MAC's February 2014 Collection: A Fantasy of Flowers

LEFT TO RIGHT: MAC A Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks in
"Snapdragon," "Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

Hi! Lately I've been reviewing (and purchasing) a lot from MAC - mostly lipsticks, which have become my go-to lip products, but some face/eye products as well (okay, more like 4 total in all of those categories combined). You can browse through the reviews I have of MAC products here.

MAC is known for releasing multiple limited edition collections throughout the year, and if you know me from most of my reviews here, I love all things limited edition. As such, ever since I've been following the brand more closely, I've mostly been purchasing from these collections. The first collection I purchased multiple products from was Magnetic Nude, back in December 2013. The collection I've purchased the most products from, however, was their February 2014 collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. That's what this post is dedicated to today.

This is by no means a review of the products I've purchased, but rather a master post summarizing what I've purchased with quick swatches and full-face pictures of me wearing the products. Reviews on each of the mentioned products will be listed at this post's end once they are published.


MAC's A Fantasy of Flowers had multiple eye, face, and lip products. My main target in this collection was the lipsticks, all of which are in the lustre finish. The collection has six lipsticks total and I purchased four: "Rose Lily," "Fleur d'Coral," "Dreaming Dahlia," and "Snapdragon." 

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: "Snapdragon," "Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

Originally I was only purchasing the lipsticks, but after reading a lot of positive reviews on one of the collection's mineralize blushes, "Petal Power," I was curious to see how it looked and decided to check out both of the collection's two mineralize blushes during my visit to the MAC counter. A brief background: all of the blushes I own are from the drugstore, unless they've come with palettes from high-end brands. I don't love blush enough to browse through high-end brands often. "Azalea in the Afternoon," however, was the most stunning blush I had ever seen. I didn't buy it from the counter that day but ended up going back for it in the end.

"Azalea in the Afternoon"

I thought I'd briefly mention that I also decided to buy one of the collection's mineralize skinfinishes. There are a total of two, and both appear to be repromotes from previous collections. I purchased "Perfect Topping," but I actually haven't used it yet and it's the only product being excluded from this post.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Lipsticks in "Snapdragon," "Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

LEFT TO RIGHT: "Snapdragon," "Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

LEFT TO RIGHT: "Snapdragon," "Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

LEFT TO RIGHT: "Snapdragon," Fleur d'Coral," "Rose Lily," and "Dreaming Dahlia."

Blush in "Azalea in the Afternoon."

Blush in "Azalea in the Afternoon."


"Rose Lily," "Dreaming Dahlia," "Fleur d'Coral," and "Snapdragon."
All pictures but the one with "Rose Lily" feature "Azalea in the Afternoon."

I hope that showing the collection's products side-by-side was helpful! Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for individual reviews for all of the products mentioned here. 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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