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Yep, this is an awkward time to be posting. I should be going to sleep in about 30 minutes for work tomorrow but I received my NYX package in the mail today and just opened it tonight. I thought I'd share what I got since I've been doing a terrible job keeping up with my blog. Simply put, I've been feeling down/stressed out with work, and today I had a huge allergic reaction on my face that required Benadryl. And you know what that means...*yawn.*

Anyway, a little over a week ago Nouveau Cheap posted about a deal on a website called Total Beauty regarding NYX products. Pretty much, up until this past Tuesday Total Beauty was selling a $30 voucher for $60 worth of NYX products (excluding some but that's besides the point now) - meaning you could buy this voucher for $30 and get a code that would cover up to $60 worth of NYX products on the NYX website. Essentially that's a 50% discount, with free shipping since the order would technically be $60 when processed and NYX offers free shipping for orders over $40.

I was excited for this offer. I've been extremely strict with my spending the past few weeks, but this was one of those things I didn't want to miss out on. I mean, I never spend $60 on makeup in one sitting, and 50% off NYX products is a rare offer to come by. I've loved what I've tried from them thus far and thought this voucher would be a great way to try a ton more of their products without spending a lot.

I was really happy to see my package arrive today!

The package, and a picture of it with my iPod Touch to give you an idea of how big it is.

The inside of the package and the bubble-wrapped bundle with all the products.

The first thing I saw, besides the bundle of products of course, was a little booklet/pamphlet about some collection by NYX. I thought I'd include pictures of it in case any of you were curious:

LEFT: The booklet closed.
RIGHT: One side of the booklet after unfolding it.

It included some 'tutorials' in it using the products from the collection. No idea if these are new shades, new products, or just an advertisement for existing products.

The other side of the booklet after unfolding.

Anyway, onto the bundle. I thought the way they packaged the products within the bubble wrap was adorable - they had them in a black lace bag!

Cheap or not, I will be keeping this. :) And now for a picture parade of products.

Xtreme Lip Cream in "Strawberry Jam"

Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Antwerp"

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in "Sponge Cake"

Black Label Lipstick in "Hot Tamale"

Stick Blush in "Pink Poppy"

Powder Blush in "Natural"

Tango with Bronzing Powder in "When Leopard Gets A Tan"

Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in "Sunbeam"

Collection Chocolate Skinny Brown Liner

With the exception of the Black Label Lipstick, I never tried any of these other products by NYX. Additionally, the Tango with Bronzing Powder is my first bronzer and the Collection Chocolate Skinny Brown Liner is my first brown eyeliner (I usually use deep black liquid eyeliner) for more natural days. I'm beyond excited to try these products, and can't wait to have reviews of them and others for you.

I know I'm falling way behind with my posts - and I'm pretty sure that if I just made myself write when I'm feeling down, it would help me feel better. But even my skin (though my lips have been improving a lot) has been temperamental and that just drags my mood down even more, besides making it impossible to use a lot of the products I have. I have so many posts planned...and I keep mentioning some of them and never getting to them. That disappoints me because I don't like saying I'll do something and then taking ages to do it. That's not how I want my blog to be. I want my readers to trust me when I say I'm going to post on a certain topic.

So hang in there guys...and thank you for taking even a second to visit my blog. It means a lot to me.

Until next time - ('<>')>


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