Lips: Yet Another Maybelline Color Whisper in "Sienna Sands" (Summer 2013 [LE?])

The product being reviewed in this post was purchased by me with my own money. The opinions stated further are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with the brand featured in this post. 

This post sucks for those of you that hate the Maybelline Color Whispers and are sick of everyone talking about them, haha. I do like the Color Whispers for days when I want to wear a lighter-feeling lip product, though I don't make it my goal to own every color, LE or not, from the line. In fact, I almost passed on all four potentially limited edition colors released in the Summer 2013 collection: "Nude Shimmer," though a pretty light pink in the tube, was sure to turn up clear on the lips (think "Twinkle" from the Maybelline LE Baby Lips), "Ravishing Pink," my initial choice, looked far too similar to the already-permanent "Lust for Blush" (and after a previous experience with LE Maybelline lip products, I passed), "I Crave Coral" just didn't interest me at all, and "Sienna Sands" was interesting but I wasn't sure if it was worth buying.

In the end, I did decide I wanted to own "Sienna Sands," the color this post is dedicated to. If you're interested in my thoughts on the Color Whispers in general, view my initial Color Whisper post here and, for more swatches of other colors, view this post.

As I already stated, I'm not sure if "Sienna Sands" (265) is limited edition or not, since there was no LE label on it. I assume it is only because it is part of a seasonal collection, but don't take my word for it.

LEFT: "Sienna Sands" closed.
RIGHT: Bottom of the tube with the color name and number. 

"Sienna Sands" is appropriately named, as it is a sienna brown in the tube with an almost bronze look that would work well for the summer. It almost looks like it has a golden metallic sheen to it, but close inspection of the product (and swatches) reveals that it actually has golden glitter.

A few swipes of the product.

I do like the color, but I'm not a huge fan of glitter! Here are a few more pictures that show the amount of glitter in this lipstick:

It definitely gives that bronze glow to the product but, unfortunately, once the product wears off, all that's left behind is gold glitter, and I'm not a fan of glittery lips.

After the swatch is wiped off - you can somewhat make out the glitters it leaves behind.

On my lips, "Sienna Sands" is pretty true to color, albeit sheerer.

The bronze-y sparkly look is quite lovely in the light, as you can see in the following picture (though I'm using my lamp as a substitute for sunlight):

You can see the glitter a bit better in this lip swatch because of my lamplight. 

So yes, I find that the bronze-y brown color is flattering on my lips despite the amount of glitter. I will also note that the glitter is, for the most part, undetectable on the lips - the product still feels smooth and creamy (though there will be the occasional grit here and there).

I guess I'm torn on "Sienna Sands." I like the golden effect but hate the glittery "afterlook," haha. I'd say check it out if you already know that you enjoy the Color Whisper formula and can tolerate glitter (definitely do if you like the added sparkle), but pass if you don't care much for glitter or aren't blown away by the Color Whispers. I can't name dupes of the color off the top of my head but it doesn't look spectacularly unique to me.

Hope this review was helpful, and thanks for stopping by. 'Til next time. ('<>')>


Have you tried any of the Summer 2013 Color Whispers? If not, is "Sienna Sands" on your list?

The product in this post was purchased by me with my own money. The opinions stated are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with the brand featured in this post. 

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