On Packaging Eyeshadow & Cherry Culture Open Box!

Hi everyone. :) This post is (mainly) an open box of a small order I placed with Cherry Culture.

I normally don't post about purchases, but I guess what convinced me to do it this time was the way my order was packaged.

After placing an order with Sephora for an eyeshadow single and receiving instead an obliterated, powdery mess, I formed an opinion about ordering eyeshadow online: don't do it. But I've had two separate experiences (this being one of them) and decided it's not shipping eyeshadow that's a's Sephora.

(Sorry to those of you who like Sephora! This is just my opinion which may very well be ignorant since it's based on a single past experience.)

So, Sephora, considered the next part of this post a dedication to you. And for anyone who happens to read the rest of this post, hope you enjoy my open box! :)


I'm not sure if Cherry Culture packaged my order this way because of the nail polish I ordered or because of the eyeshadow. I do know, however, that when I ordered lipsticks from them in the past, my order was not as securely packed.

Anyway, picture time:

Look at that! And if it doesn't look oddly snug enough, it gets better.

It literally lifted out of the box and held it's shape, that's how well it was packed.

Excuse the white box - paint skills to remove my address. ;)
It's crazy how many times they wrapped it in that weird, net-looking paper. My iPod Touch gives an idea on how large the packing actually was.

And now for the proof that this packaging was successful. Product #1 - the eyeshadow:

NYX's Trio Eye Shadow in Golden/Rust/Walnut Bronze.
Not a single crack. Not even a light dusting of powder. You'd expect most, if not all, makeup companies - especially the big, well-known ones - to be able to pack powders well enough that they arrive looking as flawless as these eyeshadows. My other experience was when I bought a 120 color palette off ebay, which arrived in perfect condition (though the seller did mention some damage could occur).

My Sephora order was wrapped in thick paper and bubble wrap, but it wasn't packed tightly. I think that may be the reason why the shadow arrived shattered so completely that powder was dusted throughout the bubble wrap.

Anyway, I guess the worst part of my Sephora experience was that I was willing to receive a replacement, but they had none, and they said they would refund me for the shadow (which was only $3 on sale) but not for the shipping ($5, roughly).

So I never bought from them again.


I already showed a picture of the eyeshadow I ordered, but I will include one other picture here with the rest of the products I purchased.

The same NYX Trio Eye Shadow from above, but closed.

Jordana Easyliner Retractable Lip Pencils in "Tawny" (bottom) and "Sedona Red" (top).

L.A. Girl's Polka Dot Nail Art Collection kit in "Spotty Dotty." 

A closeup showing why I purchased the L.A. Girl's dotting kit: the dotting tool.

And last, but not least, the much-coveted China Glaze nail polish in "It's a Trap-eze!" from the new Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection.

That's it for my Cherry Culture open box! Reviews for these products won't be coming up for a while, since I have other products I've been testing for some time now and still need to review. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, though, and maybe even my small rant on packaging powders. :P

Thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time. ('<>')> 


Have you tried any of these products? And if you've had any experiences similar to mine on receiving products damaged during shipping, feel free to share! :)

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