Eyes: Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara in "Ultra Black"

Hi all! If you can remember way back, I mentioned finding a mascara whose results I was finally satisfied with. Well, this post is a review for that product: the new Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara. Since that's such a mouthful, I'll be referring to it as the FakeOut mascara for short.

I've been using this mascara for well over a month now, and I have to say that of the three (full-size) mascaras I own, this is my favorite by far. I can't say that I'll never try out any other mascaras - because I would like to try more so I can get a better idea of what I like - but I will say that, for now, I am quite pleased with this one.

The Physicians Formula FakeOut mascara is an amped up version of their original Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara and Natural Lash Boosting Mascara, which I've never tried so I can't compare the three. What I can say, though, is that all three pride themselves off being 100% natural origin (as implied by the name) and 70% organic, as is listed on the Physicians Formula website.

As for the FakeOut mascara itself, it's advertised as being the first mascara with 100% natural origin lash extension fibers for lashes so long and full that they resemble false lashes. Well, I don't know if my lashes look fake when I wear this mascara, but read on and take a look for yourself.


Color: "Ultra Black"
Net Wt.: 0.26 oz./ 7.5 g
Price: ~$10 (though mine came with an attached $2-off coupon, so it was ~$8)

The Physicians Formula FakeOut Mascara comes in an odd curvy, reflective red tube. The detailing on the cap makes me think the shape is meant to resemble a leaf, since it's organic and all, but the design makes more sense with the original Jumbo Lash mascara, whose tube is green. I say the packaging is 'odd' because it's wide from the front and slender from the side. Rollover the image below to see the difference:

Rollover me! >:D

More leaves, the line name - Organic Wear - and the company name are on the front side of the tube in reflective green coloring. The back side of the tube has the full mascara name, color, weight, and basic company information, also in green reflective coloring.

As you may have noticed in the hidden picture above, the brush on this mascara is larger than the average brush. Additionally, it has a lot of evenly spaced and sized bristles that almost make it look like some sort of weapon...haha.

In fact, it looks like a spiked club!

Physician's Formula states that the jumbo brush is supposed to help with the false lash effect. I honestly don't know what the correlation is between brush size and end result, and the other two mascaras in the Organic Wear line seem to have identically sized brushes (I could be wrong; I'm simply basing this off the website pictures). However, I will say that while I do like how easy it is to coat my lashes due to the large brush, I don't like how it is as easy to get mascara on the skin around my lashes. Then again, I could just suck at applying mascara, because this isn't the first product with which I've experienced sloppy application.

This mascara is not waterproof, and as far as I can tell there is no waterproof version. I don't think any of the Organic Wear mascaras are waterproof, most likely because they are entirely of natural origin and a good deal organic.


I'm going to start by putting out there that my lashes are pretty long and full on their own (in my opinion). Longer than I thought, actually, now that I own a lash curler that truly curls my lashes. With that being said, I do notice additional length and volume while wearing this mascara, though nothing I would call 'fake' looking.  So the claims are a bit of a hit and miss for me.

Compared to my other two full-size mascaras - the Maybelline Full 'N Soft and Illegal Length Fiber Extensions mascaras - the FakeOut mascara definitely thickens my lashes more. What I notice the most, though, is a ton of definition with this product. It defines the way the Illegal Lengths Fiber Extensions does when I don't wiggle the brush during application. It also leaves my lashes feeling soft, like the Full 'N Soft mascara (the Illegal Lengths makes my lashes extra crunchy). So it has some of the good qualities of these two mascaras and more.

I love that this mascara holds any curl in my lashes. It also lasts from the moment I apply it before leaving for work until I'm home and ready to shower, and I experience no flaking at all when I accidentally rub my eyes.

The following pictures show the before's and after's of my curled lashes:

Curled lashes bare before application. I curled them more after taking this picture, so they'll be curled better in the 'after' below.

Curled ashes after application. 

Here are closeups of my right eye:

Front view of curled lashes before application.
Front view of curled lashes after application.

Angled view of curled lashes before application.
Angled view of curled lashes after application.

LEFT: Side view of curled lashes before application.
RIGHT: Side view of curled lashes after application.

Finally, here's a comparison between my three mascaras. The pictures of the other two are taken from reviews I've already posted on them. I chose to use the angled views because I do realize that in the previous two mascara reviews, my lashes were not as efficiently curled and therefore length differences are not as accurate from the front. I think an angled view provides a more accurate comparison.

LEFT: Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara.
MIDDLE: Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara
RIGHT: Physician's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara.

Again, I wouldn't take the length differences too strongly - I feel that the amount of curl still makes a difference, even at this angle. In any case, you can definitely see how my lashes do look fuller and more defined with the FakeOut mascara. As such, I am definitely happiest with this mascara's end result.


The Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara in "Ultra Black" may not, in my opinion, give my lashes a false lash effect, but otherwise I do find it to give volume, length, and definition to my lashes while holding their curl and staying put all day. It's the mascara I wear most often, so I won't hesitate to say it's my favorite thus far.

It's on the pricier side for drugstore mascara, though only by a couple of dollars, and I do like that it is organic/of natural origin since it is going near my eyes. It's not a preference I have; it's just a bonus. I also find that it comes off pretty well when I shower, so I don't need to pull out the makeup remover wipes for this one!

I would recommend this mascara for anyone seeking a well-rounded mascara in terms of volume, length, and definition...though I know your experience may vary. Don't expect false lashes with this mascara, though, and keep in mind that there is no waterproof formula, so if that's a necessity for you, you may have to skip this one.

I hope you found this review helpful, and thank you always for stopping by! 'Til next time! ('<>')>


Have you tried any of the Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascaras? If you tried many, which have you been happiest with?


  1. Looks very good! Thank you for all the details :)

    1. Hi JellyBelly (haha that's such a cute display name)! I'm glad you found this post helpful, and thank you for the kind feedback. :)

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