FOTD: August 16, 2014

Hello! Here we are nearing the start of another week, again, the never-ending cycle...but on the bright side, we have Sakamoto Maaya's Replica releasing Wednesday, and MAC's newest collection, A Novel Romance, launching in stores the day after that. So there's some change from the norm to be excited for.

Back in present-time, I have another FOTD post to share with you today, using a new eye shadow I received with the rest of my [first] order from Beautylish this past week. Inglot's 26 Shine was originally going to be the star of this look, and this post, but I ended up falling so much in love with every aspect of the finished look that I don't think any one product should get all the credit. Hence why I'm labeling this as a "FOTD" rather than an "EOTD" (face vs. eye for those not familiar).

In this post, I'll be listing the products used, and describing how I got the eye look. I'll also give a few different lip product options that I think may compliment this look (based off my stash of course), because that was the only aspect of the entire look that I wasn't completely set on. Ironically, haha.


Why don't we start with the eyes? Being that this originally came together in my head as an EOTD. Here's my first full-face picture of three - the most washed out of them all, as I'm still learning how to correctly capture accurately lit/colored pictures:

The fact that my blush is washed out (again) isn't so important here.

I used Inglot's 26 Shine in conjunction with a Maybelline Color Tattoo - as per usual - in "Just Beige" (LE) (not pictured in this post) and a palette that I've owned for a while now: It Cosmetics' Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 palette. You can see the palette in the following picture:

Evidently, the lipstick I used in these pictures is also seen here, admiring itself in the mirror. 

I don't want to tangent into a review, but I thought I'd list three drawbacks I've encountered with this particular palette: (a) that navy blue doesn't look navy on the eyes when it's blended out, (b) the colors crease without a base/primer, even on my less oily lids, and (c) much like (a), none of the colors really hold their vibrancy if blended too much.

With that being said, you see that color on the bottom row with all the kicked-up powder on it? "Sunset"? I love that color in my crease. It's a gorgeous burnt orange/terracotta that does wonders to warm up the crease, without being the traditional flesh-tone. Appropriately so, it was one of the two colors I used in my outer "V" (I treated it as a "V" and not a "C" this time around, ha) and crease for this look. Before I go into the kind-of-step-by-step details of the look, here are closeups of the eye shadows I used, as well as some quick swatches:

"Sunrise" and "Sunset" from the Naturally Pretty palette. 

"Java" from the Naturally Pretty palette. 

A gigantic picture of Inglot's 26 Shine. 

TOP: Wet N Wild's Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color in "Swerve."
BOTTOM, L-R: 26 Shine, "Sunset," "Java," and "Sunrise."

The arrangement of those pictures looks so unattractive. I apologize. But anyway, here is how I got the eye look in the pictures throughout this post:

1. I applied Maybelline's "Just Beige" all over my lid. This is a yellow-toned flesh color that works nicely with my yellow undertones and brightens my lids.
2. I applied "Sunset" in my outer "V" and pulled it into the crease.
3. I focused "Java" in my outer "V" and pulled it lightly into the crease. I also pulled this color along the outer third of my upper lash line (where liner would typically be at its thickest).
4. I blended the edges out with "Sunset."
5. I patted 26 Shine onto my lid. I pulled the color around my tear duct as an inner corner highlight.
6. I lined the outer third of my lower lash line with "Java."
7. I lined the middle of my lower lash line with "Sunrise," which served as a transition between "Java" in the outer third and 26 Shine in the inner corner.
8. I highlighted my brow bone with "Sheer Joy," also from the Naturally Pretty palette (but not pictured here). "Sheer Joy" is a soft, sheer ivory.

I finished with two mascaras I've been pairing up lately: Physician's Formula CC Curl + Care Mascara in "Ultra Black" topped with Mary Kay's Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in "I <3 Black." Here is a closeup of the finished eye look:

Going back to Inglot's 26 Shine, I ultimately settled on this color because I saw it being described as a "white gold" online. I have golds, and a lot of them pull a borderline obnoxious yellow. 26 shine, though, has that gold tone to it without being brassy. It's such a soft, glowing color - the same category as MAC's "Artistic License," actually - and I'm honestly shocked by how happy I am with it. I never understood the standout appeal that some people see in certain neutrals. I've always gravitated towards different shades of my favorite color, blue, or shadows that have unique flashes of color depending on the lighting (like the duochrome featured in another look here).

This is the first neutral I've been blown away by.


Let's talk about lips. If you've browsed through the content of my blog, you know that I love lipsticks more than any other beauty product, hence why I found it ironic that I haven't really settled on the lipstick to pair with this look. For now, let's start with the lipstick featured in the pictures throughout this post: Wet N Wild's Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color in "Swerve." 

This lipstick was part of the Fergie Summer 2014 collection, amongst a few other limited edition shades. Yes, this color is limited edition. I'm sure some stores may still have it, depending on how late they received the collection, but it probably isn't so easy to find anymore. Thankfully, it's not a terribly unique color. "Swerve" falls into that pink/orange/coral category that I'm always being lured into.

TOP: "Swerve"
BOTTOM, L-R: 26 Shine, "Sunset," "Java," and "Sunrise."

The picture above - which also gives you a second look at the eye shadow swatches shared earlier - gives you an idea of the pigmentation in this lipstick, as well as its satin finish. In the following lip swatch, I applied it with a lighter hand than I usually do, because I didn't want my lips to look harshly framed with color:

Like I said before, I don't have that feeling that this is the best possible lipstick choice for the look. I can't really pinpoint any lipstick that I think is the perfect match, in fact. So I thought I'd share some suggestions of lipsticks that would flatter this look, in my opinion. Most fall into the same coral category as "Swerve," but they have different finishes that will subtly change the overall finished look.

1. MAC's Sheen Supreme in "Phosphorescent" (LE but may still be available): This is the same pinky-coral as "Swerve," but the Sheen Supreme formula makes it glossier and, overall, softer if applied lightly.

2. NYX's Butter Gloss in "Maple Blondie": This is the only lip gloss I'll be listing, as I prefer lipsticks over lip glosses, but I adore the color. It's a warm pink that, although pigmented, has a soft look to it. I did find a lipstick match for this color but I think the more opaque coverage makes it a bit too bright for this look.

3. MAC's Lipstick in "Fleur D'Coral" (LE) or "Sweet & Sour": "Fleur D'Coral" is a peachier, sheerer version of "Sweet & Sour," which is more of a pastel orange, but both would pull the overall look more towards the orange/gold side rather than creating a balance with pink.

4. Etude House's Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in POR202: This is a milkier peachy-pink that I'm thinking may actually be the closest finish to ideal when I think of how I want the lips to look with the rest of the makeup.

5. MAC's Lipstick in "You've Got It" (LE): A frost finish, "You've Got It" is a sheer pink base with an almost metallic golden finish that can either be worn along or in conjunction with one of the other lipsticks mentioned. This lipstick is quite drying but, of all the lipsticks I've listed thus far, it would give the most natural and brightening effect for the overall look.


Moving on to the rest of the face! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the face products I used - that's why I thought I'd combine this "Face" section with my final thoughts/a few more full-face pictures. But in terms of a product list, it goes as follows:

Lumene's Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-age BB Cream in "Light": If you followed my blog from last year, then you know that I've had battles with dry, flaking (rash-covered) skin. I considered myself Normal to Dry - perhaps a touch combination - but never oily. Well, maybe it's because of the humidity, or maybe my skin finally healed, but with my usual skin makeup, my face gets oily within a few hours, even after being set with powder. Lumene's BB Cream - which you can see me wearing here - used to be a bit too dark on me, but now that I've tanned a little bit, it matches me perfectly (I guess that means I'm about NC20 right now?). This, topped with Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder as I'm wearing it in this look, actually stays the least oily of all the skin makeup I own.

Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Blush in "Luminous Flush": You can view me wearing this blush here. What I said in that post remains unchanged: this blush is gorgeous. It's a beautiful warm pink that makes me look as though I'm genuinely blushing from within. It's because of this blush that I think a lip color with a bit of pink can work exceptionally well with this look.

MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in "Perfect Topping": The "Perfect Topping" that I own is the repromoted one from MAC's A Fantasy of Flowers collection this past spring. Regardless, I like using this on my cheekbones as a highlight, and I've done exactly that with this look.

Of the two full-face pictures above, I would say the one of the left is a tad yellow from the sunlight, while the one on the right is fairly accurate. I am completely enamored with this makeup look. In fact, I have a wedding I'll be attending this Friday and I'm certain that this is the look I'll be wearing to it. It's like a natural makeup with a bit more color than you'd typically expect: gold lids instead of beige/champagne, and coral lips instead of the more natural MLBB ("my lips but better").

I guess that's why I put so much effort into this post. I was too happy with the outcome, haha.

Anyway, I think I've crammed enough information into what should be a much smaller space than it now is. It's totally fine if you think this look is mediocre at best - my eye makeup skills are pretty much just that! If anything, though, I hope the information on products, as well as how they look in conjunction with one another, is helpful. Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful week. 'Til next time. ('<>')>


P.S.: How could I forget?! Were you able to spot my blog mascot?! Yes, my blog mascot. That's right - I have one now, purely out of chance (because of a picture I'm talking about, actually). It's in one of my full-face pictures...



Okay, well whether you did or didn't, say hello to my BLOG MASCOT!!!

Can you find him now?!

I'm going to try to feature this little penguin in one picture for every future review, so keep an eye out for it!

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