogg's products with the intention of eating and enjoying them, then the polishes are essentially not only not free, but cost more than the average retail price for three Nicole by O.P.I. nail polishes. 

Well..that may or may not be true. I've only calculated that based on my cereal bar purchases. One box of cereal bars retails for roughly $3.70 - can be found for less or more. Eight codes means eight boxes, which would total to roughly $30. One Nicole by O.P.I. polish retails for about $8, so three would total to $24. Hence my reasoning.

Otherwise, I can only say go and get them if you love this line of polishes and collect the colors since, again, they are Kellogg's exclusive. Then spending $30-ish on three polishes that should really cost about $24 wouldn't be a big deal.

So, that's it. How to get the polishes, what the polishes look like, and whether they are worth the effort or not - that just about sums up this post. I hope it was helpful (or at least interesting).

Thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time. ('<>')>



  1. So, no charge for shipping? Nice post.

    1. Hello! That's correct; shipping was free. I just had to put in my shipping info. :) Glad you enjoyed this post!


  2. Gosh, I am so late in the game for this and apparently can't find anymore of those specially-marked boxes with the OPI nail polish at this point in time. I was wondering if you still happen to have some codes left and would be kind enough to share them with me. I really want that shade of blue! Please email me at if you do! Thank you for your time and great post; it's so detailed.

    - Becca C.

    1. Hi Becca :) I will definitely send codes your way if I happen to get any - but back when I wrote this post, I was working for a different job where I had a short lunch break and no (decent) fridge, so these cereal bars were my go-to lunch item. My new job provides lunch and I'm also trying to eat better, so I haven't purchased any Kellogg's products in a while. ;_;' I haven't browsed their snacks either, so I can't even say I've seen this reward advertised around lately...I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful! T_T


  3. The cereal box says the promotion runs until October. However, about a week ago I had entered code 4 and was told I needed one more code for the 5 deal. So I type in code 5 and then it says offer expired! I guess it wasn't meant to be on this end but I'm glad to see someone actually got them.

    1. Hi Valerie! That REALLY sucks. It could have at least told you at code #4 or something lol x_x As it's been so long since I did this offer, I can't even say I remember any details about it - like when it expires (or expired, I suppose). On the bright side, the colors aren't terribly unique or anything - especially since they're all creams. Anywho, thanks for your comment. :)