Lips: L'Oreal Paris's Colour Caresse Shine Stain in "Pink Rebellion"

Second post for the day, phew! Haha. As I mentioned in my latest few reviews, there have been a ton of new products coming out in the drugstore for 2013. Of the two I was most excited for, one was the Maybelline Color Whisper (reviewed here), and the other was the star of today's post, L'Oreal Paris's Colour Caresse Shine Stain. 

People have been anticipating the release of this product the most of all the new products, I think, since it's said to be a dupe for the way-more-expensive Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain by Yves Saint Laurent. Well, I never tried that product, so I can't comment on any similarities or lack thereof between the two.

I was at first torn about purchasing this product because it's main feature is that it stains and I haven't had much luck with any kind of stain. But the more I passed the display at the Duane Reade I work at, the more interested I became - specifically in the color worn by the display model. It wasn't long before I caved in and bought that exact color, "Pink Rebellion."


Name: Pink Rebellion (189)
Net Wt.: 0.21 fl. oz./6.3 ml
Price: ~$8-$9
Finish: Glossy

L'Oreal Paris's Colour Caresse Shine Stain comes in a tube that, quite honestly, is shaped somewhat like a coffin. I won't go beyond that because there will be pictures to clarify this terrible description in just a bit. The tube is a shiny/reflective golden color with a band near the top that is clear and thus reveals the color of the product inside. For "Pink Rebellion," this band is pink (more on color later).

There is a protruding 'stamp' of sorts at the front of the tube that reads the company name, L'Oreal Paris.

The packaging, in my opinion, is pleasant to look at. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the look of the product and the weight of it. This product feels extremely cheap, as it is so lightweight that holding it is comparative to holding nothing. Maybe L'Oreal was trying to mirror the advertised lightness of the gloss in the packaging...? Ha...

A clear sticker is located at the top of the tube indicating the color name and number.

The wand for this product is interesting because it is fairly short. The sponge-tip applicator is bent and teardrop-shaped.

I don't know how to feel about this applicator. The fact that it's bent makes it easier to apply the product to my lips, but the teardrop shape of the sponge - on my lips, at least - makes application a bit sloppy. This may be because of the product's thinner formula; I'm not sure.

This product has a light, florally scent that is only noticeable during application.


"Pink Rebellion" (189) is a kind of blue-based, almost-baby pink. Sorry if I suck at describing colors, haha.

On the display model, it appears to be a youthful, glowing pink that is slightly lighter than the color in the tube. Swatched on my hand, it appears to be a deeper, more neutral pink than what is in the tube.

There is definite color payoff to this product, but nothing near being opaque. In fact, the more you smooth it out, the sheerer it gets (though it never becomes completely clear). It is also noticeably glossy.

And now for the first test of staining-capability:

It passes! Nothing intense here, but there is clearly a stain left behind - and I wiped the product off only about twenty seconds after applying. I imagine darker shades in the collection will leave more vibrant stains behind.


I am never short of being entertained by products like these, that claim to be master products. In this case, the Colour Caresse Shine Stains are lipsticks (packed with color), lip balms (moisturizing), and lip glosses (glossy) all rolled into one, with long-wear staining to frost the magnificent cake. And they are lightweight, so you get to have all the benefits of all lip products without the heavy or drying feeling that can come with them.

The color on my lips is that same deeper, neutral pink as when swatched on my hand, if not a bit darker due to the pigmentation of my lips . It does not have the opacity of a typical lipstick, but yes, as I said before there is a decent amount of color. That claim is accurate. In fact, layering the product will give a color truer to the tube than a single layer, so it's buildable as well.

Right after application. Rollover to view lips before application. :)

The product is also ridiculously glossy, so that claim is accurate, too. In fact, it has that almost glassy look to it (bordering on greasy for some, I would imagine). I've heard other people say that this product has a matte finish (I'm pretty sure they were talking about this product, but I guess I could always be wrong), but I have no idea how that's possible. It's clearly glossy, especially in the following picture:

I left my hair in this shot for the contrast. :)

To address the lightnessmoisturizing capacity, and staying power of this product, I'll discuss its actual formula. More often than not, products that claim to be long-wearing have the most unexpected formulas. They don't just sit on the lips feeling as dry or slick or creamy as they did during application - they change. This product's formula is no different.

During application, the product feels super slick and watery. It's not gross; it simply feels as if it will evaporate within a few seconds. Within a minute, however, the product becomes a thick, almost silicon-like texture.

I still feel the product on my lips, but it isn't uncomfortable. Rubbing my lips together is the only time the product is completely obvious, because then I feel the two thick layers pressed against each other.When I think lightweight, though, I think of a thinner texture, like the Maybelline Color Whispers. So while this product isn't heavy, it isn't entirely undetectable during wear, either.

Because the product has a thick texture, my lips don't feel dry while wearing it. It's thick enough that even if my lips are a bit chapped, I don't feel the annoying flakes of skin that tend to peek through all other lip products. With that being said, it doesn't heal my chapped lips. It just helps them from becoming worse. Is it moisturizing, then? Somewhat, I guess.

The product's thick texture also helps it feel secure. I never suspect color bleeding, and indeed it doesn't. However, once this product reaches that transformed texture, the color is staying put. That should only be a great thing, but remember how I said before that the applicator was messy? Here is where it becomes a problem.

If you look at the following pictures (and the picture above), you may notice that the curves of my top lip are slightly darker than the rest of my lips. This is thanks to the applicator, which (in combination with the original watery texture) likes to push the gloss to the outline of my lips - especially the tips of the upper curves. Even as the gloss pushes hour through hour, those dark spots remain darker than the rest of my lips, which is annoying.

Now for pictures! Prepare to be impressed by the way this product holds up with time.

Just applied.

After returning from a 1.5 hour walk. Wasn't too windy outside, or as cold as it usually is. In the 40s today.

Awkward angle.

Right before eating dinner.

After dinner.

As you can see, the color fades slightly with time, but it's still there. It also fades evenly (which is why those annoying dark spots are still there, even almost 7 hours later). And it's still glossy! But it is evident in the last picture that eating created more change in the look of the product than any of the 7 hours. In fact, the thick-feeling layer of product did not feel as smooth after eating dinner. As such, I imagine that eating regularly will severely impact the staying power of this product, and its level of comfort on the lips.

Lastly, to give a better idea of the stain, here are some before and after pictures of the back of my hand and my bare lips:

LEFT: After wiping the color off directly after application (same picture as earlier.)
RIGHT: 6.5 hours later.

Bare lips (as seen in rollover earlier.)

After wiping the product off 6.5 hours after application.

The stain is not extremely prominent, but it is there. There is a slight pink tint on the back of my hand, and those annoying dark spots remain at the curves of my upper lip. If you want a more vibrant stain, the darker colors in the line may be a better choice, though I cannot say if darker color does indeed mean better staining power.


The L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse Shine Stains are decent products, and the color "Pink Rebellion" is one that I enjoy wearing. I like that the product feels secure and holds its color well. I don't care much for how light the packaging is, and would have preferred a deeper stain, since the product does wear off evenly. I'm glad the scent fades quickly, as I hate floral scents, but I wish the applicator was different. I also am not a fan of the 'glassy' gloss look. Simply put, I'm indecisive about this product.

I wouldn't repurchase it, but I do find that if I really want a lip product to last throughout my workday, this is the most reliable one in my collection.

I would recommend this product to those who want a long-wearing lip product but are tired of drying formulas. I would not recommend this to those who prefer more natural finishes, opacity, and true lightness in their lip products (well, keep in mind that other colors may be more opaque).

This is a good product, and I'm glad I decided to buy it. It's just not the ideal product for me. Hope this review was helpful, and thanks for stopping by. 'Til next time! ('<>')>


If you've tried any colors from the Colour Caresse Shine Stain line, what are your thoughts on the formula?

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