Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Rose Lily" (LE) [A Fantasy of Flowers 2014]

Post #2 of the day, and of the five reviews total related to MAC's February 2014 A Fantasy of Flowers collection. I have a post with side-by-side swatches of the products I picked up from this collection here, and a review of one of the other lipsticks, "Dreaming Dahlia," here.

"Rose Lily" is the last limited edition lipstick I purchased from this collection, and I purchased it weeks after the collection came out. I've always wanted to wear lighter pinks but most of them either look too chalky or just plain scary. After I thoroughly tested and enjoyed the other three lipsticks I purchased from this collection, though, I decided I might have the same luck with "Rose Lily."

Name: Rose Lily (7P)*
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $16
Finish: Lustre (glossy, creamy, lightweight)

*Briefly, I read online that these numbers (in this case, "7P") are the botany codes for the actual flowers. Though it's interesting to note that, as you can see by the picture of the tube's bottom below, this particular color does not have the code printed onto its sticker. The only reason I know the code is because it's printed on the box it came in. Strange!

"Rose Lily" is described as a "sheer pastel pink" on MAC's website. It is indeed a pastel, almost baby pink that falls on the natural side of baby pinks as opposed to the white-based ones (that always look sickly on me).

This color has tiny shimmers in it, like "Dreaming Dahlia," though this is the case for all of the lipsticks I've purchased from this collection. The shimmer is not at all gritty and adds to the shine of the already shiny lustre finish.

"Rose Lily" is a bit sheerer than "Dreaming Dahlia," but it can still be built up and is definitely noticeable on my lips (do note that my lips are on the less pigmented side). This exact sheerness is what makes this color wearable on me when it otherwise wouldn't be.

As you can see in the above picture, "Rose Lily" is fairly light compared to my natural lip color, but the way it combines with my natural lip color prevents it from looking like bubblegum is plastered across my mouth. The formula is creamy, hydrating, and glossy, like all of the lustre lipsticks I own thus far. I would say that, as is especially the nature of lighter, hydrating lip colors, I get about two to three hours of wear out of this lipstick, though I don't mind reapplying it. With that being said, despite its light/pastel color, I don't notice the lipstick pooling into and emphasizing my lip lines the way some light colors do.

While "Rose Lily" is wearable on me, you can see in the above pictures (and the full-face one that's coming up) that it still isn't as flattering as, say, "Dreaming Dahlia." Regardless of that, "Rose Lily" is the only pastel baby pink I've been able to pull off, and I don't mind working with it. Perhaps it's simply a matter of becoming accustomed to how I look with this kind of a color on.

LIPS: "Rose Lily"

Overall, "Rose Lily" is a sheer baby pink that is moisturizing, glossy, and buildable as are most of the lustre finish lipsticks that I own from MAC. It's the color from the collection that I've had for the shortest amount of time, so for now it's ranked third of the four lipsticks I've purchased in terms of which lipsticks I enjoy most. I would even go so far as to say that it almost ties for second with "Dreaming Dahlia." I have to use it more to determine if that will happen or not, though.

Again, "Rose Lily" is limited edition and may not be readily available anymore, but if you've been wanting a baby pink that doesn't look too harsh or chalky, and has a lovely, glossy finish, I'd say keep on the lookout for this particular shade.

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