The IceBlock [9]: Some Updates

While I wait for my camera battery to recharge so I can take pictures for this weekend's reviews, I thought I'd write this update post. They're updates I don't like to think about, but I feel like I owe it to any readers to be on top of things I say in earlier posts, as well as anything that may affect how often I post for some time.

The first is the update that refers to something I spoke about in my previous IceBlock post: over the course of the past week, my 'boyfriend' and I have been in this odd position where, to put it simply, he doesn't know if he wants to stay with me or not. I rather not go into the details, because it has to do with stuff that's happened since 2009, but by the end of this week he said he'll let me know if he wants to stay with me or not. With that being said, if he does leave me, I don't really want that camera that he was going to give me, but I don't like not following through with promises I make on this blog either. And I know I didn't necessarily promise that I would make videos, but I did put that as a possibility for the future, and would hate to let even one person down that may have been looking forward to that change. So, if anything, I'll use the camera I already own to see how making videos works for me, and if the videos get any better and I can save up some money, I'll invest in a better filming camera. That pretty much means my first few or so videos will be really bad quality...which makes me wonder if it's even worth making them, since my pictures will be so much clearer. But whatever, I'll see how it goes.

The next update is the one that may (it's not definite that it will, but just in case) affect how often I post for the time being: my little baby Lola, my pet ferret, got really sick last week and has been in the hospital since Saturday. It's mostly my fault for being an idiot, because I didn't think anything of when she started to drink and pee way more than usual about 3 weeks ago. A week ago on Friday, I let her out of her cage to roam my room while I cleaned it and that's when I saw that she looked thinner. Lifting her confirmed this, as she felt incredibly light, and then after doing the scruff-test, I realized she was dehydrated. We brought her to an emergency hospital and she got some fluids to help her make it through the night, as her official vet was kind enough to squeeze us in for an appointment the following morning (they knew whatever was going on with her was serious). And then on Saturday we found out she had to stay in the hospital to be rehydrated while they ran tests on her. Glucose in her urine told us that she had diabetes, and since then they were testing small increased dosages of insulin on her to see if they could bring her glucose level down to a safe number (ferrets should have glucose levels between 70ish and 130ish, and Lola's was over 500).

They couldn't get her sugar stabilized and told us yesterday that they would have to do an ultrasound on her liver to see if she had any irregularities there, and that if there were any they would have to take a sample and then send the sample off to be tested. Her bill was already up to about $1600 and all of this would cost an additional $500. AND, on top of that, if she had a tumor it would have to be removed, which by then we wouldn't be able to afford, and if she had lymphoma she'd have to go on chemotherapy, which my mom and I already decided against. So it really felt like we were going to have to put her to sleep and I felt like crying at work because I was so sure her liver would have some kind of irregularity and the thought of having to put her to sleep over money killed me.

Well thank God her liver results came back perfectly normal, which confirmed that she definitely only had diabetes and that we would just have to be more patient as the dosage of insulin was raised enough to stabilize her glucose levels (the dosage can't be raised fast because it could put the ferret into a coma). And so I'm grateful...grateful that she has a good chance to make it through and have a longer life. She's only 2 years old and the thought of her living so short hurt me, because she's such a sweet, lovable little ferret. By tomorrow we'll probably know if we can pick her up soon or not.

Oh, one last thing: I've been practicing driving on my mom's car this week and that's something else that went wrong. I was doing fine until my second to last turn before getting home (she let me drive part of the way home from the subway after work): I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't straighten myself out and instead of breaking so I could, I pressed the gas and crashed into a park car. I don't like using the word 'crash,' to be honest, because when I think of a crash, I think of shattered glass and deep dents in the bodies of the involved cars. My 'crash' only scratched the side of my mom's car. Still, it scared the crap out of me, made me feel horrible, and now I really don't want to drive. No one except my mom and, well, anyone who reads this knows this this little accident happened, and I did much better during my lesson today, but I still don't really want to drive.

This week has just been nothing but disaster. I can only hope the next is better...


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