Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Sweet Experience" (LE) [Playland 2014]

When MAC's Playland collection first launched, I only planned on purchasing two of the collection's lipsticks, and "Sweet Experience" was one of them. I wanted to own a pale pink in a more opaque formula, compared to my other pale pink from MAC, "Rose Lily." "Sweet Experience" was perfect.

Also, for anyone that's ever been curious about "Saint Germain," an amplified cream lipstick from MAC's permanent line, but just knew in their hearts that it would look awful, give a warm welcome to "Sweet Experience."

Before we get into the review, just know that you can click here if you want to view my master post for Playland, where you can see "Sweet Experience" beside the other three colors I own from this collection.

Name: Sweet Experience
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $16
Finish: Amplified

MAC describes "Sweet Experience" as a "bright pink." It is a bright pink, but it's a bright baby pink, whose yellow tones make it the warmer cousin of "Saint Germain." I say 'cousin' because "Saint Germain" is more of a pastel pink than "Sweet Experience."

You can see the warmth, and brightness, present in this lipstick in the above closeup. "Sweet Experience" is an amplified lipstick like the others I purchased from this collection, but I did notice it to apply the least evenly, with a less glossy finish. The formula is still opaque and hydrating, but as a pale color, I did notice "Sweet Experience" constantly settling into my lip lines, as well as occasionally bunching up at the inner portion of my lips. 

Some of the warmth in this lipstick is lost once swatched on my hand. It almost takes on a pastel quality when I swatch it, and I'm not sure why. The mysteries of skin tones and undertones...

On my lips, "Sweet Experience" looks even less yellow and more white. With that being said, I still know this looks more flattering on me than "Saint Germain" ever could, and it's still a color I can pull off, though I do need to become more accustomed to seeing myself in this kind of color. I'm comfortable enough in "Rose Lily" to wear it to work, but "Rose Lily" is a lustre. "Sweet Experience" is not just a baby pink, but a bright one that demands attention. If it settled a bit more evenly across my lips, I wouldn't be at all concerned about what kind of attention it's garnering.

Overall, "Sweet Experience" is a pretty, bright baby pink that I find a bit easier to wear than other opaque baby pinks. The amplified finish gives this color great opacity, creamy application, and a glossy finish, though I did notice "Sweet Experience" did not apply as evenly as other amplified lipsticks, was not as glossy as a typical amplified lipstick, and had some settling issues, perhaps due to the pale color. It isn't the most natural-looking color on me, but it's pretty nonetheless and will look best, in my opinion, paired with blush and eye makeup, rather than semi bare-faced. I enjoy "Sweet Experience" the least of the four Playland lipsticks I own, less because of the pale color, which I know I can get used to with time, and more because of the slight inconsistencies in the formula and application.

Like the other lipsticks in the Playland collection, "Sweet Experience" is limited edition and sold out in most places. MAC, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Belk, and Nordstrom may or may not restock this lipstick, so if baby pinks are your kind of color, then keep an eye out online, or consider visiting your local MAC counter.

"Sweet Experience" is one I'd try to check out beforehand in person, though.

Hope this review was helpful! 'Til next time! ('<>')>


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