Nails: Sinful Colors "Green Ocean"

The product being reviewed in this post was purchased by me with my own money. The opinions stated further are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with the brand featured in this post.

"Green Ocean" was my first polish from Sinful Colors, an affordable polish brand in the drugstores retailing for about $2, and I will say now that I bought it the second I spotted it because of how many people love it. Apparently this color comes every year in a small St. Patrick's day display, so while it isn't necessarily limited edition, it isn't readily available year-round like permanent shades.

I don't know how to describe the packaging for this brand really, so I'll let my pictures do most of the describing. What I will say, though, is that the cap is black and the bottle carries a total of 0.5 fl. oz./ 15 mL of product.

Front of the bottle.

The front and back of the bottle contain basic information, and the bottom of the bottle has the color name and number.

Back of the bottle.
Bottom of the bottle with the product name and number.

Onto the color now. "Green Ocean" (220) is a ton of blue-ish, green-ish, holographic-ish glitter and shards/flakes suspended in a green-tinted base, which goes on clear. It's a polish you buy for the sparkles!

Isn't it pretty?

I wanted to love this polish - I really did - but mine was extremely thick and goopy, and while I'd have no problem with that if it didn't affect application too much, it ultimately ruined my manicure. Before I get into that, let me first show some pictures of my nails when they were complete - before disaster struck.

For my nail swatches, I wore this over Maybelline Color Show's "Lustrous Lime," an LE from the Maybelline spring 2013 collection.

1 base coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, 2 coats of Maybelline Color Show "Lustrous Lime," a coat of "Green Ocean," and a topcoat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine.

The polish gives a nice blue glow to "Lustrous Lime," and I actually liked the two together quite a bit. But here's where everything went wrong.

The thick texture of "Green Ocean" made it hard to lay down specifically the flakes/shards in the polish. Even worse was the fact that while the polish seemed dry enough after 10 or so minutes, it must not have been, because after applying my topcoat and letting THAT dry, and then waiting a good 20 or so minutes before washing my hands, my nails smudged entirely on one hand as I lightly dried them with a towel. I was beyond frustrated when I saw that happen, and was literally able to tear off the entire nail's worth of color like soft skin - that's how fragile it was.

I lend this completely to the thick texture of the polish. I don't think it really dried enough, even after 10 minutes, and I don't think I could have the patience to wait longer - however long necessary to let it fully dry.

Additionally, though this may be a problem unique to the color of "Lustrous Lime," the glitter/flakes of "Green Ocean" sometimes looked pink at certain angles - almost as if my nail polish was flaking off. Take a look:

See that dark tan/pink triangle on the right edge of my thumb? It looks like a chip, doesn't it?

But it's really just a shard in a different angle of light.

Like I said, the glitter/flakes may look nicer on a different polish color, so I don't want to consider this a 'personal' negative for "Green Ocean." But even with that aside, the formula has me extremely disappointed.

I don't know if a thick, goopy texture is characteristic of "Green Ocean," or if my bottle is just a bad pick. Perhaps I'm using it wrong? Please let me know in the comments below if that's the case! I want to grab for this polish, but I just can't get past the texture and the drying time that comes with it.

Overall, I can't recommend this polish. Mine may be a special case, so try at your own risk if you hate goopy textures. And if you love the flakes but hate the idea of a thick, messy formula, perhaps a polish thinner would fix that. I'm considering investing in one to see if that helps any with the application and dry time of "Green Ocean."

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time. ('<>')>


The product in this post was purchased by me with my own money. The opinions stated are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with the brand featured in this post.

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