Lips: MAC's "Fleur D'Coral" (LE) [A Fantasy of Flowers 2014] + Comparison

Hello! I'm finally here with the last of the reviews for the lipsticks I bought from MAC's February collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. Then all I have left to review from this collection is a blush!

Today was one of those days that I can't stand, where even though I slept more than enough the previous night, I'm still exhausted. I ended up napping from 6 until after 8. That's why this review is going up so late in the day...what a waste though!

On the bright side, the lipstick I have for review today is "Fleur d'Coral," my unexpected favorite from the A Fantasy of Flowers collection. That's not to say it's the easiest color to use, but yeah - it's undoubtedly my favorite!

Name: Fleur d'Coral (7L*)
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $16
Finish: Lustre (glossy, creamy, lightweight)

*I've read online that the number at the bottom of the tube is the botany code of the flower that the color name corresponds to.

On the MAC website, "Fleur d'Coral" is described as a "pale creamy peach." I've purchased another lipstick from MAC that was described as a peach, and I have to say that while that one fell short of my expectations for what "peach" is, "Fleur d'Coral" is exactly what I hoped for. It's an almost pink-y orange creamsicle color - a pastel, like other lipsticks in this collection.

The creamy and hydrating lustre finish of "Fleur d'Coral" allows it to either wear more pink or more peachy-orange, depending on how much is applied (or how much lip balm on your lips to dilute it). Because it is a lighter color, I sometimes have to work with it to avoid highlighting my lip lines. But, with that being said, it doesn't take much effort to correct the problem - in fact, a few minutes after application is sometimes all it takes for the lipstick to fix itself as it settles into place.

In the above picture, "Fleur d'Coral," a buildable lustre, swatches pretty close to the tube. Like the other colors in this collection, there are tiny shimmers that are undetectable on the lips, which give the color dimension in sunlight especially.

As you can see above, "Fleur d'Coral" can pull somewhat pink, especially being combined with my naturally light pink lips. But this seems to be affected by lighting as well, as you'll see in the following picture:

These pictures were taken on the same day within a 10 minute span of time. The camera simply caught the light in a manner that changed the color of...well...everything. I don't look so pale in the second picture and "Fleur d'Coral" looks more on the peachy side!

FACE: Physician's Formula Organic Wear CC Cream in "Light"

I've been wanting to wear lighter colors, and "Fleur d'Coral" fits the bill beautifully. Paler colors - especially pastels - can look terrible on my lips since they're not perfectly smooth, or clash harshly with my skin tone if the colors are too opaque. The lustre finish gives "Fleur d'Coral" the transparency that makes it wearable, and is hydrating enough that it doesn't emphasize my lip lines more than they emphasize themselves (haha). In fact, it makes my lips look smoother.

I love this color!

On another note, one of the reasons this review was delayed was because I was waiting to take a picture of this lipstick swatched  against a NYX one that it reminded me of. The NYX lipstick is a Black Label lipstick called "India," and I decided to buy it after watching a YouTuber I'm subscribed to using it all the time. Let's just say this lipstick and I didn't work out very well.

LEFT: NYX Black Label Lipstick in "India"
RIGHT: MAC's "Fleur d'Coral"

While both colors may look fairly similar in the above picture, and are indeed pastels, "India" is way pinker than "Fleur d'Coral" and, like all of the Black Label lipsticks I've tried thus far, has a rather opaque finish. In short, "India" is one of the pastels I spoke about earlier that look terrible on me.

LEFT: "Fleur d'Coral"
RIGHT: "India"

The differences in the two colors show up more - at least when photographed - swatched onto my hand. Above, you can see the "India" is much pinker. This difference is evident on my lips as well, but the camera doesn't capture it well. The following lip swatches may actually fool you into thinking "India" is a decent dupe, but I don't think this is true.

NYX's "India" (for the most part - read paragraph below for more information)

I originally tried putting "India" on the left half of my mouth (the right half of the above picture) and "Fleur d'Coral" on the right, but the thinner formula of "India" actually led to it bleeding into "Fleur d'Coral." So, for the most part, the above picture is me wearing "India." I also took the picture from an angle that would emphasize more of the left (again, the picture's right) half of my mouth so that the pure color of "India" would be in focus.

MAC's "Fleur d'Coral"

As for the above picture, I'm only wearing "Fleur d'Coral." I took a picture wearing it again so that the two would be taken on the same day, in the same kind of lighting. So yeah, not dupes, but I am happy that I have a lipstick in the same color family that works so well on me!

Overall, "Fleur d'Coral" is a beautiful pink-y creamsicle peach that, thanks to the lustre finish, works wonderfully on my skin tone and actually makes my lips look smoother despite the pastel color. It has a glossy finish and keeps my lips hydrated, so even on days when the color becomes a bit difficult to work with, it's still workable. Of the four lipsticks I purchased from A Fantasy of Flowers, "Fleur d'Coral" definitely ranks first as my favorite.

April is already less than a week away, so I don't even know what the availability of this color is anymore, and I apologize for that. But if you love milky, peachy pastel colors and have had difficulty getting them to not look terrible on you, I'd definitely grab "Fleur d'Coral." This was the first lipstick I've ever even thought about backing up. I didn't actually buy a backup, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning the fact that I considered it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope you found this review helpful. 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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