IMATS NYC 2014 Recap - April 12, 2014

Just over a year ago, I went to my first IMATS in NYC. It's kind of crazy to think that so much time has passed already.

IMATS NYC 2014 was last Saturday, and my mom and I had a great day. We got there right after the doors opened, weren't waiting on line a ton, got to visit a variety of booths, purchased some new makeup, and were out by 11:30! Three whopping hours, haha! Then we went for a walk through shitty Manhattan because it was one of the most beautiful spring days we've had to date (yesterday was a close contender, though), and we got home by 4 P.M. It was one of the most eventful weekend days I've had all year (in New York, anyway).

Since I basically explain what IMATS is in my first recap of 2013's, linked above, I thought I'd keep this post brief in terms of text and focus on pictures. I didn't take as many pictures as last year - but last year was also calmer than this year, in my opinion. The crowd was intense from the start - in fact, I didn't visit two booths I planned on purchasing from - Sigma and Sugarpill - because their lines were ridiculously long (one stretched across the entire space and the other literally made it out the door...or was that Lime Crime???).

Either way, my mom and I had a lot of fun, and she enjoyed her first IMATS, even though she couldn't care less about makeup! Haha.


First off, makeup:

Naked Cosmetics is on the left - I'm not sure which brand is on the right.

LEFT: Mehron Makeup
RIGHT: Eldora False Lashes

LEFT: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
RIGHT: Jesse's Girl/Julie G (who I didn't say hello to, again.)

LEFT: Royal Langnickel Brushes
RIGHT: The Collection by Wayne Goss - my mom was going to buy me a brush from here until we both decided it was way too expensive for my purposes.

Next, makeup artistry:

She posed for me when she saw I was taking a picture!

And lastly, a glimpse at the Makeup Museum:

Sad ice cream is sad. And dying. :(

That's about it! I guess it isn't as many pictures as I anticipated, though that's mostly because I paired up a few so that this post wouldn't take five minutes of scrolling to get through. Like last year, I will get to posting my haul as soon as possible, so stay tuned for that. It was a bigger haul than last year, but still a small one compared to other shoppers out there, haha. I actually recorded nearly all of the prices of the products I purchased this time around, and looked up their regular retail price to give you an idea of the biggest perk at IMATS for hobbyists like myself: the discounts.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time. ('<>')>



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    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll check our your blog. =)

      ~nikki ('<>')>

  2. Nice recap. I've never been IMATS before and I'm thinking of making this year my first!

    1. Hi Melanie! You should definitely go! It's really fun and if trying out new products (or just seeing what's going on in the world of makeup) is something you like to do, it'll be worth the ticket money. Especially when you take into consideration the discounts. :)

      ~nikki ('<>')>

    2. Yes hello again haha. Yes that's exactly what I was thinking. Yeah the entrance fee is something that I've been unsure about but I think the experience will be worth it. :)

      Started following you on bloglovin'. If you're looking to read any new beauty blogs, I have mine up here: I'm Not a Beauty Guru