Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Red Balloon" (LE) [Playland 2014]

Here we go! The first lipstick I'll be reviewing from MAC's Playland collection is "Red Balloon" - the one that seemed to be the less stellar option of all the colors available. I initially wanted this lipstick, then I decided not to get it, and then I saw more pictures of it and ultimately bought it. It's the darkest of the four amplified lipsticks in this collection, and perhaps the easiest to wear everyday.

If you want to see "Red Balloon" beside its fellow Playland lipsticks, you can check out the master post I created for this collection here. If you want to see a comparison post, click here. Otherwise, let's get to the review.

Name: Red Balloon
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $16
Finish: Amplified (glossy, creamy, hydrating)

MAC describes "Red Balloon" as a "hot fuchsia." It's definitely a fuchsia - it's a beautiful reddish pink - but I wouldn't really consider it a "hot" fuchsia. "Red Balloon" is the deepest color in the collection, and the most typical color as far as lipsticks go. It is not as bright or unique as some of the other colors in the collection - at least not on me.

With that being said, I love fuchsias and what makes this lipstick such an amazing go-to color is the finish. If you want to see a bit more on the amplified finish, you can view my first review on an amplified lipstick here. In a nutshell, though, "Red Balloon" has excellent opacity, applies creamily, is moisturizing, has a glossy finish, and wears amazingly comfortably. It's everything I love about the amplified finish, but in a color that's versatile (prior to this collection, my amplified lipsticks were nudes/the bright orange "Vegas Volt").

"Red Balloon" swatches identical to the color in the tube. What really brings it to life, though, is the shine. The glossy finish of this lipstick is what makes the color so rich.

The combination of "Red Balloon"'s deep, reddish-pink color and its shine makes lips look extremely full when wearing it. The pink pigmentation of my lips makes the color ever so slightly pinker than it appears in the swatch, but regardless: the color is stunning. I am so happy to have one of my favorite lipstick colors ever in my absolute favorite finish/formula.

Overall, "Red Balloon" may not be the brightest color of the bunch, but it's a gorgeous, versatile, and opaque deep fuchsia with a glossy, creamy, and hydrating finish that I think will look great on all skin tones. Of the four lipsticks I purchased from Playland, "Red Balloon" is ranked second in terms of which colors I enjoy the most. 

As per usual, "Red Balloon" is a limited edition color that, as of now, is sold out on MAC's website. This color is also available for purchase on Belk, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales, so there's a chance any of the five sites will restock at some point, but I obviously can't guarantee it. This collection has only been out for a week, so you may also be able to find "Red Balloon" stocked at your local MAC counter.

This color is not terribly unique - it's one of thousands of variations on a fuchsia, after all - but if you love reddish-pinks and enjoy formulas that are extremely comfortable on the lips while providing excellent color payoff, then definitely keep an eye out for "Red Balloon."

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